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Here's something completely random and out of left field for all you fellow Jensen Ackles/Ten Inch Hero fans here in Chicago...

February 14, 2011

The Facets Cinémathèque is located at 1517 W. Fullerton Ave. in Chicago. For more information on films playing in the Cinémathèque, please call 773-281-4114. To order advance tickets online, visit the TicketWeb website by clicking here.


In this upbeat romantic comedy/drama, artist Piper Jones (Elisabeth Harnois, Pretty Persuasion) moves to Santa Cruz, California, in search of the young daughter she gave up for adoption at birth. She lands a job at a local sub shop, and quickly becomes entwined in the dysfunctional family of co-workers: Jen (Clea DuVall), shy and involved in an internet love affair; Tish (Danneel Harris), an over-sexed beauty determined to find that perfect ten; and the mohawked Priestly (Jensen Ackles, Supernatural), who dispenses advice to everyone, but is a master at hiding his own feelings. Balancing out the mix is shop owner Trucker (John Doe, founder of the L.A. punk band X, Roadside Prophets), an aging surfer with a crush on the new age goddess, Zo (Alice Krige) who owns the neighboring crystal store. At times heartwarming, at times irreverent, the story unfolds as the friends struggle to find love and happiness, as they discover that sometimes the hardest thing to be is yourself.

Directed by David Mackay, U.S.A., 2009, 102 mins.

 Official site        

Monday, Feb. 14 at 7 pm
Tickets: $9 general admission TicketWeb
FREE for Facets Members!

For all Cinémathèque inquiries, contact Charles Coleman at 773.281.9075 or
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Whoo-hoo! From the Ten Inch Hero blog:

Ten Inch Hero to be Released in February in USA!

Great news! Ten Inch Hero will be released in the USA this coming February!

Blockbuster is handling the U.S. release, which means you'll be able to see the trailer playing in your local Blockbuster in the next 3-4 weeks. Of course, it will available online as well.

And David and Mark are working hard to include as much bonus material as they can to the DVD. How cool is that?

Without a doubt, we have the best fans in the world. You helped this come true for us, and we're so thankful for your support! Please come through for us one last time, and promote the hell out of this release!!

Even though I already bought the DVD from Sweden, I'll be buying this one, too, especially because of the bonus material, which the Swedish version doesn't have. I've got my fingers crossed for a blooper reel!
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I just now finished watching Ten Inch Hero and I loved it!

It's this cute, funny, heartwarming movie with a really good cast. I adore Sean Patrick Flannery, and Elisabeth Harnois and Clea Duvall were wonderful. And the guy who played Trucker I really liked.

And then there's Jensen. :-)

He was AMAZING as Priestly. He had some of the best, witty dialogue in the whole movie. And I want to own every single one of his t-shirts. :-)

And the END! Oh my GOD. I remember when TIH was first being shown at the festivals and I read review after review from folks who had seen it, and every single one of them would not give away the ending. And I'm SO glad they didn't. It's definitely worth the surprise. Jensen! SQUEE!!

I'm so disappointed that this film never made it onto the big screen at the theaters, but I hope that it will be released here officially on DVD, as they've done over in Sweden, very soon. Because I definitely want to own a real copy of it. And so do you. :-)

Speaking of that, does anyone have an URL of a place over in Sweden to purchase it from? Thanks!
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Hey guys, for all of you planning on attending the SPN Creation Con here in Chicago in November, there's a post up at [ profile] supernatural_tv with a poll about Ten Inch Hero:

Ten Inch Hero Screening in Chicago??

We were wondering how much interest there might be in having a screening of Ten in Hero (come on folks!!! Jensen in a kilt!) at the Supernatural convention in Chicago in November. So, if you are going to the con, please fill out the poll below. If you're not already planning to attend, but this might be the thing that makes you hop on a plane, board a train, or climb into your automobile to attend, then take the poll too!! We'll forward the results to the powers that be. Jensen aside, this is a great film that deserves to be picked up. We got Steve! We can get this too!


So head on over to the post and click on the link for the poll to vote! I for one would just DIE if we could FINALLY see this film here. :-)
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Saw this at the Ten Inch Hero blog:

Mail: How did the cast entertain themselves on the set?

 Another question from the mailbox!

What did the cast like to do "between shots" on the set of Ten Inch Hero?

Well, Director David Mackay is quick to point out that there's isn't much time between shots on an independent film. The pace is pretty grueling! Still, not everyone is in every shot, so there is SOME downtime.

