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The last episodes of the Supernatural anime are about to be released in Japan, and we finally get Jensen's voice over work in All Hell Breaks Loose, parts 1 and 2.

Here's a sneak peek!

Eeeee! I love it when Dean yells out "Sammy!".  While Andrew Farrar did a wonderful job dubbing all of the previous episodes, NOW it really feels like Supernatural with Jared and Jensen together again. :-)

Personally, I've been very impressed with the anime and I'm looking forward to buying the actual DVDs when they're released in the U.S. in July.

Source: SPNtheAnimation
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So the official Japanese website for the Supernatural anime held a fan art contest, and here's the winner:

I think that's pretty darn sharp! The artist's work is now featured on the SPN anime homepage.

This link HERE will show you the other contest entries. Talk about a wide variety of styles! Some very nice work there. This one didn't win, but I thought it was really cool:

If you're looking to download the first 18 episodes, check out SPNtheAnimation's YouTube channel.  Scroll all the way down toward the bottom for the download links. The DVDs will be released here in the U.S. in July.
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Thanks to [ profile] andreas_ri we finally have the release date of the Supernatural anime for the U.S. - July 26, 2011 - for both DVD and Blu-Ray.

I know I'm excited. I've seen the first six episodes so far and I'm really enjoying them. The only thing I don't know is if on that date they'll be releasing all 22 episodes at once or in separate sets, like they're doing in Japan. I really hope it's all at once.
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Watched the fifth episode of the SPN anime today, and I really liked it, as I suspected I would, based on the description.

It's based loosely on Bloodlust, where there are vampires who don't prey on humans. Now the anime is set during the first season of SPN, so canon-wise, this doesn't work, as Sam and Dean didn't run across "friendly" vampires until Bloodlust in season two.

This is a very Dean-centric episode. Sam is hardly in it at all. Dean befriends a boy who is being bullied, saving him from death by catching Ryan as he falls off a building. Ryan asks Dean to teach him martial arts because his father is "weak" and his mother died when he was a baby. As expected, Dean bonds with Ryan and starts teaching him, neither knowing that Ryan is actually an un-awakened vampire.

There's a lot of talk about John in this episode, with an unexpected flashback scene between young Dean and John. The screen cap above shows young Dean on the left and obviously adult Dean on the right. John is pretty much a dick in the way that he throws Dean around, but his words ring true in what he tells his young son about rage and how you need to control it and to use his skills to protect people instead.

Eventually Dean finds out that Ryan's father and late mother are also vampires, shortly before Ryan "awakens" and another hunter shows up to kill them all.

There was a strange line from Sam in this episode, regarding John. The other hunter, Jason, is taunting Dean, telling him he's as weak as John was. Sam ends up shooting Jason, saying, "No one talks about Dad like that."

Isn't this an odd statement coming from a season one Sam, who pretty much hates John? It was weird to hear Sam defending his father.

And how's this for strange as well - as Sam and Dean drive off at the end of the episode, Dean suddenly tries to turn the car around, realizing that Ryan never returned the judo outfit Dean let him borrow. He tells Sam, "It was my first judo outfit!"  Umm….why in the world would Dean have kept a judo outfit from when he was 12?? LOL!

So yeah, this was a good episode and Andrew, who does Dean's voice has definitely grown on me now that I heard so much dialogue from him in this episode.

Again, if you're not watching the anime, give it a shot!
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Watched the second episode of the Supernatural anime, "Roadkill", yesterday. Unlike the first episode, "The Alter Ego", which veered off in many different directions than Skin, on which it was based, "Roadkill" is a more faithful retelling of the actual television episode. There was only one difference, regarding Mrs. Greeley, which I actually thought was pretty interesting and wish it had been in the actual TV episode.

For some reason I didn't like Dean's voice in this one as much as in "The Alter Ego". I think it's just my wish that it was Jensen instead, coloring my view of Andrew's voice work. I did like the snippet after the credits, with foreshadowing of what's to come regarding Sam. Speaking of the credits, how cool is that original artwork - with Dean playing his "leg guitar" from Eye of the Tiger and the other one with Sam setting up that little tent thing over Dean as he sits next to the Impala. Nice work!

