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Can't WAIT to see Scott back in Looking. Had to tape the episode last night. I already know I'm going to lose my mind seeing him in bed with another man!

'Looking's' Scott Bakula: In Season 2, Lynn and Dom have 'advanced' their relationshipscott-bakula-looking-hbo-murray-bartlett.jpg

"Looking" fans were a little worried that Scott Bakula booking "NCIS: New Orleans" at CBS would mean he couldn't be a part of the HBO dramedy's second season. However, both shows made it work, for which Bakula tells Zap2it he is immensely grateful.

"In September and half of October ... I shot in New Orleans until 2 or 3 in the morning on Saturdays and went straight to the airport and shot in San Francisco until 2 or 3 in the morning on Sundays. A couple of those ran me ragged," Bakula says with a laugh. "But it worked out, everybody made it work in both camps, and I really appreciated it."

Bakula also teases that while he can't reveal too much about Season 2, fans can look forward to his character of Lynn and Lynn's partner Dom (Murray Bartlett) having taken their relationship to the next level from where they left off in Season 1.

"Our relationship has definitely advanced from when you last saw us in the end of the first season," says Bakula. "They've crossed into a different kind of relationship, clearly a physical and ... not co-habitating, but with a definite comfort. They've tried to take the work aspect out of it, and we're certainly enjoying each other's company."

Like any relationship, though, it isn't purely smooth sailing. In Lynn and Dom's case, most of the conflict comes from the fact that there is an age difference and they are in different stages of their lives.

"We have a situation where I'm in a different place in my life than he is, so that continues to create issues of what people want at different times in their lives and what their levels of commitment and acceptance can be," says Bakula. "We're exploring all that good relationship stuff, it's pretty interesting. Lot of heart."
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YES! Scott Bakula will be in season two of Looking! The trailer was just released today and there he is FINALLY IN BED WITH DOM! I'm seriously going to spontaneously combust seeing him in bed with another man. :-)  Is it January yet???

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Hey all you Quantum Leap fans! Dean Stockwell will be guest starring on NCIS:New Orleans TOMORROW, November 25th at 9pm EST. Can't wait to see he and Scott Bakula reunited!

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'NCIS: NOLA' to reunite 'Quantum Leap's' Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell

Oh, boy. Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell are getting together again.

The two stars of the classic time-travel series "Quantum Leap" will be reunited in an upcoming episode of Bakula's latest vehicle, the crime procedural "NCIS: New Orleans."

The news was first reported on A CBS representative later confirmed the news.

Stockwell will play a retired cop who gets ensnared in a 40-year-old murder case in the "NCIS" episode.

"We found an opportunity for the tremendously talented Dean Stockwell to reunite on-screen with Scott Bakula," executive producer Gary Glasman told EW. "What a treat for November sweeps. We are thrilled to have him join us for some Thanksgiving fun and intrigue in NOLA.”

DID YOU ALL HEAR MY SQUEE????? The last time these amazing men were together was back during Star Trek Enterprise when Dean guest starred. I can't WAIT for a second reunion!! I'm also hoping that eventually we'll have some Enterprise guest stars as well, like Connor Trinneer and/or Dominic Keating. That would be awesome!

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After months and months of waiting after Scott Bakula was announced as the lead actor in NCIS:NOLA we finally got the premiere episode last night! Woot!

While this type of procedural show will never be "deep" television, I enjoyed it. I'm glad the cast is fairly small, with just three main actors. I love Lucas Black (he was so great as a kid in American Gothic) and Zoe is thankfully (so far at least) not your typical Mary Sue who is constantly showing up the men. The three work well together.

It's just such a thrill to see Scott back on my TV on a regular basis since Enterprise and Men of a Certain Age were canceled. I'm glad he landed on a franchise show like NCIS because I know CBS will stick with it and not dump it after three episodes.

Did anyone else check out NCIS:NOLA last night?

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Congratulations to Scott Bakula for making the cover of TV Guide this week! WOOT! Lookin' good there, Scott!

Scott Bakula TVGuide cover
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Mmm…lookin' good there Scott Bakula at the Emmys! So glad he was chosen to be a presenter. :-)

Speaking of Scott, promo is ramping up for NCIS: New Orleans and he just did a great interview with TV Guide magazine:

If you're seeking a metaphor for acting, you couldn't do much better than the body-jumping premise of Quantum Leap. In the 21 years since that series went off the air, its star, Scott Bakula, has leaped into a striking array of characters, with an initial emphasis on more sci-fi (Star Trek: Enterprise) eventually offset by a turn toward naturalistic dramedy (Men of a Certain Age). But playing a cop on a network procedural? Inexplicably, that seemingly inevitable move had proven a leap too far.

