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What could be a more appropriate dessert at [ profile] winchestmidwest than PIE??

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It's craft time at [ profile] winchestmidwest! We all got to make bracelets. I chose the Colt, the Impala and Cas's wings.

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Our Supernatural fangirl group at [ profile] winchestmidwest giving a virtual high five on the phone to Dr. Badass himself, Chad Lindberg. We got to chat with him for a half hour. He's awesome!

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Holy crap! Imagine my surprise when I found MYSELF in this article! Two photos of me!

Supernatural Thursdays - Why We Love Supernatural Conventions

(That's me above in the front row, kneeling down in the light gray jacket)

About a year ago I remember having a conversation with a couple of people who were in the entertainment/journalism biz but still found my fascination with Supernatural conventions a little odd. That’s nothing all that new to me so I didn’t really mind, but when they said that they didn’t think that they were as fun as they sounded, and that they thought the actors were only doing it for the money……well, THAT I took umbrage to.

If you’re a fan of this wonderful show and have never availed yourself of an SPN con then let me just tell you that they are a blast and no, there is no way in Hell that the cast and crew do them only for money. Anyone who is on Twitter can see that the people on stage clearly look forward to these conventions as much as those of us sitting in the audience. For everyone involved with these conventions, it’s nothing but pure fun and here are just a few reasons why.....

Check out the rest of the article back here! )
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Day Three of [ profile] winchestmidwest...

The first panel Sunday morning was the best, about special effects make up, run by [ profile] lily_cat who does this professionally for a living. She asked for three volunteers, so of course I raised my hand. :-) I got to have the binding link from Born Under a Bad Sign put on my own arm. And it looked FANTASTIC. Like a real burn! I was totally impressed. Next, [ profile] wilde_moon got to have Castiel's hand print from Lazarus Rising put on her arm, and again, Sarah did a simply amazing job. Last was [ profile] agent_jl36 who got the works done to her, as Dean from the end of Swan Song, after Sam beats the crap out of him. Let's put it this way - after we were done the three of us (and a few others) went down to the bathroom so Jen could see what she looked like in a mirror and someone in the lobby asked if they should call an ambulance. :-)



[ profile] asyouleft was up next, talking about Tropes in SPN. I love Megan's panels. They're always well put together and a LOT of fun, as Megan is totally at ease talking in front of a room full of people and has an awesome sense of humor. :-) I honestly didn't realize how many tropes SPN uses!

After that was [ profile] queeberquabbler 's panel on the mythology of The Mother of All, and how it looks like SPN went about combining a few different myths and legends to create her, and their version of Purgatory. I love mythology, so I was totally fascinated. Excellent job, Jen! :-)

The spoiler panel was next, but as opposed to previous years, we have little in the way of spoilers for the remaining episodes of the season, so we ended up talking about what we'd like to see happen. Some interesting ideas were thrown out there. All I know is, we're fast running out of episodes and there seems to be a LOT of ground we need to cover.

We did some raffle items after that and I won two magnets and a bookmark while Chris won all of that and the western-themed WinchestMidwest sign. Chris and I also took part in the Scavenger Hunt and while we completed all our tasks we ended up not winning. :-(

The very last thing we did was go outside so that [ profile] lily_cat could show off her 1967 black, four-door Chevy Impala! It's a little worse for wear, but damn, it's the freaking Impala! We all got to sit in it and get our pictures taken and we also had our group photo taken in front of it. Many thanks to Sarah for bringing the car for all of us to see!

Then unfortunately it was time to say goodbye. :-( Hugs were exchanged and many photos were taken with promises to see everyone next year, same time, same place. :-)

Here's our group photo - I'm kneeling down in front in the light grey jacket. And thank you, [ profile] seesmooshrun for the bunny ears I just now noticed. :-)


Many thanks to [ profile] ant3ka and [ profile] trillian276709 for putting on another great convention!
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Day Two of [ profile] winchestmidwest...

I was wary about the first panel on Saturday, talking about season six, because as most of you know, I've hated it with a burning passion and haven't watched about six episodes of it. But it actually went really well and not a lot was focused on soul-less Sam so I was able to keep my temper in check. :-) I did have to control myself and not blurt out how much I hate Lisa and that entire storyline when the Lisa-love in the room was overwhelming. Blech.

We did From Script to Screen next, which this year was Like a Virgin, an episode I love, thankfully, and not one that would've made me leave the room. I got to play the dead girl's sister, Liz, and read her parts. I always wondered why, in the actual episode, we saw all those girls in the cage, and later in the van, yet they only needed one to summon up Mother. Well, in the script there's a scene explaining that they were actually food, sacrifices, for Mother. I wish that had been kept in. Kudos to [ profile] charityflint , who played Dragon #1, and had to read all of that Latin, which she did an amazing job of!

