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Well, folks, this is it. Season finale time.

I have NO doubt that tonight's episode will be a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end, drowning in angst all the way.

So Dean's time is up, his contract is coming due. What do YOU think will happen? Is he going to Hell? Will Sam pull off a last minute miracle? Or something else entirely?

Give me your speculations and we'll see soon enough if any of us are right!
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Hey guys!

Over at Buddy TV they've got a new article up about Long Distance Call, along with two behind the scenes videos they shot while they were on set, watching this episode being filmed.

Check it out:
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Wow, I'm really impressed with the website the CW put up, in conjunction with next week's new Supernatural episode.

They really put a lot of work into this!

I love the "what we think sucks" section, with a pic of Sam and Dean with moustaches and goatees drawn on them. [snicker]

Obviously if you don't want to be spoiled for anything relating to next week's ep, don't go to the site!
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Happy Friday, everyone!

Ok, first off - MYSTERY SPOT! Woot! I am SO glad that CW decided to repeat that last night, because those of us here in Chicago never got to see the beginning of it when it was first on, because of a local news press conference. So I finally saw the gargling and the toothpaste! LOL! Damn, that really was a fantastic episode, wasn't it? Kudos again to Jared for a fantastic performance.

After Mystery Spot and before I went to bed I watched Devil's Trap, another fantastic episode.

I jotted down a few of my thoughts as I watched it:

• It's so sad that Bobby never got to see John again before he died.

• Dean acts surprised about Meg being possessed, but John had already mentioned the possibility of that to both Sam and Dean. Hmmm....

• Dean's anger and desperation to find John was really, really scary during the exorcism scene. Awesome job there, Jensen.

• Sam speaking Latin is very sexy. *g*

• I have to say that I agreed with Dean's decision to exorcise Meg, to free her even though he knew it would kill her. Would you want to be trapped inside your own body, being used by a demon?

• I wonder what happened between John and Bobby for Bobby to pull a shotgun on him. Any thoughts on that, you guys?

"I'm gonna be the one to bury you." And damn if that didn't come true with John and nearly came true during AHBL for Sam.

"This sucks out loud." I have to admit I now use that phrase in my everyday life. :-)

"I got a Yorkie upstairs and he pees when he's nervous." LOL! I will always love that line.

• Sexy firemen!! I remember thinking about Dean when I took my own fire academy classes. *g*

• Poor Sebastian Spence! I've loved him since First Wave, and the poor guy only gets to say three words in two episodes ("It's a fake!") and then Dean shoots him in the head. Ouch!

"For you or Dad, the things I'm willing to do or scares me sometimes." That line really, really got to me. Dean's dedication to his family runs soul deep.

• How sad is it that Dean knows it's not really John because he praised him.

• I loved it that Sam sided with Dean, just because Dean said that John was "different". He didn't question anything after that, just stood by his brother. God, I love those two, and their bond.

• DemonJohn's voice is sexy as hell! Kudos to Jeffrey Dean Morgan for the different inflection and mannerisms he did as the YED. Sent shivers down my spine!

• DemonJohn all up in Dean's face was totally and completely intense.

"They don't need you. Not like you need them." Wow, just drive that spike a little deeper, damaging Dean even more. And Dean with the smartass answer to that, trying desperately to hide his pain at DemonJohn's words.

"Dad! Don't you let it kill me!" God, that scene with Dean bleeding so badly, begging for his life just rips my heart out.

• Even after all of that, bleeding profusely, Dean's first thought is of his father.

• I can see both sides - John and Sam's - John just wanted the YED killed, no matter if it meant his own death and Sam just couldn't, wouldn't kill his father.

"No sir, not before everything." Another awesome line that again spoke volumes about Sam and Dean's bond.

• I remember when Devil's Trap first aired and the semi slammed into them, my first thought was "Not the Impala!" LOL! I mean, I knew Sam and Dean would survive, and I was pretty sure John would - but the car?? Was it expendable in the eyes of Kripke?? That whole summer between season 1 and 2 was torture! :-)

So there you have it, my impressions of Devil's Trap. What did you guys think of it? Liked it, hated it? Did you think it was a good season ender? I know I would've been devastated if it had been canceled, with an ending like that!
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Might be old news by now, but I wasn't on the computer last night and woke up to this article from SF Universe full of new promo shots from the upcoming 3x13 episode.

