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 I know I don't really post about Supernatural much, but I do keep track of the ratings. Here's how season 12 ended up. Where did your favorite episode fall? 

Keep Calm and Carry on - 2.15 million (0.8)
Mamma Mia - 1.61 million (0.6)
The Foundry - 1.68 million (0.6)
American Nightmare - 1.84 million (0.7)
The One You've Been Waiting For - 1.69 million (0.6)
Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox - 1.80 million (0.7)
Rock Never Dies - 1.86 million (0.7)
Lotus - 1.73 million (0.6)
First Blood - 1.72 million (0.6)
Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets - 1.73 million (0.6)
Regarding Dean - 1.73 million (0.6)
Stuck Here in the Middle (With You) - 1.81 million (0.7)
Family Feud - 1.62 million (0.6)
The Raid - 1.63 million (0.6)
Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell - 1.49 million (0.5)
Ladies Drink Free - 1.71 million (0.6)
The British Invasion - 1.57 million (0.5)
The Memory Remains - 1.58 million (0.5)
The Future - 1.38 million (0.5)
Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes - 1.51 million (0.5)
There’s Something About Mary - 1.42 million (0.5)
Who We Are - 1.75 million (0.6)
All Along the Watchtower - 1.65 million (0.6)
1.)  Keep Calm and Carry on - 2.15 million (0.8)
2.)  Rock Never Dies - 1.86 million (0.7)
3.)  American Nightmare - 1.84 million (0.7)
4.)  Stuck Here in the Middle (With You) - 1.81 million (0.7)
5.)  Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox - 1.80 million (0.7)
6.)  Who We Are - 1.75 million (0.6)
7.)  Lotus - 1.73 million (0.6)
8.)  Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets - 1.73 million (0.6)
9.)  Regarding Dean - 1.73 million (0.6)
10.) First Blood - 1.72 million (0.6)
11.) Ladies Drink Free - 1.71 million (0.6)
12.) The One You've Been Waiting For - 1.69 million (0.6)
13.) The Foundry - 1.68 million (0.6)
14.) All Along the Watchtower - 1.65 million (0.6)
15.) The Raid - 1.63 million (0.6)
16.) Mamma Mia - 1.61 million (0.6)
17.) Family Feud - 1.62 million (0.6)
18.) The Memory Remains - 1.58 million (0.5)
19.) The British Invasion - 1.57 million (0.5)
20.) Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes - 1.51 million (0.5)
21.) Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell - 1.49 million (0.5)
22.) There’s Something About Mary - 1.42 million (0.5)
23.) The Future - 1.38 million (0.5)
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The boys (and girls!) are back at it again! LOL!

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Absolutely gorgeous Supernatural t-shirt at today ONLY:

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SQUEE! Look what came in the mail yesterday! My Funko Pop figures of Cas and Dean! They're so CUTE!

When I posted this on Facebook a friend wondered how they'd look if Cas had blue eyes and Dean had green. So I had to try it out. And you know what? They look pretty cool!

Speaking of Supernatural, I did NOT get to see last night's episode because the f$&*%ing President's state of the union speech pre-empted it! I am NOT HAPPY.

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Not that it comes as any surprise that the CW renewed Supernatural for season eleven(!!) but still, big congratulations to Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark and the entire cast and crew. Talk about a huge milestone for any TV show, to go beyond ten seasons. At this rate Sam and Dean will certainly be headed for the Hunter's Retirement Home!

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Huge thanks to [ profile] queeberquabbler for pointing me in the direction of this freaking awesome SPN songvid set to Jensen's rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas from Jason Mann's recent CD. It's brilliant!

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Was watching an episode of The Sentinel yesterday from 1996 and I'd nearly forgotten that Lucifer himself, Mark Pellegrino was in it! Look at that hair! LOL! He actually played a really good psycho character named Ray Weston that beat the crap out of the hero, Jim Ellison, which didn't happen very often.

If I ever get to see Mark at another convention I should bring this picture to show him. :-)

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Here's a neat little video all about the Impala from Dean's "baby" is lookin' good!

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Currently listening to Jason Mann's new CD, "Christmas with Friends" that was just released today, featuring Richard Speight Jr., Julie McNiven, Jensen, Jared, Rob Benedict and Misha. It's awesome! Jared will never be a professional singer but he's good. And Jensen's voice makes me swoon. [sigh] Glad Misha got a goofy song like the 12 Days of Christmas. And I normally don't like Santa Baby but Julie did a good job. And Richard being Richard changed up the words a bit to Holly Jolly Christmas, talking about drinking beer. ;-)

And it's only $8.99 for the digital download at Amazon. Great price for a great bunch of songs. Thank you Jason for putting this together! Now if only there were some behind the scenes video of these recording sessions...

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I was hoping for just one thing from last night's Supernatural episode - at least a throw-away line from either Sam or Dean acknowledging the fact that they'd been in Hibbing before (in one of my favorite episodes The Benders - even dressed as Sheriffs!). Something like Dean making an off hand comment that he'd keep a better eye on Sam this time. But there was nothing. :-(

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OMG, this is freaking PRICELESS! Jensen's FACE! Oh Jason Manns, I love you. I cannot WAIT to buy this Christmas album next month!

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Can anyone spot the goof in this new little Supernatural blurb from the Sunday Parade magazine? (As an aside, I think it's kind of funny that 10 years in someone is just now asking if Jensen and Jared are friends!)

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Really nice 3 full page article in the new TV Guide today celebrating Supernatural's 200th episode. I've scanned in the pages. Click on the thumbnails for the full size readable versions.