So how did everyone unwind? We asked PA Cynthia Boris, whose primary responsibility was keeping track of the actors at all times. We figured if anyone knew, she would. And she did!

Cynthia Boris says:

Shopping was a popular way to pass the time between takes. Danneel Harris, Elisabeth Harnois, Clea DuVall, and Judith Drake all enjoyed shopping in the vintage clothing stores that lined the street where we were shooting.

One of our more crafty neighbors was selling hand-painted surfboards and he convinced Jensen Ackles to buy one. While shooting at Port o'Call, the actors stopped to check out rows and rows of colorful and sugary Mexican candies.

Next to shopping, coffee runs were tops on the list! Even though it was over 100 degrees out, all of the actors took time to dash up 6th Street to the coffee house for a pick-me-up and a few minutes of quiet time with the newspaper.

Short breaks were mostly filled with chatter. The actors swapped stories, passed around magazines, worked crossword puzzles, and listened to music. John Doe is a famous singer (both with X the Band and on his own) so he entertained the group on the van rides with a CD of his latest tunes.

The actors also got a lot of mileage out of toys they found in the local 99 Cent Store. The light up spacemen ray guns were particularly popular.

Sean Wing battled to be the champion chess player. Our youngest star Adair Tishler played games with her set teacher to pass the time; she doubly enjoyed hanging with the movie's canine star.

Once production was moved to the beach, Clea and Sean Patrick Flanery took advantage of some meditation time by the ocean. When the sun went down, Jensen and the girls would play a fast round of pick-up basketball.

David Mackay adds:

Just wanted to add that that Jensen, Clea, Danneel, and Elizabeth bought me one of the full size surfboards from that shop. A beautiful present! It is actually designed to hang on the wall, and it's a huge amazing oldstyle wooden board. It's really a piece of art that holds many large photographs, which I am filling with stills from the shoot!

It was an awesome present and I LOVE it!


Man, that sounds like one totally fun movie set to work on!  Wonder if Jensen played hoops while wearing his kilt. Hee!

Geez, I want to see this film so bad I can't stand it! Please let it come to a festival here in Chicago this summer or for heaven's sake give it a wide-release date!

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Over at the main page of the Ten Inch Hero myspace page, there' s a slideshow of pics from the Newport Beach and Santa Cruz film festivals - including some yummy ones of Jensen. :-)

Also saw on the TIH blog:

We had a wonderful time in Santa Cruz. Thank you to Jane and all the terrific film fest volunteers who work so hard. Special thanks to all the fans and friends who came to see us. We are especially proud to win the Festival's award for best soundtrack


That's so awesome for everyone involved with Ten Inch Hero. :-)  Their first award! Congrats! 

Ok, the rest of you film festival people - let's get this film booked at more of these fests so that the rest of us fans who are clamoring to see it get the chance! It's an award winner for crying out loud! How can you pass on it??
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Catching up on my flist and I am SO jealous of everyone who went to the Newport Beach screening of Ten Inch Hero last night and GOT TO MEET JENSEN! Get his autograph, get their picture taken with him, all of that good stuff. [ profile] fergus80, was that YOU??

I was floored that he was actually there at all (and looking deliciously scruffy, too) but what I don't understand is, why did no one ask him a question during the Q&A session?? Reports have him just sitting there the entire time, not saying a word. How could all those Jensen fans there not have ONE question for him?? With such an extreme difference between playing Dean Winchester and Priestly, I know I would've had about a dozen questions for him.

Was very glad to hear that Jensen was very gracious to the 50+ fans there and signed autographs for everyone and took pictures. It ruffles my feathers when people slam Jensen because he's not as outgoing in public around his fans as Jared is.

So anyway, if this movie doesn't come here to Chicago pretty damn soon I'm gonna EXPLODE!
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So Ten Inch Hero had it's first screening today in Phoenix, and [personal profile] wendy, one of the lucky people who got to see it, put up a short report at her LJ.

I need to see this movie RIGHT NOW! Argh!!

After you read her report you'll understand my comment of  - where can I sign up for my free sample, Priestly??  ;-)
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So I decided to play around a bit with photoshop this morning, and remove Priestly's huge ass sideburns:

Now that is WAY more better! :-) Now you're smokin' hot, Jensen!
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Ok, now this is just too damn funny. 

Right before I went to bed last night I posted here and on supernatural_tv that a poster of Ten Inch Hero was released, but we could only see Jensen's eyes, and I wanted to know when they'd just release a full photo of him.

