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Hey everyone! I'm baaaa-aack! Did ya miss me? :-)

So Atlanta and the Heroes and Villains FanFest was a blast. When I got down there on Friday it was 78 degrees! I took advantage of the warm weather and walked around downtown, through Centennial Olympic Park, over to the Georgia Aquarium and Coke World. It seemed so funny to see the giant Christmas tree and ornaments when it was so hot out! I'm glad I went walking when I did, because the very next day the temps dropped into the 50's with winds so strong you could barely walk. Thank goodness my hotel, The Omni, was connected via walkway to both the World Congress Center (where the con was) and the CNN Center (where there was a huge food court). I never went outside for the next three days!

By the time I got back to my room Saturday night after the con I was exhausted. The con did not get off to a great start, as I waited an hour and a half in line for John Barrowman's autograph and he never showed up. I had to finally leave because the panels were starting. I was NOT a happy camper. (But that story has a happy ending later). I had three panels in a row - the Arrow cast, the Gotham cast and then John Barrowman. They were all extremely entertaining and I'll post pics from them hopefully tomorrow. I then had my duo photo op with Stephen Amell and John Barrowman, ran around trying to get as many autographs as I could, a photo op with Jason Mamoa and finally Stephen Amell's autograph. It's no wonder I collapsed into a coma that night! LOL!

Here are a few photos from the view from my hotel room on the 28th floor (the top floor!) and around downtown...

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First photo op at Heroes and Villains FanFest was with Amy Gumenick. I had her sign a Supernatural picture and we had a wonderful, long conversation about her playing young Mary. She couldn't say enough good things about working on SPN and with Jensen and Jared. Amy herself was *such* a delight. Sweetest gal ever with a beautiful smile. And she has a Chicago connection - her family owns Eli's Cheesecakes!

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Me and David Ramsey at Heroes and Villains FanFest. I cannot say enough good things about this man. It was such a pleasure talking with him. He's so kind and soft-spoken and gives you his full attention and just wants to chat. He loves meeting his fans. Oh and he's quite funny, too! He crashed John Barrowman's panel!

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Here I am with the GIANT mountain of a man, Jason Mamoa at Heroes and Villains FanFest. But he's a big ol' softie. :-) I asked him at his table about Stargate Atlantis, and if he could play another character, male or female, who would it be. I totally stumped him! It was hilarious! He finally said, "Sheppard, so that I'd have to work with Ronon." LOL! Good answer, Jason! :-)

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I finally got my sandwich picture (twice!) with John Barrowman and Stephen Amell at Heroes and Villains FanFest! And OMG, it felt SO good! They really squished me! I got to do it twice because the first pic had a glare so bad on my glasses you couldn't see my face. I got to go back to the head of the loooooong line and the two of them did a double-take and were like "Weren't you just here?" I explained and they're like "Okay! Let's do this again!" So yeah, I was the Oreo cream filling twice. [snerk]

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Here I am with Penguin himself, Robin Lord Taylor at Heroes and Villains FanFest. I was really, really excited to see him because I have been blown away by him and Cory and their amazing relationship as Oswald and Ed this season. Robin is the most adorable man ever and also amazingly sweet. He was so amused and flattered by my over anxious babbling that he got up from his chair twice and hugged me! We had quite a long conversation and I loved every minute of it. Robin is simply fantastic. :-)

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Last photo of the day at Heroes and Villains FanFest on Saturday was with Willa Holland. She has more energy than anyone I've ever known! LOL! She was bouncing and dancing in her seat and was a delight to talk to. Such a fun gal!

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Here is the happy ending to my John Barrowman autograph saga. I was first in line Saturday morning, so I made friends with the volunteer man who was in charge of the line. We chatted and chatted for the hour and a half. I was becoming impatient (John was supposed to have been there at 9:00 am and it was nearly 10:30 am) and so was he. He kept saying how wrong it was that us VIPs paid so much extra to get in an hour and a half early and why weren't the actors there? Even though it wasn't his fault, he apologized profusely when I had to leave to get to the start of the panels. I have no idea what time John finally showed up.

Fast forward to about 3:30 pm, the first chance I had to get back over to John's table. And he was there! I tried to get in line, only to have the security guy at the end tell me that they'd cut the line off. I nearly burst into tears at that point. All of a sudden I hear this voice say "You let that young lady in right now!" It was my volunteer friend! He was still there! He took me past *everyone* in line, right up to John and said, "She gets to go next. She waited for you for an hour and a half this morning and she's not leaving without an autograph." OMG! LOL! Needless to say, I couldn't thank my volunteer friend enough. He was so amazing to do that for me.