What did you guys think of "Roadkill"?
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Woot! Got the first episode of the Supernatural anime yesterday and the second one is up for download tonight!

Part One

Part Two

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It took me forever to download both parts of the first episode of the Supernatural anime last night, so I didn't get a chance to watch it until this morning.

I think that Andrew guy is doing a pretty okay job of dubbing Dean's voice. It will never compare to Jensen's, but there were many times that he sounded really close. But it was just so jarring to hear Jared's voice as Sam and then not hear Jensen's voice in reply, you know? I truly wish we knew Jensen's decision to only do the voice work on two of the anime episodes.

Still not a big fan of the way Dean is drawn but I thought the episode in general was really well done. Especially the Impala! LOL!

It was strange watching an episode that was based on Skin, but then diverged in many, many ways. I think I'm going to enjoy the truly original episodes of the anime more than these kind, because I kept going, "But wait, that's not what really happened!". I had thought they were going to be a straight retelling of the SPN episodes more than a "Inspired by" kinda thing.

So what did all of YOU think of "The Alter Ego"?

Even without Jensen I'm looking forward to more of the anime.
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Oh SWEET! I just found the entire first episode of the SPN anime - with English dubbing - for download on YouTube!

Here are the download links:

Part One

Part Two

Jared is dubbing Sam and someone named Andrew Farrar is dubbing Dean. Man, this is going to be weird not to hear Jensen's voice. :-(

I'm off to download and watch! Squee!!

P.S. - this YouTube channel, SPNtheAnimation, also has up the introductions by Jensen and/or Jared for the second, fifth and sixth episodes.
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From [ profile] andreas_ri  comes the descriptions of the 7th and 8th episodes of the SPN anime

1.07 - Temptation of Demon (New Episode)

Maria, a faithful Christian is lured by a yellow-eyed demon to become its servant in return of curing her sick daughter. She refuses at first, but is quickly drawn in.

1.08 - Everlasting Love (New Episode)

Multiple homicides in Illinois. The victims are all blond women in their 20s and the crimes scenes leave traces of formaldehyde. Sam and Dean discover fingerprints of a female who died in 1940. A tragic love story of a mad doctor.
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From [ profile] andreas_ri  comes the descriptions of the fifth and sixth episodes of the SPN anime

1.05 - Ghost on the Highway (New Episode)

Sam and Dean are driving along the highway and are suddenly chased by a cop car from behind. They discover that there have been numerous unexplainable car accidents in the area. All accident involved a Chevy Impala. Sam and Dean have to investigate to prove themselves innocent. We discover that an evil spirit has taken the form of an Impala is trying to take revenge on the town.

1.06 - Bloody Mary (New Episode)

Back in 2004, when Sam was studying at Stanford. Sam hears about a suspicious death case occurred in Stanford from Jessica, a girl he's becoming friendly with. John and Dean smell something evil in the case and start investigating behind Sam's college life. They first presume that it is caused by a ghost called "Bloody Mary" but it turns out to be caused by a different ghost.
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From [ profile] andreas_ri comes the descriptions of the third and fourth episodes of the Supernatural anime…

1.03 - Home (Original Episode)

After 22 years, Sam and Dean return to their childhood home. Now another beautiful young mother loves there - and, if Sam's nightmares are correct, she may be threatened by the same evil that killed Mary Winchester.

1.04 - Blood of Beast (New Episode)

Sam and Dean help out a young boy, who is being bullied by the older kids at school. We discover that the boy's father is actually a "peaceful" vampire who has sworn not to attack humans and survived by drinking cattle blood. The boy also has vampire blood in him but he is just not yet aware of his true nature.
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Sweet! Here's the first 30 second trailer for the upcoming Supernatural anime series! I like what I see. They've GOT to do a U.S. release of this!

Also from andreas_ri comes the titles and descriptions of the first two episodes:

1.01 - Skin (Original Episode)

A demonic shape-shifter commits a gruesome murder. When the brothers investigate, the being borrows Dean's form to continue its killing spree.