And this morning I wake up to this:

Ummm....I was actually totally speechless and my mouth dropped open when I first saw it.  He looks nothing like the Jensen we see every week, that's for darn sure!  I'm diggin' the blue mohawk and the eyeliner and black nailpolish. Even the piercing under his lip. 

But the facial hair? More specifically the sideburns?  God, I'm having flashbacks to Sentinel and Garett's horrible sideburns! LOL!

So yeah, I could totally do without the sideburns, but other than that - whoa!

Now if only it was a full body shot and we could see the kilt, too....  :-)

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Oh holy crap, people! There's finally an official poster for Ten Inch Hero and you can only see his eyes, but Jensen is freaking wearing eyeliner!! 

Go here: and see for yourself!

Good lord will they just release a complete photo of the boy???

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From the Ten Inch Hero blog:

Ten Inch Hero at the Santa Cruz Film Festival & New Contest!

We are thrilled to announce that Ten Inch Hero has been chosen as the special closing night screening at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. The show is Saturday, April 28 at 7:30 p.m. at the Rio Theater.

Ten Inch Hero is set in Santa Cruz, so we are especially excited to be "coming home." The Rio theater is very large, and we're hoping to PACK IT!

So as of now, here are all the upcoming shows of TIH.

Phoenix Film Festival

Friday, April 13 at 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, April 14 at 9:20 a.m.
Sunday, April 15 at 4:00 p.m.

Newport Beach Film Festival

Wednesday, April 25 at 6:30 p.m., Edwards Cinema in Fashion Island

Santa Cruz Film Festival

Saturday, April 28 at 7:30 p.m., Rio Theater

New Contest for a T-Shirt

We know there are lots of TIFs out there who are disappointed they can't come to Phoenix next weekend.

So we're asking our TIFs who ARE attending Phoenix to share the love by taking pictures for us. People in line, the poster on display, the Q&A session, David eating popcorn--even a short video of fans waiting to go in, fans saying how much the movie rocks, etc.

We'll pick the 10 or so we like best, put them on display, AND give you full credit. Then we'll somehow reach consensus on our favorite and send you one of our cast & crew t-shirts, just like the one that's in the mail to Tiffany (our manip winner) right now.

Just please keep it PG13, so we CAN display it. Yeah, we know what you were thinking...

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Hey guys!

If you're looking for some totally freaking hilarious spoilers from Ten Inch Hero, specifically scenes with Jensen's character Priestly, head on over to [ profile] justian1729 's LJ. You won't be sorry!

Man, this movie needs to come to a fim festival in Chicago like right now!!
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From the Ten Inch Hero blog:

Ten Inch Hero at the Newport Beach Film Festival!

After Phoenix, we are proud to announce Ten Inch Hero will next appear at the Newport Beach Film Festival, in Orange County, CA.

Please plan to join us on Wednesday April 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the Edwards Island Cinema in Fashion Island. We are very excited to be part of this terrific film festival.

See the film festival's website for ticket information.

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Ok all you lucky Arizona people! Here's your chance to be one of the first to see Jensen in Ten Inch Hero!

From their blog:

Ten Inch Hero at the Phoenix Film Festival!

We are proud to announce that Ten Inch Hero will be screening at the Phoenix Film Festival!

At this time, the show days/times are:

Friday, April 13 at 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, April 14 at 9:20 a.m.
Sunday, April 15 at 4:00 p.m.

Be aware that times and locations often change during a film festival. Contact the film festival for the most recent information.

We hope to see you there! Click here to order tickets.

Don't live in Arizona? Keep checking back for more festival information over the next few weeks!


Oooh, I'm hoping they screen it here in Chicago as well! [fingers crossed]
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Just read this blurb over at the Ten Inch Hero blogspot. Folks have been sending in photomanips of Jensen, of what they think his character Priestly is going to look like (since they haven't released any pictures! Argh!) and now they're running a contest for the best manip, where you can win an official Ten Inch Hero t-shirt that only the cast and crew received.

I know we've got some talented artists in this fandom! Let's see what we can come up with!
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Just saw this little blurb posted at the Ten Inch Hero blog:

Will Ten Inch Hero release some bloopers with the movie?

Yes, as far as I'm concerned, there definitely should be a blooper/outtake section on the DVD. We have A LOT of really funny stuff that happened on film before I said "action" and after I said "cut!"

Jensen Ackles (Priestly) did something funny or goofy in practically every scene. Some of them--things that should have been on a gag reel--we ended up using in the movie. His improvisation was awesome!


Man, I really want to see this movie!  AND the gag reel!


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