So yep, that's how I got my John autograph AND a big hug from him. :-)
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On my way back to my room at the hotel on Sunday night, I saw Stephen Amell standing by himself at the hotel bar. Robbie was there, and a few other people, standing together, but Stephen was waiting for his drink. I hesitated a moment before gathering my courage and going over to him. I shook his hand and thanked him for a great convention. He gave me the sweetest smile and said "You had a good time?". I told him yes and that I had a great photo with he and John Barrowman. He laughed and reached out and touched my arm and said he was very happy I had fun. I thanked him again and took my leave. I'm sure I could have asked him for a photo but it didn't seem right. I was just thrilled with my unexpected little one-on-one moment with him. Glad I made myself go over, as I found out all of the Arrow cast left just a little while later, heading for the airport. It was such good timing on my part, it was obviously meant to happen! :-)
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Sunday was much more low-key at Heroes and Villains FanFest. I only needed a couple more autographs and wanted to attend three panels - Stephen Amell's, the second Arrow cast panel and then Jason Mamoa's panel. When I found out that Jason had been called back to set unexpectedly and left the con early Sunday morning, I was SO glad that I got his photo and autograph on Saturday, which I originally hadn't been planning!

Paul Blackthorne was particularly amusing, as he looked at every single page in my Shutterfly photo op book and either made comments about his fellow cast members or asked me who these people were (they were all Stargate folks!).

Had a wonderful conversation with Sean Pertwee about what's coming up for Alfred on Gotham. He's quite excited! He's such a gracious English gentleman. Love speaking with him.

Talked with Neal McDonough about Captain America and that I was happy to see him on Legends of Tomorrow. He's really excited about what's coming up for him, too. He loves playing the villain. :-)

Robbie Amell was a sweetheart, as always. I had him sign the pic of he and I from back in March. He looked at it and said, "Oh, I was so sick that weekend!" We talked about X-Files and the hope that he would be back if/when FOX finally decides on another season. And I also told him how much I liked The Tomorrow People, which really pleased him. Oh and he crashed Stephen's panel, which was awesome.
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Finally got to meet the "terrific" Echo Kellum at Heroes and Villains FanFest. What an amazingly cool guy! And he's from Chicago! So we bonded over that. I teased him about Curtis's inability to do the salmon ladder and he said that he's just too tall for it (at 6' 5") and that was his story and he was sticking to it. ;-) He was just so sweet. I think he was blushing as I kept praising him and how much I enjoy his portrayal of Curtis.

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Here I am with Matt Ryan at Heroes and Villains FanFest. I was excited to meet him because I wanted to tell him how much I loved Constantine and how NBC totally screwed it, and him, over. OMG, I could listen to that man read the phone book! He was all "Hello, love!" and "sweetheart" and "darling". [swoon] I brought up the dead peacock feather on Arrow and we had a great laugh on how brilliant a dig that was at NBC. When he saw me later at the photo op he held his arms open with "Hello again, love! Come here!" and pulled me into this hug. Love him!

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Here's my last photo op from Heroes and Villains FanFest with Rick Cosnett. When I walked up he laughed and said, "I love that shirt! I really love that shirt!" :-) When I went to his table I told him I had to be honest and said that I didn't like Eddie at all at first on The Flash and he laughed. But then Eddie really started to grow on me and I truly liked him a lot. Only to have him killed off. Argh! He was touched that I was crushed. :-) I told him I loved seeing him last season on Castle and he got the biggest smile on his face! I really enjoyed talking with him. Really sweet guy with this really neat cadence to his voice that's kind of mesmerizing in person!

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I want to apologize now for getting ready to spam your flist with a zillion pictures. But I had an AMAZING weekend and wanted to share the evidence with all of you. :-)

I went to the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest here in Chicago on Saturday and Sunday. It's a brand new convention put on by the folks who do Walker Stalker Con. This one featured guests from Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham and Heroes Reborn. I was ridiculously excited for this because I've never met any of these actors. I splurged and bought the Gold VIP pass and OMG, it was the best money I've ever spent at a convention! It got me in an hour and a half early, which allowed me to get 6 out of 7 autographs I wanted right off the bat. Then for the rest of the day I was walked to the front of the line for any other autographs I wanted and also to the front of the line for all my photo ops. I mean, it took me 10 minutes to get Stephen Amell's autograph and his line was hours long! Then I also got to sit in the first 4 rows for all the panels and I could keep my seat all weekend. Which meant I got some great pictures. I was very impressed by this con in general. I think it was well run, it was very well attended and the guests were having a blast, so I hope they come back again next year!

So without further ado, I thought I'd start with my photo ops….

OMG, the Green Arrow hugged me! LOL! Look at Stephen's smile! SQUEE! He's freaking GORGEOUS. And so very sweet. In his autograph line I told him I had my first curling lesson and he said that was one more than he'd ever had! And he's Canadian! LOL! He shook my hand, said it was nice to meet me and said he hoped my bruises would heal soon. Ha!

Next up was Robbie Amell. OMG, he is SO freaking handsome! For his autograp I brought a I Want To Believe poster from X-Files for him to sign. We had such a wonderful chat about XF. He told me this hysterical story about the first name of his character being Kyd - which happens to be David Duchovny's son's name. Chris Carter did it as a joke and didn't tell David. When "Agent Miller" hands Mulder his business card, David did a total double take at seeing Kyd and then refused to give the business card back when they needed to do the scene again! Ha!

I adore this pic of me and Colin Donnell! At his autograph table we chatted about poor Tommy Merlyn and that I was excited that he's here in Chicago now filming Chicago Med. He was just the sweetest guy.

Photo ops part two, coming up next….