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Okay, I know that this has been posted everywhere but I don't care because you can't help but laugh, no matter how many times you see it. :-)  I have to admit, when I first saw this on Twitter I immediately recognzied Misha, but seriously had NO idea that was Jensen and Jared! LOL! Freaking BRILLIANT! I truly want to know whose idea this was!

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Supernatural May Introduce Retooled Spin-Off Over Multiple Episodes


If The CW takes another stab at a Supernatural spin-off, the new characters may appear in more than one episode of the long-running drama.

While last season’s attempt at an offshoot, Supernatural: Bloodlines, introduced its cast and plot during the course of one hour, showrunner Jeremy Carver tells TVLine that one of his takeaways from the backdoor pilot — which didn’t ultimately go to series — is to spend more time establishing the ensemble.
“I think maybe one lesson would be to take a couple episodes to introduce some of your new characters to the fandom so the fandom could get used to them and is rooting for them,” he says.

Carver may get his chance to win over the fans. Although Bloodlines was not picked up, the network “would love to get another Supernatural spin-off [on the air],” CW president Mark Pedowitz said during the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour this past July.

“The support they give us is incredible,” creator Eric Kripke says, adding that Pedowitz “definitely” still wants to make the project a reality. “I think there’s a real opening if we can come up with it.”

Adds Carver: “It’s definitely something we’re actively discussing… So many stories have been told. So if anything, it makes it a bit more difficult to get it right. But it’s definitely something we keep on discussing.”

At the moment, the premise of a potential new series is just in the “thinking” stages, Kripke notes.

“Our feeling on the spin-off is we want to do it if the idea is right,” he explains. “We want to do it if it’s something we’re really excited about and it’s a corner of the universe we haven’t seen yet. We don’t want to do it just to jam a piece of business through. We want to do it if we’re going to come up with something that’s as good as the mothership… Me and [executive producer] Bob [Singer] and Jeremy [Carver] and stars Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles], we all decided that it just has to be idea first. If it’s not an idea that we’re all totally in love with, we’re not going to do it.”


What are your thoughts on this, guys? Not sure if I want to spend multiple episodes with new characters taking up screen time.

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PLEASE tell me I wasn't the only one who spotted Sam and Dean's tattoo on CSI last night! LOL! Someone in the art department must be a fan!

CSI SPN tattoo
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Overall not a bad season premiere. Loved the new opening title card. Best one since season three, IMO.

I guess I'm supposed to care that Sam now suddenly cares about Dean but honestly, it's too little too late for me. It doesn't just suddenly erase the last oh…three years of treating Dean like absolute crap.

But my entire focus was on Dean anyway. I've seen folks say "Big deal, it's just soulless Sam all over again". Yeah, maybe, but this time Jensen finally gets to flex his acting chops and have Dean turn it around on Sam and not give a crap about him. Yeah, I'm sure he'll feel all wracked with guilt eventually about not caring about what Cole was threatening to do to Sam, but I cheered inside that the tables were turned and now SAM can experience being tossed to the side.

Anyone want to guess what kind of history Cole has with Dean? Especially if it goes back a long time.

It was great to see DemonDean just letting loose and doing whatever he wanted, but I guess I was expecting him to be more…evil. Not just sleeping around and drinking. I thought after all those months together with Crowley they'd really be up to no good. But not so much. Not yet at least. It was way cool to see Dean beating the crap out of people, though! LOL!

Not much to say about Cas. I love him, but his parts with Hannah were kinda boring. I do wonder what they're going to do about his grace, though. Metatron has it, right?

As much as I want Dean to remain a demon as long as possible so that he actually has a storyline, I am curious as to how Sam (and probably Cas) are going to "cure" him. Because at this point I don't have a clue.

What did YOU guys think of "Black"?

I'll just leave you all with this - The Misadventures of Crowley and Squirrel. Need I say more? [snerk]

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Nice Supernatural retrospective special last night. Loved that they used that "Special Presentation" graphic again like during the Christmas episode. I, of course, am old enough to have actually seen the real "Special Presentation" for shows way back in the 80's. :-)

It's hard to sum up a show that's been on for nine years in just 45 minutes but they did a pretty good job. Loved that it was Rob Benedict that narrated it. It really, REALLY made me miss the early years of the show, when the brothers truly did care for one another. Now? Yeah, don't get me started. You all know my views on SPN the last couple of seasons.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did they even mention John and Mary's names?? We got a couple glimpses of them, but I swear they never even said who they were and that really irritated me.

They did pretty much hit all the highlights, though, from the mythology to angels and demons to the Monsters of the Week to the Impala. Was cool to see Eric Kripke. I wonder how much involvement he still has, if he even watches anymore.

I expected more interview with Jensen and Jared. They didn't really say all that much.

After having quit watching SPN about halfway through last season I'm going to give it another shot tonight. Simply because of Dean and only Dean now that it appears after nine years he may actually have a storyline! What a concept! Then again, I don't know why I'm getting my hopes up. He'll be "cured" in two episodes and then it will be like it never even happened to him.

What did you guys think of the special? Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

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Hey all! Did you see the photos and tweets yesterday about the plane that flew over the SPN studios in Vancouver with the banner?


I was one of the fans who took part in the Kickstarter campaign organized by [ profile] ant3ka to make this happen. :-) In fact we raised so much more money than we needed that the rest was donated to the American Cancer Society in honor of Kim Manners.

Supernatural and I have had our ups and downs over the years, but there's no denying that 200 episodes is a huge milestone. I'm proud to have been able to show everyone involved with the show how much we love them and support them. :-)

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Just finished watching the Nerd HQ panel from Comic Con with Jensen, Jared, Misha and Mark. I LAUGHED MY FREAKING ASS OFF! Please, please, please have the four of them do this again next year!

And might I say, Jensen was looking SMOKIN' HOT. Case in point:


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