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In preparation for tromping all over God's green earth in Alaska next week, I've been a walking fool lately, especially at work. My desk is on the 4th floor so I've only been taking the stairs all day. Then I've been walking around the lake (in my snow boots to break them in, looking like an idiot in 80 degree weather ) and on my trek last tonight I came across this very happy, colorful rock laying on the side of the path! I took it home to take a picture and tomorrow I'm going to put it out on a different part of the path to make someone else smile. 😃

Fresh meat!

Aug. 9th, 2017 08:32 am
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 Ohhhh, my! We have a new employee in my department as of today and holy cow is he good looking! LOL! Young guy, late 20’s-early 30’s, tall, fit, short dark hair, a bit of stubble, great voice. And we’re a department of ALL women. This poor guy! LOL!
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 Last night I got myself and the hubby booked for two more trips through the park district. In September I'm off to do some zip-lining at Zip Chicago. Woot! ( I'm doing this one myself, so it'll be weird to be on the bus without John. But then in October we're off to Starved Rock State Park ( to take a trolley ride through the park to see the gorgeous fall colors. I haven't been to Starved Rock in probably 20 years, so I'm definitely looking forward to going back. Have I mentioned how much I love my park district?
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Hey all! If anyone’s interested - I wrote fanfic!

Title: The Journey
Author: agt_spooky
Pairing: Michael Stonebridge/Damien Scott
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 45,080
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, more’s the pity. Just borrowing!
Notes: Three things intrigued me about the first episode of season four: First, Damien was sporting a new tattoo on his inner forearm. Second, Damien’s statement to Michael in the plane: “It was always the plan to come back to Twenty, right Mike?” and third, the California Highway Patrol officer’s statement to Michael and Damien: “You’ve got traffic violations in six states from here to Alaska!”. So it got me to thinking about what could have happened during that long road trip…
Summary: Two soldiers. Two motorcycles. Six states. One road trip that will change Michael and Damien’s relationship forever, bringing them closer than they ever imagined.

The Journey:
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 Bought one of those GoPro cameras for my trip to Alaska, for the dog sledding, zip-lining, whale watching, helicopter & floatplane rides. Spent a good part of yesterday messing with it, trying to choose the right video resolution, using the head strap, the chest harness, etc. Got my exercise wearing it and riding my bike around the lake multiple times for test runs! But I've got it all figured out now and I'm ready for the cruise! Just two weeks to go!
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 My Strike Back fanfic story is officially out of control. 45,000 words! Holy crap! The good thing is, I will be typing THE END today, putting a stop to the madness. :-) I had no idea it was going to get so long, but it felt great to write something just for fun. I’ve already got an idea how to finish another one I started years ago. :-)
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 Stopped on my way home from work yesterday and bought a cup of lemonade from two adorable little girls standing on my street corner. They told me it was $0.50. I gave them a $5 bill and told them to keep it. You should have seen their faces! LOL! Hey, it's darn hot out and I used to do the same when I was a kid. They deserved it. ☺️
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Flipped my calendar over this morning to August and there written in big, red letters is ALASKA just three weeks from today! Can’t believe it’s been about a year since we booked the trip and it’s nearly here. Finally! LOL! My excitement pretty much knows no bounds at this point. I know this is going to be one of those “trips of a lifetime” and I can’t wait for it to start!


Aug. 1st, 2017 12:52 pm
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 You ever sleep so much you actually feel worse the next morning instead of feeling refreshed? Been walking around like a zombie all day. Ugh. And of course it's a day when I'm swamped at work. [sigh] Is it time to go home yet?
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 Sometimes funny things do happen at work and it’s not all misery. Being one of the first two people in the building each day, the very first parking spot has been “mine” for years. This morning, out of the blue, my other early co-worker parked there. I was like WTF, Tim?? When I turned my computer on I had this email from him: “Sorry I took your parking spot. I had a bicycle in back to give someone so I parked close. LOL It won’t happen again.” I laughed so hard! Do my co-workers know me or what? It actually turned out to be a funny start to the day. :-)
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I'm currently caught up in a Norwegian online young adult soap opera called SKAM. Season three features Isak and Even, the first gay couple on the show. These two young men are beautiful together and their new love for one another and the struggles that come along with it have captivated me. I have 2 eps left and I hope these boys get the happy ending they deserve.

