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 Happy Friday, everyone!
Got the hubby and I signed up this morning for another trip through the park district. This time we’re going to Whiting, Indiana on July 29th for their Pierogi Fest. Yum! We’re also thinking about going to the Wisconsin State Fair, too, in August.
Have kind of a busy weekend planned - on Saturday the hubby and I are going out to breakfast, then to the French Market for our first visit of the season. I love coming home with all sorts of delicious food. Then we’re off to the library, where they’re celebrating Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day combined, having all sorts of people dressed up in costume handing out the comics. Hope I can get my picture taken with a Stormtrooper! LOL! We’re also going to try and hit up a kite festival going on in town. Last year they had 800 kite flyers!
On Sunday we’re trying a new restaurant for lunch, which happens to be next to a mall, where I plan on doing some shopping for new jeans and gym shoes. I don’t think John knows that yet. Ha!
Have a good weekend, guys! 
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