The very first pic with Jensen is hysterical!

SF Universe aricle link
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I've said it before, but I'll say it again - disc 3 of the Supernatural season 1 DVD set is made of awesome.

I mean, just look at this line up: Home - Asylum - Scarecrow - Faith. For me, it don't get no better than that in first season. I felt the show really started hitting it's stride with these four episodes and just built on it for the rest of the season.

I watched Home on Monday night and last night I watched Asylum, and just for the heck of it I thought I'd list a few things I really liked about it...

• Rockford, IL - this was the first appearance of my home state and I got quite a chuckle out of it

• Sam and Dean mention Caleb and Pastor Jim. I remember being so excited to finally see them in Salvation and then they were gone in the blink of an eye. A horrible, horrible decision, IMO. They could've been great recurring characters.

"I love the guy, but he writes like friggin' Yoda" Love that line!

Dad's telling us to go somewhere. We're going." Dean being the good little soldier and it isn't until Something Wicked that we understand why he always obeys John. And here in Asylum we get a glimpse of how rebellious Sam's always been of his father.

• I love Jensen flipping up over the fence at the Asylum - we get to see his tummy. :-)

"Let me know if you see any dead people, Haley Joel."

"The freaks come out at night."

"Who's the hotter psychic? Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt or you?"

• Dean impersonating Jack Nicholson and Sam completely ignoring him never fails to crack me up.

It doesn't matter what he wants." - "That attitude right there? That's why I always got the extra cookie." Again with the annoyance with John from Sam. I thought this episode did a great job with set up - Sam getting more and more pissed at both Dean and John until everything comes exploding out at the end.

• Love Sam trying to talk about his "road trip" with the younger Dr. Ellicott.

"How do you feel about this brother you're road tripping with?" Very interesting that we never got to hear Sam's answer. What do YOU think he said?

• I thought it was great that they made Kat the strong one and that Gavin was kind of a wuss. :-)

"Why would anyone want a job like that?" - "I had a crappy guidance counselor." - "And Dean? He's your boss?" Man, I just love that exchange between Sam and Kat.

• Okay, look at the size and depth of the holes the rock salt left in the cement wall when Kat fires the shot gun. We'll get back to that in a minute.

• When I saw Asylum for the first time when it originally aired, I remember being in total and complete shock that Sam actually shot Dean!

• Wow, those were some pretty hurtful things coming out of Sam's mouth. All of those repressed emotions and thoughts finally breaking free. And poor Dean, taking the brunt of it, being called pathetic along with everything else. Even though I've seen this episode countless times, my heart still hurts for Dean. This is just the start, our first glimpse into how damaged Dean's psyche really is.

"You hate me that much? You could kill your own brother?" And my god if Sam doesn't pull the trigger not once, not twice, but FOUR times. You could almost see the light go out in Dean's eyes when Sam did it, that he really would have killed him if the gun had been loaded.

• Ok, what's with Dean's reaction, like there's a horrible odor coming from Ellicott's remains. They've been there for 30 years! They're not gonna smell! LOL!

• At the end there, you can tell that deep down Dean doesn't believe that Sam didn't mean the things he said, further wounding this already damaged man.

• Then the very, very end, with Sam sitting up in bed with the phone - "Dad?" and then fade to black and then it was SIX weeks before we got to see Scarecrow. I thought the wait was gonna kill me. :-)

• Ok, back to the rock salt blast that tore chunks out of the cement wall, which SHOULD have done the same thing to Dean's chest, right? Well I guess the older Winchester was wearing a bullet proof vest under his shirt, 'cause the next time we see him and his BARE chest in Scarecrow, there's not a scratch on him! That annoyed me to no end. Along with the disappearing scars from Shadow, too! Those boys must have some incredibly durable skin! :-)

There you have it, my mini review of Asylum. What do you guys think of the episode? One of your favorites or not so high up on your list? Did I miss anything you particularly liked about it? Let's chat!
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Ok, seriously, people, just what the HECK is Jared staring at in this picture from Folsom Prison Blues that was just released?