Next was a panel about the SPN anime, comics and graphic novels. We didn't concentrate too much on the books and comics (other than to say Keith DeCandido is a horrible author and they shred canon to bits in the comics) and talked more about the anime - our likes and dislikes of it. Then we watched the first two episodes dubbed in English.

I missed half of the next panel, talking about the Signs and Symbols of SPN, but from what I saw it was very interesting. Next we learned how to pick locks, which I failed at miserably since left handed people are apparently not supposed to be able to do it. Whatever. At least Chris had fun.

After dinner was the Supernatural RPG panel hosted by [ profile] seesmooshrun . I found it very informative since I'm a bit of a gamer myself, but hadn't had a chance to play the SPN version yet. I could tell a lot of people were completely and totally lost when all the rules, etc were explained, but I think the lightbulb went on when Linda ran a short game with three volunteers and everyone could see how role playing was done.

Last but not least, we all gathered to watch Misha Collins in Stonehenge Apocalypse. Yeah, you can see where this is going. :-) Combine that cheesy movie with lots of alcohol and a room full of fangirls and what do you get? A freaking laugh riot! LOL! We did Mystery Science Theater to that entire thing! I nearly DIED when they start slapping the C-4 onto Stonehenge and [ profile] wilde_moon yells out "You stones think you're so smart!" in a perfect Dean Winchester impersonation. ROTFL!! What made the night even funnier was that Chris had never seen the movie, so her reactions were priceless! The end was the best, when she turns to me and says, "Misha DIES?? He DIES??" LOL! Ah, Chris, I didn't want to spoil it for ya. ;-)

More to come about Sunday in the next post! But before that, how 'bout some photos? Me and [ profile] queeberquabbler and me and [ profile] wilde_moon


More to come about Sunday in the next post!
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Now that I've gotten some sleep I feel a bit more coherent and able to write up my post about [ profile] winchestmidwest this past weekend.

In case you don't know, WinchestMidwest is a fan run con here in the Chicago area that attracts folks from Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, etc. I love it because it's only a half hour from where I live. :-)

I missed last year, so it was great to go again this year with my best buddy, [ profile] charityflint (aka Chris). I also made a new shirt for the con - Hee!


After we got to the hotel Friday night we went and registered and hooked up with folks like [ profile] queeberquabbler , [ profile] seesmooshrun , [ profile] wilde_moon , [ profile] asyouleft , [ profile] the_other_sandy (who was sick and in self-imposed quarantine) and [ profile] lily_cat .

First up was a panel about Seasons 1-5: the Kripke Years, accompanied by very well put together videos that summed up each season. It was very interesting to go back and think about and discuss all of the major arcs that the show has gone through, all of the characters that have come and gone and all of the shenanigans that went on as well (loved that sign [ profile] queeberquabbler !).

We were supposed to have Skyped with the art crew on the set of SPN up in Vancouver, but they were unable to, so we watched The French Mistake, followed up directly by And Then There Were None, which left many of us devastated. Lots of us (including me) compared it to the X-Files episode, Ice, which I thought was rather appropriate since both Steven Williams and Mitch Pileggi were on XF.

Pie-a-Palooza came next aka Pin the Pie in Dean's Pie Hole. As you can probably guess, much hilarity abounded as we were each blind folded and spun around and attempted to stick our piece of pie onto Dean. :-) I had to leave the room for a bit after my turn, but I think my buddy [ profile] charityflint won! Many thanks to [ profile] lily_cat for making all the delicious pies we ate afterwards!

More to come about Saturday in the next post!
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Hey all!

Got back from [ profile] winchestmidwest this afternoon and I had a great time! I am, however, completely wiped out, so a much longer report with a LOT more photos will be coming soon. Until then, here's just a teaser...

Everyone thought it would be funny if they held me down and burned a binding link into my arm....afterwards I made everyone call me Meg for the rest of the weekend. :-)
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Whoo-hoo! It's Wednesday, which means [ profile] winchestmidwest is only two days away! I wasn't able to go last year, so I'm excited to see a bunch of you guys. Yes, I'm looking at you [ profile] wilde_moon, [ profile] asyouleft, [ profile] queeberquabbler and [ profile] trillian276709.

Hey, [ profile] seesmooshrun and [ profile] the_other_sandy, will you both be there, too?  Who else on my flist is going?