This oversight has finally been rectified with Bakula's role as the lead in NCIS: New Orleans, premiering on CBS Sept. 23 in the coveted Tuesday time slot immediately following the franchise's flagship series. When Bakula and his core costars — Lucas Black, Zoe McLellan, and CCH Pounder — were introduced in a two-part NCIS episode last March, it was clear the vibe in the spinoff would be looser and more localized, in the spirit of the setting. Dwayne "King" Pride (Bakula), a Big Easy cop turned NCIS agent, was established not just as an old friend of Mark Harmon's stoic Gibbs but as an answer to the question: What if Gibbs were garrulous?

Bakula will also be returning to his role on HBO's Looking for a second season, somehow squeezing in that San Francisco-based cult show despite his virtually nonstop location shoot in Louisiana. Doing two series at once in different states: That's a feat that defies even Quantum's physics.

The 59-year-old actor spoke with us from the NCIS: New Orleans set at the beginning of August, just six days into a production schedule as fevered as the local humidity.
TV Guide Magazine: Given how well-suited you seem for it, you're not known for playing cops or doing crime shows.

Bakula: No, I'm not. And I'm happy to be doing one, because I enjoy procedurals as a viewer, going back to Perry Mason. I mean, what was better than that? I'm not the only person in the world who could have done [this role], so I'm extremely grateful that they even considered me, because I don't have a wealth of this kind of acting history.

More interview back here! )

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I love having Scott Bakula news to report. :-)  First up - SCOTT IS FINALLY ON TWITTER! Yes, I may have squeed and bounced in my chair yesterday when that was revealed during CBS's turn at the TCAs. Needless to say, I followed him instantaneously. And he's already posted several pics. I'm sure CBS highly encouraged him to get an account because of the upcoming NCIS: NOLA. Glad they gave him the nudge!

Second, it was asked of Scott at the TCA panel if he'll be returning to Looking next season. And he said yes!

More Scott Bakula, Bears, and a Doris Love Affair

...And five other things you need to know today.

Scott Bakula will return.
After Raul Castillo and Weedman both got upped to series regulars, the fate of Scott Bakula's Lynn was left in a bit of limbo. Would we get to see how the relationship between him and Dom either progressed or resolved? The answer is that we will. "There will be more of Patrick with Kevin and Richie, and we'll also see what happens with Dom and Lynn and how they navigate that," Haigh said.

Can't wait to have double the Scott on my TV this fall!

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Well helll-lllo there, Scott Bakula! My, aren't you looking mighty fine in your first official promo photo for NCIS:New Orleans!

Have I mentioned how FREAKING EXCITED I am for this show? :-)

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SO FREAKING HAPPY that CBS picked up Scott Bakula's NCIS: New Orleans spin-off for next season!! Let the good times roll, baby!!

If you love "NCIS" and you love Mardi Gras, this is going to be the show for you. CBS has released the first trailer for "NCIS: New Orleans" and it looks like things are going to get a bit wild.
Scott Bakula stars as Dwayne Cassius Pride, otherwise known as one of the craziest TV names of all time. He's joined by Lucas Black, Zoe McLellan and C.C.H. Pounder.
"NCIS: New Orleans" will airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, after "NCIS," on CBS.
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Scott Bakula was lookin' good again last night on the second part of his NCIS backdoor pilot episode. I definitely like Lucas Black's character and I'm warming up to the other chick (Brody?)

Thankfully Bishop wasn't nearly as annoying as she was in the first part and I loved the voodoo doll she sent Tony.

However, I do like Abby a lot more than the young guy they introduced last night as the NOLA forensic tech. I think he might get annoying with his music and piano playing.

Last week I read many favorable reviews from both entertainment websites and fans and the ratings were up, so those are all good signs that the spin off will get picked up for next season. Fingers crossed!

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Kudos to Scott Bakula (and Lucas Black) for a great first episode of the proposed NCIS New Orleans spin off!

I really enjoyed it. Thought Scott did a wonderful job (and that his accent wasn't over the top) and I'm glad he was basically in the entire thing. I like Lucas Black as well and think they make a good team. The female agent from Chicago wasn't too bad but I need to warm up to her. Liked CCH Pounder as the coroner but she didn't have a lot to do.

