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Today was the big day! Christian and Olli got married on Forbidden Love! Whoo-hoo! We'll never see this with Luke and Noah on ATWT, so kudos to Forbidden Love for giving us something to be happy about. ♥ ♥

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Just wanted to say that I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this new picture of Christian and Olli from Forbidden Love:

It's so...intimate and so full of affection and love. I can't stop staring at it because it makes me smile. :-)

What beautiful, beautiful men.
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Hey all you Forbidden Love fans! Wanna see a couple of spoiler pics for an upcoming episode in August that made me SQUEE and flail around in happiness?

Here's what's coming up for Christian and Olli! )
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I haven't talked about Forbidden Love in a long time, because Christian and Olli's storyline just hasn't been that interesting. But that changed a month or so ago with the introduction of a new character, Rob. He's also gay and has been hitting on Ollie non-stop, trying to break up he and Christian. Rob is completely slimy (and also a drug dealer) and has caused a huge rift between Olli and Christian, who have been fighting about Rob non-stop, and about their trust issues with one another.

Monday's episode left off with Olli and Christian on the verge of breaking up with one another, which basically meant that Rob would have won.

But then there was yesterday's episode (down below) - the best one in months. THIS is what has been missing for so long - these guys remembering how much they love one another and deciding that no one is going to come between them. It was just...awesome. :-)

I needed something to smile about yesterday and Christian and Olli turned out to be just what I needed. *g*

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Strange how art imitates life sometimes, eh? Take this new episode of Forbidden Love for example. This current story line about Christian's heart problems got me thinking about my own heart troubles. That, plus my RL friends and co-workers and my LJ friends here asking me what's going on finally made me stop procrastinating and actually call the cardiologist and make an appointment. So I'm going to see this guy on August 4th. I'm trying not to be nervous and think positive thoughts.

So now that you know what's going on with me, let's see how Christian is coping with his own diagnosis:

P.S. - Christian and Olli now have their own video blog! Check it out at:

They're going to post a new video every Friday, where they talk about what's gone on with the two of them during the week. The first one is already up, and it's subtitled for us English fans. :-)
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OH. MY. GOD, people. Check out these two brand new clips from Forbidden Love.

First we've got Christian and Olli being unbelievably adorable with each other, with lots of kissing and touching and using the term "sweetie", culminating with half-naked boys rolling around on their bed together. SQUEE! God, these boys love one another. [sigh]

But wait! Just when everything is coming up roses, ANGST rears it's head, complete with scared, teary-eyed Olli and Christian's life suddenly in turmoil. Bring on the new storyline for the boys! Looks like what might be rough times ahead, but as long as Olli sticks by Christian and gives him the support he's gonna need, they'll persevere. Can't wait to see how this unfolds!

Go! Watch!

Part 173

Part 174

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How's that Katy Perry song go? "We fight we break up, we kiss we make up" Yep, that pretty much describes this new episode of Forbidden Love. :-)

In between their jealous fight they are SO FREAKING CUTE together at the beach. I nearly died when they tried to recreate the "water lift" scene from Dirty Dancing. LOL! Priceless! And when Olli takes off with Christian's swim trunks I totally laughed. They were so huggy and kissy with each other during that whole long scene...and then Olli had to go and say something really dumb and ruin everything. [sigh] Oh, boys! But it's okay, as they seemed to make up again in part 168. [whew!]

But here, watch the boys frolicking on the beach together in part 167...

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New parts of Forbidden Love have been posted! Yay!

Here, check out part 163, where Olli has a charity fundraiser for an AIDS organization at No Limits. The group decides to auction off themselves, for a date with the winning bidder, to raise money. See what happens when Christian is confident he'll win Olli, but things don't exactly go as planned...

And just for the heck of it, if you're STILL not watching Forbidden Love, how 'bout some screencaps of how HOT and adorably cute Christian and Olli are together...

Why are you still here?? Go watch Forbidden Love! :-)

(many thanks to [ profile] 4lugia for the awesome screencaps)
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Wow, guys, these have been the best Christian and Olli scenes on Forbidden Love in quite some time. I hear that there's a new head writer for the show and that C &O's plot lines are going to start picking up. And this is a great start, with some tension and some harsh words on both their parts.

I literally SQUEALED at the end, because the best part about having a fight? Is the make-up sex. :-) I melted into a puddle of GOO the moment Christian turns around and there stands Olli - lots and LOTS of Olli! Woot!

And when Christian says those three little words...that's it, I was done. They're so perfect for each other I can't stand it!

See for yourself!