Myself and my best buddy [ profile] charityflint are excited about the lockpicking demonstration (should we bring our own paperclips? *g*), all of the panels and of course watching Stonehenge Apocalypse with a room full of fangirls. :-)

Here's hoping the hotel has a bar, because I'm gonna be wanting to down some purple nurples!
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Here's an excellent photo taken with John's (aka Mr. Impala) camera at [ profile] winchestmidwest last weekend. Isn't he a cutie?? :-) He was such a totally cool guy, letting us climb all over the Impala inside and out (literally!) then taking us all for a ride. He said during the ride I was on that he liked the beginning of Bloodlust, where it was basically car porn to start off the episode. :-)

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Check this out. :-)

This past weekend at [ profile] winchestmidwest, inside our registration packets was a temporary tattoo of Sam and Dean's protection symbol. I was going to put mine on at the con, but then decided to wait until Monday morning instead, right before I went to work. I wanted to see how many people I could freak out and convince the tattoo was real. Heh.

I knew the perfect place to put it, too. Right on the back of my neck. :-)

I wore a shirt with a wide neck, so you could see about 80% of it above my collar. Sure enough, I completely freaked out all my friends and co-workers once they spotted it. LOL! I really had some of them going, too, telling them I was at the convention and a bunch of us decided to go and do it. Ha! One lady who sits in the cubicle behind mine, who is ultra religious, took one look at the tattoo and wouldn't speak to me all day! Reminded me of the Supernatural pilot, where Sam and Dean are talking to the girls about the pentagram and "devil stuff". :-)

So here's what it looked like on my neck:

I actually think it looks pretty darn cool there and I need to send Andie a message, ask if she has any more of the tattoos I can purchase from her, because I'd like to put one of these on again every so often. :-)
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Well, [ profile] winchestmidwest might be over for another year, but the photos will live on!

I was a moron and forgot my camera, but luckily my buddy [ profile] asyouleft did not. :-) Here are some of the pics she took, starting with me being a dork, sitting inside the 1967 Chevy Impala that was at the con:

You can find the rest under here! )

On a different topic, I've got 60+ comments to answer back since being gone over the weekend. I'm not ignoring you guys, honest! I'm hoping to get caught up today or tomorrow.
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Well, [ profile] winchestmidwest is coming to a close today. :-(

But last night was a LOT of fun. After dinner we turned off all the lights and sat on the floor with a couple of candles and a flashlight and we each took turns telling our own personal ghost stories. And DAMN, some of them were really freaking creepy! I told mine, about the ghost at work (who I named Fred *g*) who turns on the treadmill next to me in the mornings at work when I'm in the exercise room.

After that it was time for the ghost hunt tour with Weird Chicago. But at the last minute I decided not to go. Just wasn't feeling up to it for some reason, so I stayed behind with six other folks and we had movie night, which turned out to be a blast. :-)

First we watched Jared in Cry_Wolf, which I loved, then we watched Eric Kripke's Boogeyman, which three of us, including myself, had never seen. OMG, people it was SO BAD! LOL! Within five minutes of the movie starting we again had a hilarious Mystery Science Theater going and we laughed the entire way through. :-) That movie was so freaking confusing! With closets that led to under a bed, with under a bed leading to a motel went on and on until my head hurt. Thank god Eric got this out of his system and moved on to creating an awesome show like Supernatural. :-)

This morning after breakfast we "graded" our SPN trivia pages and [ profile] asyouleft and I almost won, missing out by just one question. Darn! So close! :-) Then we did a raffle and I won a book called Ghosts Stories of America.

After that we had a panel on Angels, Demons and the gray space in between, which included a lot of religious information that I didn't know. Then a panel on creating graphics for LJ and right now my sparkly, bubbly friend [ profile] asyouleft is up front presenting a panel on character alignment in Supernatural, which is generating some great discussion. If you're at all familiar with D&D you'll know the terms Neutral Evil, Chaotic Good, etc. and we're applying them to Sam, Dean, Castiel, etc.

Lunch is coming up next, then a tribute video to Kim Manners, which is sure to make us all melancholy. After that one final open discussion panel and it'll be time to say goodbye. :-(

My butt is totally dragging after several late nights and early mornings, but it's been worth it for a very fun weekend.

I've got a zillion comments to catch up on, so I'll try and get to all of you guys sometime tomorrow.

Hope all of you had a great weekend, too!
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Hey all!