1.02 - Roadkill (Original Episode)

"The highway's the only haunted once a year and we got 'till sunup to wrap things up!" Sam, Dean and a near-victim race the earth’s rotation to vanquish a ghost who kills on the anniversary of his death.

Kinda strange they're not starting off with re-doing the pilot.
agt_spooky: (AgtSpooky2) has a listing now for the Supernatural anime. It's not ready for pre-order yet, but has a button to sign up to be notified when it does. There's a pic of the DVD set, though...

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Hey folks!

From [ profile] andreas_ri comes the color version of what Sam and Dean will look like in the upcoming Supernatural anime…

Thoughts? Opinions?
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Here are the newest images of Sam and Dean (this time in color!) from the upcoming Supernatural anime, from Warner Brother's site:

Thanks to [ profile] missyjack  for the find!

Again, I'm liking Sam a lot, and I also like the longer view of Dean. It's just those close ups of Dean's face that I didn't care for.
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A bit more info on the upcoming Supernatural anime, from [ profile] andreas_ri:

Involvement of Eric Kripke

Eric has given advice to the producing studio at the early stage of the production. He has approved/given advices on/is to approve the developed series construction and scripts for all the episodes. He will be credited as "created by" for the anime.

Characters Design

The Winchester brothers (Sam and Dean) will be designed to look like the original actual actors (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki). Sub characters: e.g. John, Bobby, Mary, Jessica etc. will be designed in a completely new way to give fresh impression. Enemies (Creatures, Demon and Ghosts) will be given a cool design taking full advantage of Japanese anime expression.


Not really sure I like all the rest of the characters apparently not looking like the actors/actresses who portray them. I mean, why? If they're making Sam and Dean look close to Jensen and Jared, why not the rest of them?
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So the other day we had the Sam character drawing for the upcoming Supernatural anime, and today, thanks to [ profile] andreas_ri, we've got what Dean's going to look like:

I'm not as thrilled with what Dean looks like, compared to Sam. I like the full length shot of Dean, but something' about his close up expressions.

What do you guys think?
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From [ profile] andreas_ri comes the first images of what Sam Winchester will look like in the upcoming Supernatural anime. I think he looks good. Can't wait to see what Dean will look like.

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So what do you guys think about Sam and Dean going anime in 2011?

Here's some additional information from

Well this is interesting. Cinema Today is reporting that highly acclaimed Japanese anime studio Madhouse is producing a 22 episode season of Supernatural that will cover the first two seasons of the cult CW demon-hunting favourite starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. According to their website, this would be the first overseas drama to ever be developed by a Japanese animation studio.

'Supernatural the Animation' will not only remake episodes of its live-action source, but will also contain original stories never seen before. The new original episodes will focus on the boys' young lives and the adventures of secondary characters. It's coming to Japan in DVD and Blu-ray formats on January 11, 2011. Warned Home Video is behind the release, and Supernatural mastermind Eric Kripke is credited as the anime's creator, which bodes well for those hoping the series is kept firmly in the show's continuity.

According to the Anime News Network –

The first volume will ship on January 12 with the first two episodes. On February 2, the "Box 1" set will ship with episodes 3 to 12. On April 6, the "Box 2" set will ship with episodes 13 to 22. (There will be a different release schedule for the rental version of the project.)

Shigeyuki Miya (Lupin III: Green vs Red, Aoi Bungaku Series, Buzzer Beater) and Atsuko Ishizuka (Aoi Bungaku Series) are co-directing the project. MADHOUSE co-founder Masao Maruyama is serving as executive producer. Naoya Takayama (Night Head, Liar Game) is supervising the series' scripts, and Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Trigun) is designing the characters.


Personally, I'm WAY excited for this. I love anime and manga and the art above looks pretty cool. And it can't possibly be any worse than the SPN comic books! And I love that it's going to be released direct to DVD and not just shown on TV over in Japan.

So, are you guys looking forward to this or could you care less? :-)


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