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After being gone for several weeks, Christian and Olli are back on the screen together in Forbidden Love in parts 154 and 155. Yay! They're being all cute together and playing tennis. :-) Take a look:

Based on spoilers I've read for June and July, the boys will finally be getting a big storyline together, full of angst. Can't wait! They've been sitting on the sidelines for too long now, just reacting to things going on in other people's lives. They need something happening to them.

Here's another AMAZING songvid that I have to rec, by [ profile] rhiannonhero, full of every single adorable, cute, relationship scene between Christian and Olli. Love it!!

So what are you waiting for? Go watch Forbidden Love! :-)
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Ok, people. SERIOUSLY. Could Christian and Olli BE ANY CUTER with each other?? I give you photographic evidence:

(photo credit to [ profile] 4lugia)

But if that's not enough to convince you, here's an AMAZINGLY beautiful songvid that [ profile] jumpuphigh told me about last night. THIS is why you should be watching Forbidden Love!

agt_spooky: (SN-Jensen & Jared (arms around)) has released their 2009 Hot 100 list and my two fandoms have collided!

Misha came in at #93, while Jeffrey Dean Morgan came in at #70, Jared came in at #12 and Jensen at #5. Woot! Way to go, guys!!

Here's Jared's blurb: Jared Padalecki is living proof that things are bigger – and hotter – in Texas. Clocking in at 6’4”, this San Antonio native looms over his equally hot co-star, Jensen Ackles, as the brooding Sam Winchester on Supernatural.

This mop-headed demon hunter brings a thoughtful element to the show that inspired the concept of Wincest. While his TV brother was into heavy metal and chasing girls, Sam was headed to Stanford before getting sucked into the world of angels and demons. Now he’s the brother who always has the answers, often quoted from a third century Greek poet.

Padalecki’s first major gig was setting teenage girls’ hearts aflutter on Gilmore Girls at the tender age of 18, but since then his roles have taken a decidedly darker turn, whether dashing around the Midwest every week trying to save us from the coming Apocalypse, or starring in the latest Friday the 13th movie.

Obviously, Jared likes things dark and scary, which is fine with us, as long as he’s there to hold us when the monsters come at night.


And here's Jensen's blurb: Thinking about Jensen Ackles, of course, led us to think about his character, Dean Winchester on Supernatural. That led us to thinking about the relationship between Jensen and his onscreen brother, and why some of us prefer one or the other. Then we realized choosing between them is an age-old television dilemma: Mary Ann or Ginger from Gilligan’s Island?

While thoughtful egghead Sam is certainly (demon blood aside) sweet and goodhearted, like Mary Ann, Jensen gives his Dean a definite Ginger vibe. Dean is all about the good time – chasing women, drinking whiskey, and eating cheeseburgers. It’s all instant gratification with him.

And we do find him gratifying – chiseled face, great body, and thanks to a recent episode that had him impersonating a high school gym teacher, we know he’s got thighs he could crack walnuts with.

If we go out on a three-hour tour, and get shipwrecked on a tropical island, we can’t help but think we’d enjoy exile a little more with Ginger. We mean Jensen.

And from my new obsession, Forbidden Love, Thöre Scholermann came in at #19 while Jo Weil came in at #17.

Here's Jo's blurb: German engineering gave us The Ultimate Driving Machine, and now it seems those crafty Germans have gone and built us the perfect boyfriend: Forbidden Love’s Olli Sabel, played adorably by Jo Weil, who rockets up our charts this year from #29 to #17.

There’s something infectious about Jo’s smile, whether he’s being interviewed by at Whistler, or if he’s just being domestic with his onscreen hubby on Forbidden Love, the German soap that’s made him an international heartthrob.

There’s something playful and real about Jo as he portrays Olli, the little touches and kisses he throws into his relationship with Christian. He reminds us of young love and what it feels like to be completely smitten with someone. And when those dimples appear on his face as you look into those green eyes, you can’t help but be smitten with Jo.

One thing is certain for this hot young man; his star is shining ever brighter, and he’s kind enough to let us bask in its heat.

And here's Thore's blurb: Last year, Thore Schölermann zoomed from nowhere to land in our Top 20, quite a feat for an actor in his first role and that only being a smallish part on a German soap opera. But a lack of exposure doesn’t matter when you’re this hot – not to mention you play Christian, one half of Forbidden Love’s supercouple Ollian.