Just a quick hello from [ profile] winchestmidwest! Still having a great time hanging out with all my friends and making new ones, too. :-)

Today's been a day of panels: speculating on season five as a possible endgame, all of our favorite rock music moments, plus moments that should have had music, a fanfic discussion, looking at how the pilot script differed from what we saw on the screen (we actually "performed" the script, and I got to be Dean! Woot!). Then we had a local T.A.P.S. group come in and talk about ghost hunting. They brought in some of their equipment, and let us listen to some VERY creepy EVP and some WAY cool videos. That was a great panel. Then we talked about the Hero's Journey and how it applies to Sam and Dean. And finally we had a con-exclusive Plastic!Winchester theater episode. Too freaking funny!

Now we're on dinner break, waiting for our pizza. YUM!

After dinner we're going to be talking about our own personal supernatural experiences, then it's time for the ghost hunt with Weird Chicago tours. Man, I'm gonna be wiped out after being on this tour from 9pm - 1am, then up for the first panel tomorrow at 9am. Ugh.

Wish all of you could be here, because it's really been a blast so far!
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Hey guys!

I'm having the BEST time at [ profile] winchestmidwest! Though it started off rather bizarre...

I'd only been in my room for about a half hour when I heard two young girls trying to get in my room. I opened the door and scared the crap out of them. They literally jumped backwards! LOL! I told them this was my room and they apologized, said they weren't trying to break in (I knew that wasn't the case) then ran off down the hallway calling for "Dad". They never came back, but about 10 minutes later someone else was trying to get in! I threw open the door and this time scared the crap out of a hotel maintenance man! LOL! He apologized, said he was sent up here to change a lightbulb, and was told that the room was vacant. He left and I was about to go down to the front desk to ask what was going on when then my phone rang! It was the front desk! I'm like, "why are people trying to get in my room?" He apologized, asked for my last name and checked in the computer. Turns out the woman who checked me in never put in the computer that she'd put me in this room! When he asked me if I remembered who checked me in I described her and he's like "Oh, well that explains it." She's not the brightest employee they've got, apparently. [shakes head]

After that was taken care of I went to the restaurant to have dinner, where I met up with [ profile] the_other_sandy. We hadn't been sitting there long when the fire alarm went off! Geez, what ELSE could happen?? We noticed not a single employee in the restaurant paid any attention to the alarm. Our waitress happened to come over and we're like "what's going on?" She just waived her hand and said, "Smoke in the kitchen. Happens all the time." The fire department showed up and my heart started beating a little faster, seeing as I've got a thing for those guys (Light My Fire, anyone?) and wished I'd had my camera to take a pic of them in their full turn-out gear. (turns out [ profile] asyouleft is psychic and took a pic of the fire truck for me! *g*)

After dinner, Sandy and I went to registration, which was in full swing. We immediately got caught up in a fannish Bingo of sorts and I was ambushed by [ profile] asyouleft, [ profile] wilde_moon and [ profile] alphabet26. :-)

[ profile] anteka got us started with what was going to be happening tonight - first a trivia game, then outside to the parking lot (I'll get to that in a minute) and then movie night! A double feature of My Bloody Valentine and Friday the 13th. :-)

The trivia game was a hoot, and not very easy! We were supposed to do it individually, but since I had no pen, [ profile] asyouleft and I decided to partner up. Well, that soon became most of us at the table "partnering up" and sharing answers. :-) We turned in our pages to [ profile] anteka and then it was time to go outside.

See, turns out that [ profile] anteka knows a guy named John who owns - wait for it - a black, 1967 Chevy Impala. And he brought it to the con. SQUEE!! OH. MY. GOD, people. It was fantastic!! We got our picture taken with it, both inside and out ([ profile] charityflint, [ profile] wordsindreams and [ profile] sn_24lover can attest to this, as I sent them my pic from my cell phone. HA!) AND - AND we got to go for a ride in it! It was so freakin' SWEET! Man, I can see why Dean loves that car. Best part was, John got us a bit lost and me and [ profile] wilde_moon and [ profile] alphabet26 got a lot longer ride than everyone else! All we needed was Back in Black blasting and it would've been PERFECT. What's cool was, now I've got up close and personal knowledge of the car so that I can make my fanfic stories even better. [snerk]

After everyone got a ride in the car, it was time to head inside for movie night. Now, I've never seen either MBV or F13 because blood and guts is so not my thing. But [ profile] asyouleft promised to hold her hands up when it got gross. :-) She failed miserably but that was okay, because I had the BEST time watching that movie! Yes, it was gross and disgusting beyond belief but about 2 minutes into the film, we all decided to do a Mystery Science Theater to it and I swear I haven't laughed that hard in ages! And I was making just as many comments as everyone else, because good LORD that movie was stupid! Jensen, I love you dearly, but please, next hiatus, pick your script a bit more carefully. :-) Anyway, it turned out to be a lot of fun, helped along by the bottle of hard cider I was drinking and the peanut M&M's, Twizzlers and popcorn (thank you [ profile] asyouleft and [ profile] wilde_moon!). Oh, but I have to admit the end of the movie was pretty cool. Crazy ass Jensen was awesome!