Since I've been to New Orleans I kept going "Oh! Oh!" and pointing at the screen at the places I recognized. :-) I think having it set there is a fantastic idea since it's not New York or California.

The only thing I wasn't fond of? Scott's character's nickname - King. It just sounds retarded and I didn't even understand LaSalle's explanation as to how he got it. And it just makes me think of Elvis.

Now I haven't watched the original NCIS in like, 7 years, so who the hell is that freaking annoying blonde woman on the team?? Talk about a freaking Mary Sue! OMG, I couldn't stand her!

I read a few favorable reviews this morning on some entertainment websites, which is good. I'll be looking at the ratings later today as well to see how it did.

Looking forward to the second part next week!

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First NCIS came to Los Angeles, and now it's got its sights set on the Big Easy, New Orleans.

Scott Bakula, star of Star Trek Enterprise and Quantum Leap, is teaming up with Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo and the whole NCIS crew for a special episode of the hit crime procedural, which is actually a two-part lead up to a brand new NCIS spin off!

Bakula plays Special Agent Pride, a longtime friend of Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon). The two colleagues and friends are reunited for an investigation into a Congressman's murder that prompts a joint investigation between the field offices.

Pride's jurisdiction covers Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana. New Orleans' bright lights and fun atmosphere are a magnet for drunken debauchery among military personal on leave, which can lead to a whole host of problems.

In this sneak peek at the upcoming NCIS spin-off, we get a better look at Agent Pride, and his team, including his right-hand man played by Lucas Black, his medical examiner, played by CCH Pounder, and Special Agent Brody, played by Zoe McLellan.

Part one of this two-part NCIS episode airs Tuesday, March 25 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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Less than a week before Scott Bakula is back on my TV! Squee!

In the two-episode special, Gibbs will reunite with his former colleague, Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride (Scott Bakula), after a body washes ashore in New Orleans, according to the synopsis. The corpse is identified as Congressman Dan McLane, who is also a former NCIS agent.

Gary Glasberg, who wrote the two episodes, explained how pleased he was with the performance of both Harmon and Bakula and how well they worked together.

"The chemistry between the two of them, creating this longstanding friendship and bond between Gibbs and Pride, was something I was counting on, and the guys totally delivered it," he told the publication. "There's a fantastic scene in an area called Artillery Park that overlooks Jackson Square where they're just standing beside one another looking out at this iconic cityscape. It brought a big smile to my face."

The two episodes of NCIS: New Orleans, titled "Crescent City Part 1" and "Crescent City Part 2," will air March 25 and April 1 at 8 p.m. on CBS. If the pilot is picked up as a series it will premiere this fall.

Scott stopped by the Arsenio Hall show:

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'NCIS' goes looking for a little Cajun flavor with New Orleans episodes

First picture of Scott Bakula in the new NCIS spin off! SQUEE! My DVR is already set! Cannot WAIT!

Mark Harmon, left, and Scott Bakula appear in a scene from an episode of 'NCIS' that takes place in New Orleans

Top-rated NCIS is hoping to expand its operation to the Big Easy.

An upcoming two-parter set in New Orleans and partly shot there (CBS, March 25 and April 1, 8 p.m. ET/PT) will serve as a pilot for a potential spin-off series. The episodes, which feature Scott Bakula as the head of the New Orleans NCIS office, Dwayne Pride, are designed to make use of Big Easy visuals, in contrast to NCIS, which is set in Washington, D.C., but shot north of Los Angeles.

" It's a love letter to New Orleans in four short days," says Bakula, adding that the surrounding crowds, including one for a night shoot on Bourbon Street, made for some intriguing situations. "There was some insanity going on. Mark and I laughed a lot. You've got a double-decker bus going by with 200 tourists on it and all of a sudden, they look over and he and I are standing on a bridge looking out over the town square. We're trying to do this very serious scene, and people just start screaming, 'Hey, Gibbs!' ."

Bakula's Agent Pride is "somebody who's hugely passionate for life, for his city and for the people who live in his city," he says. "He's very passionate about getting bad guys and taking care of people in his town."

Glasberg was pleased with Bakula's performance and how he and Harmon worked together. "The chemistry between the two of them, creating this longstanding friendship and bond between Gibbs and Pride, was something I was counting on, and the guys totally delivered it. There's a fantastic scene in an area called Artillery Park that overlooks Jackson Square where they're just standing beside one another looking out at this iconic cityscape. It brought a big smile to my face," he says. If the episodes lead to a series, the intention would be to shoot "as much as we can" in New Orleans with the remainder in Los Angeles, says Glasberg, who would be deeply involved while keeping "the mother ship," as NCIS is known, as his top priority.