I seriously laughed my ass off when I first saw it. I mean, you'd think he'd be looking up at Jensen's FACE, you know? Or then again.... [snerk]
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So today's obviously the day for me to be amused. Which is good, considering it's Monday. :-)

First there was Jensen and his impression of Tom Welling on the Aussie TV interview (LOL!) and now it seems as though the ghost in our warehouse has decided to be my companion in the morning when I'm on the treadmill. :-) I kid you not, this has happened twice now. I'm on the one treadmill and suddenly the screen on the one next to me lights up and turns on, all by itself, then shuts itself off a few minutes later. It scared the crap outta me the first time it happened, but now I think Fred (which I've decided to name the ghost) is just saying hello and good morning. :-)

Then there's the other thing that completely amused me. I was watching The Usual Suspects last night, which I've seen about a zillion times, when I suddenly notice something for the very first time. When Dean tells Diana to go find Sam he says to look for the first motel in the phone book and ask for Jim Rockford.

We then cut to a shot that pans across a table to Sam's computer and then Sam. Well for the very first time I noticed the things sitting ON the table:

ROTFL! The Aardvark Motel?? I swear I laughed my butt off at that. Yep, that'd definitely be the first motel in the phone book! Man, I don't know why I never saw that before, but it amused me greatly. :-)

Any amusing things going on in YOUR life today? *bg*
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New stills from Born Under a Bad Sign at

Please, please I want to be the person who gets to attach the tube to Jared, which kind of appears to go in his pants:

Or if I can't be that person, can I be the lovely lady who gets to put the fake blood on Jensen? Pretty please?:

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So I was watching In My Time of Dying last night (and no matter how many times I've seen it, I still get teary-eyed at John's final scenes with his sons) and I've got a question that I've been wondering about since the episode first aired.

When Sam is in Dean's room for the first time, the doctor comes in and says that John is awake. Next we see John asking Sam what the doctor said about Dean's condition. Sam and John have their conversation and as Sam gets up to leave, John hands him that piece of paper. John says it's items for protection against The YED, but we then find out it's actually items to summon the YED.

Now here's my question - if John didn't know about Dean's condition prior to Sam telling him, why did he have that list already made up? He didn't know Dean was dying. He wouldn't already know he was going to summon the YED to make a deal for Dean's life.

So...why was that list already made up? Are we supposed to think that the doctor told John about Dean's condition before Sam came in and that John was just pretending he didn't know? Because really, why would John want to summon the YED with one son barely hanging on to life, another really beat up and himself in a hospital bed with a gunshot to his leg and his arm in a sling? None of them were in any condition to have what Sam called a "macho showdown" with the YED.

Am I the only one who wondered about that pre-prepared list? Or am I just missing something and it makes perfect sense to all of you? :-)

Any thoughts? Would love to hear them!
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Sometimes I think it's strange that if I'm having a bad day and want to relax and take my mind off of things that I immediately reach for my Supernatural DVDs. Strange because with all the creepiness and gruesome deaths most people would think it odd that it would be relaxing to watch. But it always works for me!

Case in point - I've been having a really rough couple of weeks and like to end the night by watching an episode, to forget about my troubles before heading to bed. So last night, snuggled under the covers and with a cat on either side of me, I watched Provenance.

There were a lot of humorous things in that ep, along with a few "awww" moments as well. Here are some of the highlights, at least for me:

• Jared's Texas drawl is never more evident than right at the beginning, in the bar, when he says to Dean, "Who are we today, Dean? Rock stars?" Listen to the way he says rock stars. Hee!

• Gotta love Dean sleeping in the Impala and Sam blowing the horn and laughing

• Cute touch with The Krip license plate

• Dean stuffing his face with mini quice and acting like a complete ass never fails to make me laugh

• I really liked Sarah Blake. There was an example of a beautiful, strong female character who was written well. Unlike the two useless bimbos we've got on the show now. But I digress...