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 Hi all! Yes, I’m still alive. :-)
Many thanks to those several of you who have dropped me notes over the past couple of months to check up on me. I greatly appreciate you thinking about me and your concern. You’ve given me the nudge to get on here and post an update.
Things at the end of May weren’t too bad. I was quite busy, actually. I worked several police volunteer events, which I always love doing. Then I had five days off for the Memorial Day holiday, and I was on the go with John, running around and having fun. I was also deep in the midst of my new ebook releasing, which occupied all of my spare time with marketing and promotion. Oh, and I also started up yoga classes again.
Things started to fall apart in June, in regards to work. I was completely and utterly betrayed by my two oldest friends of 15 years. They lied to me, stabbed me in the back and when I confronted them about their lies they turned it all around on me. We haven’t spoken since. I was utterly devastated. Then another blow came at work as well, right on top of this and and slipped into a long state of depression.
I tried to rally around mid-month, for my 23rd wedding anniversary with John. Only to find out our favorite French restaurant where we were having dinner, was closing the next week. So that didn’t help my mindset!
Things perked up a bit at the end of June. At work, I’ve reconnected with a gal who I’ve known for ten years and we’ve become quite close. It’s been nice to have a good friend again. I had friends from Fort Wayne in visiting for three days, who I hadn’t seen in many years, so it was a great reunion. I also worked another high-profile police volunteer event (a DUI roadblock) and it was a fascinating, amazing experience.
I took several days off around the 4th of July and went out and did several activities with John, which was really nice. I also went to the Styx / REO Speedwagon concert with my best friend Chris. What a fabulous night! And then just last week I saw the Queen concert with Adam Lambert, which was also fantastic. Had last Friday off of work and John and I spent the day together, then Chris came over on Sunday so that we could do our on-line check-in for our cruise to Alaska next month.
I should have known that things were going too well for me and looking up for a change and I received three bad blows in the last few days (two work related, one writing related) that have knocked me on my ass. So after this update I might be disappearing for awhile again. But I wanted to at least jump on and let you guys know what’s been going on with me lately.
Thank you all again for your concern. That really touches me. I’ve got a lot of great friends here. :-)
I hope all of you have been doing well these past couple of months. Let me know what you’ve been up to! I’ve missed chatting with all of you!
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 I know I don't really post about Supernatural much, but I do keep track of the ratings. Here's how season 12 ended up. Where did your favorite episode fall? 

Keep Calm and Carry on - 2.15 million (0.8)
Mamma Mia - 1.61 million (0.6)
The Foundry - 1.68 million (0.6)
American Nightmare - 1.84 million (0.7)
The One You've Been Waiting For - 1.69 million (0.6)
Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox - 1.80 million (0.7)
Rock Never Dies - 1.86 million (0.7)
Lotus - 1.73 million (0.6)
First Blood - 1.72 million (0.6)
Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets - 1.73 million (0.6)
Regarding Dean - 1.73 million (0.6)
Stuck Here in the Middle (With You) - 1.81 million (0.7)
Family Feud - 1.62 million (0.6)
The Raid - 1.63 million (0.6)
Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell - 1.49 million (0.5)
Ladies Drink Free - 1.71 million (0.6)
The British Invasion - 1.57 million (0.5)
The Memory Remains - 1.58 million (0.5)
The Future - 1.38 million (0.5)
Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes - 1.51 million (0.5)
There’s Something About Mary - 1.42 million (0.5)
Who We Are - 1.75 million (0.6)
All Along the Watchtower - 1.65 million (0.6)
1.)  Keep Calm and Carry on - 2.15 million (0.8)
2.)  Rock Never Dies - 1.86 million (0.7)
3.)  American Nightmare - 1.84 million (0.7)
4.)  Stuck Here in the Middle (With You) - 1.81 million (0.7)
5.)  Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox - 1.80 million (0.7)
6.)  Who We Are - 1.75 million (0.6)
7.)  Lotus - 1.73 million (0.6)
8.)  Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets - 1.73 million (0.6)
9.)  Regarding Dean - 1.73 million (0.6)
10.) First Blood - 1.72 million (0.6)
11.) Ladies Drink Free - 1.71 million (0.6)
12.) The One You've Been Waiting For - 1.69 million (0.6)
13.) The Foundry - 1.68 million (0.6)
14.) All Along the Watchtower - 1.65 million (0.6)
15.) The Raid - 1.63 million (0.6)
16.) Mamma Mia - 1.61 million (0.6)
17.) Family Feud - 1.62 million (0.6)
18.) The Memory Remains - 1.58 million (0.5)
19.) The British Invasion - 1.57 million (0.5)
20.) Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes - 1.51 million (0.5)
21.) Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell - 1.49 million (0.5)
22.) There’s Something About Mary - 1.42 million (0.5)
23.) The Future - 1.38 million (0.5)
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Good gosh, is it Monday already? Ugh. I could definitely use another day to the weekend!

I had a long, long Saturday. I was doing more volunteer work for the police department, at the annual Just Play event from 9:30 am till 4:00 pm. I normally love working this, being outside all day, joking around with the kids who come up, free food, entertainment, etc.

Except this year it was absolutely miserable. It was really cold, very windy and for the first three and a half hours it just poured down rain. Thank goodness we were sharing a tent with the fire department this year so we didn’t get too wet. But we stood around and did nothing but get cold since no one was outside. I could barely feel my fingers to eat lunch from one of the food trucks!