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Scott Bakula on Weed, Cartoons, and Wanting to Sing ‘Defying Gravity’ on Looking

On HBO’s Looking, Scott Bakula plays Lynn, the older, wiser, super-handsome guy Dom should be with for no other reason than that mustache would look great on the arm of Mr. Quantum Leap. There’s only one episode left this season, and we really need for Dom to get it together, stop being a selfish jerk, and give us the happy ending we deserve before the year-long hiatus. Fingers crossed.

Vulture spoke with Bakula, whom Margaret Lyons early on declared the best part of the budding comedy, about what’s going on in Lynn’s head (nothing says I love you like pot and cartoons!) and why next season, he’s hoping to do some singing and dancing.

Lynn is making Dom’s peri peri chicken dreams come true, and he’s behaving like a brat.

Well, those are the great characters, right? If we were falling all over each other at the bathhouse in that first scene … you want Dom to be hesitant. You want people to wish he made a different choice.

What do you think Lynn sees in Dom?

I think Dom reminds him of an ex, the love of his life. There’s a certain whimsy he has. He’s a dreamer with big plans, and so was his last partner — actually, I’m not sure all that background made it into a script. But it was stuff that we put underneath it. That’s the initial curiosity. But I don’t think Lynn ever thinks seriously about Dom in the beginning. Ultimately, whether or not they get together will be a matter of Dom being at a point in his life where he might want to make some different kinds of choices about who he wants to be and how he wants to live.

Do you think Dom is just sore that Lynn didn’t kiss him back on his birthday? Also: Lynn, what the hell?

Well, I think that was surprising to Dom; I don’t think he’s used to having that happen. The pace in his life is 0 or 60 — there hasn’t been any taking it slow. But more than that, it’s that classic thing of taking a big swing and missing. You react and you hurt the people closest to you. Lynn, he’s not immune to it, but it’s also like, “Uh, I think I’m too old for this. I don’t think I can play this little game right now.” [Laughs.] And I wouldn’t say Lynn behaves in a perfectly balanced way, either. He’s not just a businessman helping Dom out. He’s invested emotionally.

More of the interview back here! )

Best part was knowing that even with Scott's new NCIS spin off he CAN come back to Looking so hopefully this coming episode won't be the last we see of him. And yes please let he and Jonathan Groff sing a duet together! :-)

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OMG, SCOTT BAKULA KISSING ANOTHER MAN!….kinda. Unfortunately he didn't return the kiss so it didn't turn out like I'd hoped. [sigh] But we're getting closer!

As if you couldn't tell, I watched the new episode of Looking last night. Man, I wanted to like this show. I wanted to love this show. But six episodes in (of an 8 ep season) and it's just not happening for me. :-(

I could just care less about Agustin and his boyfriend and now their threesome with CJ. Boooooring.

Patrick is adorable but I just don't like Richie. I see zero chemistry between them.

Dom and Lynn are awesome together (which is why I was disappointed the kiss didn't go anywhere). I really had to laugh, because just yesterday morning I wrote the exact same dialogue that Dom said, "Why can't two gay men just be friends?" in my new Star Trek Enterprise story. Archer (played by Scott Bakula) says that same line to another person about he and Trip.

Patrick and Kevin - my second favorite part of the show next to Dom and Lynn. They both need to drop their useless boyfriends and hook up, because that would be freaking awesome.

My biggest issue with Looking are the performances of so many of the actors (Agustin, his boyfriend, CJ and Ritchie). The shining stars are Jonathan Groff, Scott Bakula and Russell Tovey. They're the more experienced and it shows. I truly wish the show would have been focused around them (and Dom) as the main characters. Now that would have been a freaking awesome show. But unfortunately it's not set up that way. If the pilot for the NCIS spin off gets picked up I'm sure that means that Scott won't be available to do Looking anymore and that will probably be the end of me watching. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed we get a true make-out scene before that happens. :-)

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It's been a veritable treasure trove of Scott Bakula goodness lately and I couldn't be happier. :-)  First he's on Looking. Then he gets cast in the lead role of the new NCIS spin off.