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Here is me and Teddy Sears at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest. OMG, the man is seven feet tall! LOL! He was such a delightful guy to talk to at his autograph table. He just wanted to chat and chat. He absolutely loves his "retro" Flash costume and I told him he totally wore that hat well. He was really pleased by that! LOL! He was just so genuine and down to earth and amazed that so many people wanted to talk with him.

Next was Paul Blackthorne. I keep forgetting that he's British! LOL! So I was completely caught off guard at his autograph table first when he started speaking to me. Between him and Sean Pertwee I could listen to them both read the phone book. :-) Paul was so cool in person. Told him I loved him on Dresden Files then we started chatting about Arrow and he turned it around on me and started asking ME what I liked about certain aspects of the show. Which I thought was cool. I ended up being first in line for his photo and he gave me this big hug and said, "Well hello again, darling!"

Me and Sean Pertwee! Absolutely loved meeting him. Had a wonderful conversation with him at his autograph table about Gotham. I told him that it was Bruce and Alfred that made me want to watch the show in the first place and that he hadn't disappointed. Alfred is kick-ass! He was very interested in what I thought about the show. Again, he just wanted to take his time and chat. It was great. He called me "darling" twice. Squee!

Photo ops part three, coming up next….

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And speaking of Gotham I met Bruce Wayne himself! David Mazouz was such a wonderful young man. It was a pleasure chatting with him. He was so pleased when I told him that I started watching Gotham for Bruce and Alfred's story and how impressed I've been with his performance. He also had his dog with him all weekend, walking him around the convention center with a Batman cape on the pup. :-)

Continuing on with Gotham, I met Penguin! Robin Lord Taylor is such a doll! Sweetest guy ever. Had a lovely chat with him. I had no idea that he went to college here in Chicago. I told him he was delightfully creepy as Penguin and he really laughed, said he took that as a compliment. :-) I asked him if his leg hurt walking like that and he said it's actually his other one, since he puts all the weight on it. But said it's worth it since he's having such a blast playing Penguin.

Here I am with Neal McDonough. Had a very nice chat with him at his autograph table. Told him I'd been a fan of his since Medical Investigations. He was really pleased by that! Then we talked about Damien Dhark and playing a bad guy and how it was so much more fun than playing a good guy. :-)

My last photo was with Katrina Law. She was so awesome and so freaking beautiful! She loved hearing that I thought Nyssa was such a strong female character. Then we talked about archery and how she learned it filming Spartacus first so she was well prepared for Arrow. She was so pleasant to talk to.

What I absolutely loved about the autograph experience was that everyone I went to just wanted to take their time and chat with you. They were all truly thankful for the fan support and made sure to tell us. They were all interested in what we thought of their shows and their characters. They just wanted to engage with us. And not only were they taking selfies with fans, but I saw several record video messages for people's friends who couldn't be there. How sweet is that? It was SUCH a contrast to the crappy Creation convention where they push you through the autograph lines and you get 0.5 seconds with each guest.

OH! And get this - take note Creation! This con did ten times the volume of photo ops that a single Creation con does - and the photos were ready IN 45 SECONDS! I kid you not. By the time you left the photo op room and walked down the hallway, the Celeb Photo Op people were literally standing there holding your photo for you. I was dumbfounded! And it takes freaking Creation four hours!

Next up…panel photos!

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I went to nearly all of the panels at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, and they were all great.

Stephen Amell had his own panel on Saturday. Here's a pic of him. Funny story about this - I was late to his panel because Robbie Amell was late to his photo op. I have a Gold VIP pass so I get to sit in rows 3-5. I don't know what happened but when I got there the Gold rows were full, so they had to seat me with the Platinum people. I got the FIRST row! Ha! Thank you Robbie for being late!

Here's Sean Pertwee and David Mazouz at their panel. Absolutely loved watching the two of them interact in person. They have such a great relationship and Sean even referred to him as his second son. Aww! I also didn't know that David is pronounced "Dah-veed". And for being only 14 years old he's a very mature, well spoken young man. And Sean is just freaking awesome.

This was a fun panel with the cast from The Flash - Carlos, Danielle, Teddy and Robbie. They got some really good questions and had great stories to tell from the set.

A couple pics from the Women of Arrow panel. I couldn't stay for long because of a photo op I needed to get to, but it was such a delight seeing Caity, Willa, Charlotte and Katrina in person.

A few pics from the Legends of Tomorrow panel with Caity Lotz, Arthur Darvill and Ciara Renee. The three of them were very entertaining and got some very good questions. Caity in particular was much more animated in this panel than in the Women of Arrow panel. I really enjoyed hearing her talk. And Arthur is pretty darn funny.

Photos from the Men of Arrow panel coming up next!

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And last but not least was the Men of Arrow panel. OMG, these guys were a riot! Mainly because of the great questions they were getting asked. Several of which made Colin, Echo and Neal burst into song - including Whitesnake. I kid you not. :-) This was probably my favorite panel of the whole convention.

And that's a wrap for Heroes and Villains Fan Fest 2016! It was such a delight to meet all new actors and actresses. :-)

How was YOUR weekend??


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