They're showing F13 right now, but sorry, Jared, I'd had enough blood for one night. :-)

So yeah, it's only been about five hours into the con but I'm having a blast and I'm looking forward to the panels tomorrow during the day then the ghost hunt tomorrow night with Weird Chicago. Cool!

Ok, time for bed. Geez, please don't let me dream about My Bloody Valentine! LOL!
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Wow, sorry to have disappeared for several days, guys. I had every intention of posting yesterday, about [ profile] winchestmidwest, but instead I was laid flat with a horrible migraine for the entire day and evening. Ugh.

So anyway - [ profile] winchestmidwest. It was fun, but a different kind of fun than last year. I didn't recognize many faces from last year's event, so maybe that was the difference, a different crowd. We were all a bit crazy last time and the panel discussions quite lively. It was, to me anyway, a bit more subdued this time around.

I was by myself on Friday, as my roommates, [ profile] charityflint and [ profile] asyouleft couldn't make it until Saturday, and they missed a good discussion panel led by [ profile] katelennon, that kinda ended up being a wish list for season four.

I'd had a really long day at work on Friday, so when the panel ended and the Guitar Hero competition started up, I headed upstairs to enjoy the really awesome room I had to myself for the night. I wanted to take the 42" flat screen tv home with me! :-)

The next morning I was having breakfast when [ profile] mummyluvr314 sat at the table next to me and we chatted for a bit before [ profile] charityflint and [ profile] asyouleft showed up and we headed into the panel room.

Lots of panels on Saturday, and I enjoyed most of them, even though I felt I was definitely in the minority in the "misogeny" one (Sorry, [ profile] samazon13!) I just don't feel offended by the language used by Dean throughout the series, when directed toward women, mainly because he's insulting demons when he uses "bitch", etc. and not someone like Sarah or Cassie or Haley. But that's a whole can of worms that I'm not gonna open up! :-)

We had an interesting panel on the history of SPN fandom online (I didn't know that the [ profile] spnnewsletter was the first SPN related LJ community) and then we were treated to the premiere of the season finale of PWT which was funny beyond belief. :-) And [ profile] anteka even did a "behind the scenes" documentary on how she creates PWT.

My head was spinning with knowledge after [ profile] gonturan's demonology panel and then it was time for MY panel, on fanfiction, co-hosted with my buddy, [ profile] charityflint.

We had a small group, but we were definitely talkative *g* and the hour passed quickly as our topics flowed one into another. But the best part was after the panel, when Charity and I sat back down at our table with our friend [ profile] adelheide. We were talking about going for dinner when everyone still left in the room suddenly showed up at our table saying, "But we want to keep talking! Can we sit?" LOL! Next thing we knew, there had to be 12 of us squashed at the table and I had suddenly made a lot of new friends! (waves to [ profile] alphabet26, [ profile] wilde_moon and [ profile] mummyluvr314)

We all had such a fantastic time sitting there chatting about anything and everything SPN related and then we decided to move the party to the Mexican restaurant across the parking lot where I think we gave the manager heart failure when all 12 of us walked in. :-)

I only wish my fanfic panel had been earlier during the day on Saturday, so I could've gotten to know all my new friends sooner and spent more time with them.

After dinner it was time for the songvid show and holy cow, they showed mine first! It got some very nice applause so that made me happy. :-)

There was more Guitar Hero afterwards, since the hotel forbade us from doing karaoke (WTF??) so instead we sang along loudly to the GH songs! LOL!

Sunday morning was a panel on creating LJ icons, then an hour long panel on the music of SPN, put together with video clips by [ profile] gonturan, which was a lot of fun. :-)

And then it was time to say goodbye, unfortunately, as I couldn't stay for the ghost hunt that evening. All you guys that stayed - did you have a good time? Capture any ghosts? *bg*

So all in all a good weekend, mainly because I made new friends and spent three days wallowing in everything Supernatural. :-)

I haven't been on the computer since Friday and not only am I horribly behind in answering back comments, but there's just no way I'm getting caught up on my friends page, so if something totally awesome happened in fandom while I was away give me a shout in the comments. Thanks!
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Look at this wild and crazy bunch!

All right, now that I've gotten some sleep and can think coherently again, here's my report on what all happened at [ profile] winchestmidwest

Panels and karaoke and purple nurples, oh my! )


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