Like his character, Schölermann doesn’t commit to something half-heartedly. While the actor told us he took some time to ponder the ramifications of playing gay, once he agreed, he jumped into it with both feet. Indeed, much of the reason for the success of the Ollian storyline is due to the fact that both actors committed so wholly to the part, rehearsing scenes again and again and adding in extra looks, touches and kisses to make the couple’s loving relationship clear even when the writing didn’t.

While there is no arguing Schölermann is physically very attractive, it’s the sort of commitment he’s shown playing Christian that prompted gay men to place him in the top twenty.
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A new episode of Forbidden Love was posted last night, and OH MY GOD. Christian and Olli could NOT be cuter with one another in this one. It's such a fun segment with them and Lydia and Judith just horsing around. And when Christian does the charades?? ROTFL! That completely and totally killed me. :-)

See for yourself!

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I have FINALLY gotten completely caught up to the most current episode of Forbidden Love. YAY!

And yes, [ profile] jumpuphigh - the beginning of part 151 where Christian and Olli are at No Limits and they're being all kissy and funny with each other totally made me melt. :-)

As did part 134 here, where Olli finally comes back to the show after being gone for two months (the actor who plays him, Jo, was on a theater tour). Christian missed him so much! They're so sweet with each other, hugging and kissing and dancing. [sigh] Love these boys!!

I also came across this interview from, from back in March, when Thore and Jo were in Whistler. It's the first time I've ever heard them speak English! And after hearing how wonderful they sound I wish Forbidden Love was in English now!

The video is really cute, with the two of them clowning around in the snow, and then answering some fan questions. The audio is pretty bad, but I think that when the boys are asked if they've ever seen As The World Turns with Luke and Noah, Jo says that he and Van Hansiss are friends on Facebook! :-)

Oh, and to show the complete ignorance I have of the German language, I didn't know that the boys names are pronounced "Yo" and "Tory". See, you learn something new every day!

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Happy Monday, everyone!

Hope all of you had a good weekend. Mine was spent doing projects around our new place and watching more of Forbidden Love. I'm up to part 145 out of 150 now! Christian and Olli don't have a heck of a lot to do right now (they need a juicy new plotline) but they're still as cute as ever and basically the only couple that's still together after two years. :-)

I see well over 100 of you went and watched the three clips I posted last week. Awesome! Have you fallen in love with Christian and Olli yet? If not, how 'bout a few pics to show you what you're missing...

And here's a promo pic of Thore Scholermann (aka Christian) because he's smokin' HOT:

Okay, okay, stop drooling and go watch the lovely boys! :-)
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So I know I've been doing quite a bit of talking about Forbidden Love, the German soap opera that has the amazingly cute couple Christian and Olli. But then I thought...some folks might be kinda lazy *g* so why not SHOW them a few tidbits to whet their appetite? And then they'll be on their way to YouTube to watch more. :-)

Here's the part where Christian and Olli really, truly get together. See, several parts before this they had sex for the first time. But Christian (who was previously straight with a girlfriend) freaks the hell out afterwards and treats Olli like crap, saying it was just an experiment and that it's better with a woman. Of course he doesn't really mean any of it, he's just scared he's really fallen for man. He finally comes to terms with his feelings for Olli and thus begins their relationship...

Part 45

Let me set the scene for this clip: Christian is an up and coming boxer who is getting ready to fight in his first championship match against his rival, Axel. Homophobia runs rampant in his boxing club, so he and Olli have gone to great, great lengths to hide their relationship lest Christian be ostracized before he can prove himself. But all the secrecy has taken a toll on the boys until Christian finally says the hell with it, I'm not hiding anymore.

Part 89

This is the very next scene after the one above. I love, love, LOVE Christian's speech in the boxing ring. But unfortunately for Olli, he ends up paying the price for Christian's coming-out...

Part 90

So...have you seen enough to want to head on over to YouTube and see ALL of Christian and Olli's love story? C'mon, you know you want to! Then come back here and gush about the cute boys with me. :-)

Hey, [ profile] wordsindreams, are you sorry you've created a monster? LOL!
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I've made an icon, so it's official. I'm absolutely, totally in love with Christian and Olli from Forbidden Love. :-)

It took 45 parts of this German soap opera for those boys to finally admit they love one another, but DAMN it was worth the wait. They way they kiss makes me freakin' MELT it's so loving and hot and tender all at the same time. I'm a sucker for when a guy puts his hand on the side of the other guy's face when they kiss, and these boys do it in spades. And I just love the way "Christian" sounds when Oilli says it with that sexy German accent. :-)

I'm only on part 52 of the 147 parts that have been posted, so I've got a lot more Christian/Olli love ahead of me. Wanna join me? C'mon, you know you want to! :-)


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