• Disco motel - BEST EVER!! The funky music they played when the boys walked in was priceless, as was their "Huh." reaction. Loved it!

• Ah, the dinner scene that spawned 432 bloopers. *g*

• Dean looks HOT in that gray henley

• I absolutely love the music that's playing when the boys break into the auction house

• Who doesn't like Dean playing matchmaker with his "I lost my wallet" ruse to get Sam to see Sarah again? Smooth, Dean! As was your "I gotta go do something. Somewhere." Hee!

• Sam's "OH MY GOD!" outburst at seeing the painting again makes me LOL every single time

• I can't watch the scene of the boys getting into the car together without thinking of the "synchronized door closing" bit from the blooper reel, with Jensen's "Silence! We'll do it!" ROTFL!

• Here's one of those "aww" moments (and this coming from a die hard wincest-er, too) when Dean says "I think this Sarah girl could be good for you." Good job, big brother. :-)

• And another great line from Dean - "Sam? Marry that girl."

• What is going on with Sam's hair at the graveyard scene as they walk up to the crypt for the first time?? Yikes!

• And a good line from Sarah - "You guys seem to be uncomfortably comfortable with this." and Sam's reply - "Still think I'm a catch?" Ha!

• Dean with the matchmaking again, turning on the radio to have "Bad Time" come blasting out. Ha!

• "What kind of a house doesn't have salt? Low sodium freaks!"

• That ghost girl creeped me the hell out!

• "Burned the doll, destroyed the spirit, but don't thank me or anything." LOL! Oh, Dean!

• And a final one from Dean, watching Sam and Sarah - "That's my boy."

• In the original script pages for this episode, Sam actually slept with Sarah. Do you guys think it was a good thing or bad thing that they changed that?

So there you have it! A little run down of all the things I liked about Provenance!
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Holy CRAP you guys, did you see the new promo stills that are up for Episode 11 (which was formerly episode 12)?

Big, HUGE ass spoilers in these pics that are guaranteed to rip your heart out.

I want to watch this ep like no other, so PLEASE don't let either of those bimbos be in it and let this be only the third ep so far this season that I can watch!
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I've been watching SPN season 1 from the beginning, and last night's episode was Bugs.

You know, so many people list this as one of their least favorite episodes, and I think that it's because the first thing that comes to mind (because of the title) are the stupid plastic spiders and the CGI bees. And that's a shame, because there's some damn good stuff in that episode - funny stuff and serious stuff.

Like when Sam and Dean first arrive to look at the sinkhole and Dean's all like "If you're scared I'll go down there" and then the coin flip and Sam's annoyed expression as he grabs it out of the air and proceeds to tie the hose around his waist. And Dean's reply to Sam finding the beetles in a hole "That's shocking, Sam." Ha!

Of course the classic "we're being mistaken for a gay couple" never fails to make me laugh, thanks to the little butt slap Dean gives Sam. Hee!

And a little while later, Dean with his "Bow hunting's an important skill." Love it!

You've gotta love Dean opening up the garage to the house he wants to stay in for the night and when Sam drives the Impala in, he slaps Dean on the tummy. LOL! Do you guys think that was in the script or did Jared decide to do a little ad lib there? Jensen didn't seem like he was expecting it!

And who doesn't love Dean with the towel on his head? "This shower's great!" Love you, Dean!

There's the serious stuff, too, with all the talk about John. Sam was convinced that he was nothing but a disappointment to his father and that he was a freak for wanting to go to college. Then Dean telling him that John just wanted to make sure Sam was safe, and he couldn't do that if Sam wasn't with them. And Sam is shocked to find out that John swung by Stanford whenever he could, to see how Sam was. Dean reminded Sam that he could've picked up the phone, too, that it didn't have to be four years of silence between them. And then at the end, Sam saying he wanted to find John so he could apologize.

So yeah, lots of good stuff in this episode. We just won't mention the fastest sunrise in the history of the world. :-)
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