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Here's an article from E!Online, a chat with Ben Edlund about the rest of SPN's fourth season and some talk about next season as well. So spoilers abound!

Supernatural: Will Sam Go Evil? )
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Morning, all!

From TV Guide we've got some more spoilers for the end of the season...

...and wow, it just keeps getting more intense )
agt_spooky: (SN-Sam and Dean (fight darkness)) has the rest of their interview up with Jim Beaver...

Spoilers ahead for the rest of the season! )
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Hey folks, here are the episode descriptions for the final three this season!

Wow...things are getting intense! )
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...and if you know me, you know why I'm happier than hell to hear this. :-) Granted, it's from Kristin at E!Online and she tends to not always be 100% correct, but man, here's hoping she's got this one right!

Spoiler for S4 finale and S5 character )
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Just got this freaking AWESOME piece of news from [ profile] morganslady that I truly hope is correct, about someone in episode 4x15. And if it is true, how have I not heard this before today??

Follow the link to YummyTV and scroll down to where it says Main Cast...

And then come on back here and give me your reaction! )
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I normally don't post anything that Kristin says, but this second one?

Um, yeah, this sounds kinda intense... )
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I've been so wrapped up in finishing my new SPN J2 story that I realized that I haven't really talked about the show in quite awhile.

So let me fix that right now...

Here are my thoughts on the Ausiello spoiler from Thursday - and a poll )
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Read this blurb over at about an actor that's been cast for an upcoming role...

Read More... )
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Just read this little blurb over at about SPN's episode 4x12...

...and is this where Kripke got his idea? )
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Just had a chance to read the script sides for episode 4x17...

...well this looks like a head trip! )
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Hey folks! Here's a couple of spoilers from the next few episodes of SPN, from TV Guide...

Here's what's coming up... )
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Hey folks, have all of you seen the scan of the full page Supernatural article over at SpoilerTV, about the next four episodes?

If so, what did you think of... )
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Had a chance to read the script sides for episode 4x15 last night...

...and this one's got me scratching my head a bit )


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