The rain finally let up around 1:00 pm and while it was still quite cool out and the sun never did come out, people started arriving by the droves. I was insanely busy for the next three hours, getting about 100 kids in and out of the squad car, along with my other two volunteer friends. I ended up having a pretty good time! At the very end of the day I had my friend snap a pic of me….

By the time I got home I was utterly wiped out from being cold for 8 hours and then all the work with the kids. I think I was in bed by 9:00 pm!

I was an absolute slug on Sunday, barely mustering up enough energy to get out of my pajamas. :-) I watched TV, read a book, played on the computer. I definitely needed one day of downtime. I had an insanely busy week at work, then the volunteer event and I have another really busy three days ahead of me this week. Ugh. Really not looking forward to it.

So how was YOUR weekend?
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John and I donated to another animal charity and this time I got to pick the gift. :-) Even though it’s been up around 80 degrees this week, I chose this hoodie because it was adorable, and figured I’d wear it in the fall. Well it arrived yesterday and suddenly today it’s only 50 degrees! LOL! Guess what I’m wearing today. :-) Oh, and Bean highly approves of my choice!

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Can be read as a stand-alone if you’re new to Connor and Shawn’s adventures.

BUY LINK:  (epub, .mobi and .pdf)

BLURB: In the wake of the harrowing missions in India and Pakistan, Connor struggles to come to terms with causing the accidental death of a child, while Shawn tries to put Julian’s betrayal behind him.

Adding to the emotional fallout, new trials arise – the appearance of a young man from Connor’s past turned stalker may have fatal consequences for him, while Shawn must confront his former heroin addiction and break free of the hold it still has on him.

The challenges continue when a Shadow Unit undercover op in Bangladesh to shut down the pipeline of terrorists being smuggled into the UK draws Shawn and Connor into a web of lies and deceit from a man hell bent on exacting revenge on the two soldiers – demanding a life for a life.

Will Connor and Shawn survive? Or will the jungle become their final resting place?

58,400 words

Don’t miss Connor and Shawn’s previous missions in BROKEN SOLDIER and ROGUE SOLDIER, plus the holiday short story SNOWBOUND SOLDIERS! Available now!

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Hey all! I’m having a sale TODAY ONLY on my Shadow Unit ebooks!


To celebrate the release of Hunted Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 3) tomorrow, both Broken Soldier (Book 1) and Rogue Soldier (Book 2) are on sale for only $1.49 each!
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Hey guys!

I had such a horribly bad Friday, weekend and most of Monday that I had no energy to do my regular write up.

My frustration and stress level was off the charts because of our oh-so-wonderful healthcare and insurance system. Did my sarcasm come through there? I spent three days fighting with my doctor’s office and my FMLA insurance people over paperwork that should have taken five minutes to fill out, then got into an argument with my husband over it, which meant we weren’t speaking all weekend. It was just a clusterfuck all around that took until nearly 3:00 pm yesterday to get resolved.

Which was just in time for me to start my first yoga class in over two years. Boy, did I need it after all that nonsense! I like the instructor, though she can’t compare to my old one. But the class was good. A bit different, slower, than I’m used to, but I will definitely go back again next week. I felt SO much better after class. I’ve missed that feeling. Though, good gosh, I’m sore this morning! LOL!

Work is gearing up to be crazy this week. Had meetings at our other building yesterday, which required travel, then I have a four hour seminar on Thursday, again off-site. Ugh.

Getting together with a work friend tonight to go see King Arthur, which should be fun and exactly what I need to decompress.

That’s about it from me right now. How was YOUR weekend?
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 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was awesome! "Groot, put on your seatbelt!" Ha! Needless to say, Baby Groot stole the show. :-) I liked this one better than the first one. I think because the storyline was simpler, and more personal. But they were still saving the galaxy! And it was emotional, too! Tell me you all didn't tear up at the end. [sniff, sniff] And the soundtrack this time was even better than the first, too! Just might have to see it for a second time...
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Good gosh, Monday already? Why does the weekend just fly by and the regular work week just drag by? I had a lovely weekend. The weather cooperated with sunny skies and warm (but windy) temperatures. Saturday the hubby and I headed out early to breakfast at one of our favorite spots. I had Nutella and strawberry stuffed French toast that was SO yummy. Then we walked down to the French Market, our first trip of the season. We picked up lots of delicious goodies and John got some tea. Afterwards we walked over to the library. It was Free Comic Book Day, plus Star Wars Day combined. As you can see, I quite enjoyed myself and made a new friend! LOL! We chilled at home the rest of the day, where I gave my new ebook a final, final read-through and watched some TV. Sunday was the final, final edits on my book, laundry, dusting and then John and I went out to lunch and did a little shopping at the mall. Stopped and got the Mustang washed on the way back. When we got home we went for a nice walk around the lake behind our house. We passed two dads and their baby daughter, pushing her stroller. It was adorable! It was a busy, but fun and relaxing weekend. How was YOURS?
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