Then yesterday afternoon I was watching the first two webisodes of the new series Caper. I wanted to check it out because I really like Beth Riesgraf (from Leverage) and it's from Felicia Day's company Geek and Sundry so I knew it had to be good. At one point one of the characters is Skyping with her father but all you can see is her face and hear his voice. I was like, "Why does that voice sound familiar...??" My question was answered a split second later:

OMG, SCOTT BAKULA, WHAT??? You should have seen my face! LOL! I swear my jaw just dropped and I sat straight up in my chair. I hadn't even heard a whisper that he was going to be on this. And since what's going on with him ties into the plot I'm hoping we get to see him again.

But wait! There's more! Last night I was reading my flist and look at what my friend [ profile] sen1995 posted for me, completely out of the blue:

ROTFL!! I had never seen this! Though this now explains the practical joke the cast and crew played on Scott during Enterprise when they all showed up on set drinking cans of Canada Dry. Ha!

The commercial might be hysterical, but man, I do love his singing voice. :-)

So yeah, it's just bizarre that suddenly Scott is everywhere, his career having apparently been revitalized after Behind the Candelabra. And I'm thrilled! He's a talented guy who deserves a long career. Gosh, wonder where he's going to pop up next....?
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Scott Bakula Is the Best Part of Looking

On last week's installment, Dom (Murray Bartlett) met Lynn in a steam room, and the two bantered gently for a scene. It was light and charming and flirtatious, and in a departure from the rest of the show, it wasn't cynical or self-conscious. The rest of the show is intentionally hyperaware of itself, since our protagonist Patrick (Jonathan Groff) is anxious and unsettled, and Gus (Frankie J. Alvarez) and Frank (O.T. Fagbenle) are similarly unmoored despite a seemingly stable romantic relationship. They're all "looking" for themselves, if you will. So Lynn, who has definitely already found himself, stands out just in terms of contrast, but also as a welcome relief from the navel-gazing that haunts everyone else.

It doesn't hurt that he and Dom have vivid chemistry, or that while he's dreamily explaining business loans, our other characters are standing around literally smelling each other's shit. You ever hear someone say they just want to date "a grown-up"? This is what he or she is talking about. Patrick and his boss Kevin (Russell Tovey) are pretty clearly going to hook up, and it's pretty clearly going to be a disaster: You shouldn't hook up with your boss, and especially not when he has a boyfriend. On the flip side, Dom and Lynn are pretty clearly going to hook up, too, but that seems like it has the potential to be great, once Dom gets over himself and admits he has the hots for Lynn. (Which he so, so does.) Maybe they could have an honest adult relationship! That would be nice for both of them.

I'm not quite enamored with Looking just yet, in large part because of a deep personal aversion to the sounds of people eating, but also because most of its characters still feel very two-dimensional to me. (And Gus's infatuation with a sex worker feels like warmed-over Six Feet Under stories from twelve years ago.) But deep character development in four half-hour episodes is extremely rare. From here on out, let Looking's mission be thus: Less eating, more Bakula.


Couldn't have said it better myself! From the moment he appeared it was obvious that Scott was going to bring some much needed maturity to the show. Glad I'm not the only one noticing that Lynn is becoming a standout character.

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Talk about totally unexpected news! Scott back on my TV every single week? YES!!

Scott Bakula Joins NCIS: New Orleans

CBS’ latest, New Orleans-based NCIS offshoot has filled its first role, and it goes to TV vet Scott Bakula.

TVLine has learned that the alum of such series as Men of a Certain Age, Star Trek: Enterprise and Quantum Leap is boarding the planted pilot in the role of NCIS Special Agent Pride.

Described as “embodying New Orleans,” Pride is “driven by the need to do what’s right … with warmth, passion, strength and humor. He’s a unique federal agent working in one of this country’s most unique cities.”

On the prospective series — which will air its pilot as a springtime NCIS two-parter — the New Orleans office of NCIS will handle cases from Pensacola through Mississippi and Louisiana to the Texas panhandle. Per the logline, “With its rich setting of music, fun and debauchery, New Orleans is a magnet for military personnel on-leave. And with fun comes trouble.”

Still to be cast for the pilot are the roles of Agent LaSalle (a “muscular,” “devilish” and “charming” 30something former Sheriff’s deputy, raised in Louisiana), Agent Brody (a 30something female wielding an Ivy League mind and “Grace Kelly-like class, pomp and circumstance”) and Dr. Wade (the “outspoken,” “eccentric” and “void of social boundaries” Ducky of the team). I had offered my casting ideas here.

Bakula’s other TV credits include (but are never limited to!) HBO’s Behind the Candelabra, Chuck, Desperate Housewives and appearances on Looking and Two and a Half Men.


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