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Morning, everyone. Here's a BIG spoiler from Kristin at E!Online and a poll about it behind the cut about it.

Whose fate will this be? )
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After several folks have left comments in my LJ telling me that they've stopped watching Supernatural, plus our less than stellar ratings this season, made me curious as to how widespread this might be.

The reasons have been varied, from people tired of the angel/demon/Apocalypse storyline to anger that Misha has been added as a regular to hating the current state of Sam and Dean's relationship.

I've disabled comments to this entry, because I'm sick of the wank and the hate. We all have our own reasons for watching or not watching and nothing will change that, so I don't want a war here in my journal. I'm simply looking for yes or no answers.

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It's our fifth year of Supernatural and our fifth style of opening credits, and as I watched last night it got me thinking which of them has been my favorite.

And strangely enough, even though I HATED season three with a firey passion, it's opening credits is my favorite.

What about you? Which do you like?

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Over the weekend I was amazed to discover that over 400 people have now friended me! WOW!

So I was curious as to what all of you guys are here for. :-)

How 'bout a poll?

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When you're lying in bed from Friday night till Sunday night with a killer migraine, there's not much to do except think random thoughts and pray for the pain to stop. And in my random musings I realized that my SPN fanfic reading preferences have changed somewhat, and I was wondering if it had for anyone else, too.

So how 'bout a poll? :-)

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Happy Monday, everyone! Did all of you have a great Halloween? I was one of just a handful that dressed up at work (as a cowboy/sheriff) and we didn't have a single trick-or-treater come by the house, but it was still a fun day.

So raise your hand if you watched either Monster Movie or It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester on Halloween night. :-) I chose Monster Movie. Man, I love that episode!

What was YOUR choice of an SPN episode on Halloween?

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Morning, all! Was that not a laugh your ass off episode last night or what? LOL!

Tina Charles over at doesn't have her Watercooler review up yet, so I thought in the meantime I'd find out what your favorite funny episode of SPN has been so far. And I've gotta tell you, it was a hard choice between two of them for me!

What about you? Do you have an instant favorite or did it take you a minute to decide? :-)

Step right up and vote!

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Morning, everyone!

So I spent part of my weekend rewatching all of the season four eps we've gotten so far, and wow, have we started off this year with a bang, or what?

Then I got to thinking, which one is my favorite, and then thought that I'd ask all of YOU, too.

So step right up and cast your vote for your favorite episode!

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So yesterday I was talking about the interview that Jared gave to Ten, in which he was asked what Sam and Dean's middle names are. He said he had no idea, so I asked you guys what YOU thought their middle names might be, and I got some good suggestions.

So I thought I'd do up a poll, based on what you guys suggested....

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Well it looks like you guys had fun with the Season 1 "monster of the week" poll. :-)

And I've got to say I'm honestly surprised at the results, with the Shapeshifter taking the win. (And your votes had nothing to do with a half naked Dean, eh? [snicker]) I thought for sure the YED would run away with it! He ended up coming in third, with Meg in second place.

I almost voted for the Shapeshifter myself, but Meg ended up with my vote in the end. I just think she was such a strong, well-written female character who happened to be a kick-ass demon, too. I miss her!

But the Shapeshifter was an awesome choice, too, as I loved Skin, and listening to Not!Dean tell Sam what Dean was keeping locked inside his head was really eye-opening. Not to mention the totally awesome fight scene between Sam and Not!Dean. :-)

So how 'bout we tackle the monsters of the week from season two today?

Step up and tell me your favorite!

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So I was watching a couple of Supernatural eps last night and I got to thinking about all the monsters/ghosts/creatures the boys have encountered over the years and was wondering what everyone's favorite was.

Let's start with season one, shall we?

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Oh my god, people, I am SOOOOO bored.

It's only 10:30 am and I feel like I've been at the office for eight hours already, that's how slowly time is moving. [sigh]

I need something to amuse me - so how 'bout a poll?

During Jared's BuddyTV interview yesterday, he talked about doing other genre's of film besides horror.

So...what type of movie would you most like to see Jared do?

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Well since all of you had fun with yesterday's "favorite episode of season 1" poll, let's keep going!

But first - as of this post, we have a TIE between Faith and Devil's Trap for the winning episode for season one. I love both of them, but Faith is hands down my own personal favorite of the season, so I'm thrilled to see it so high up in the tally. :-)

And I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments on the poll yesterday. Everyone had such great reasons for picking their own favorite. :-)

Alright then! It's time to put your thinking caps back on and vote for your favorite season 2 episode. What's the ultimate episode for you? The one you go back to time and time again when you reach for the DVD set? The one that says to you "this is why I love Supernatural".

Let me hear you!

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So yesterday, talking about disc 3 of the SPN season 1 DVD set and how my favorite episodes are on there got me thinking, so I thought I'd do a poll...

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring ONE episode of Supernatural from season 1 with you, which one would it be?

What's the ONE episode you couldn't live without, that you've worn out watching on your DVD set? The one you know all the dialogue to? The one that you use to pimp all your friends with, to get them to watch the show?

Let me see your votes and let me see your comments, too, if you'd like, on why you picked what you did. I'm always interested in why people like one particular episode over all the rest.

Ok, enough yammering from me. Get voting!

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In the comments of my TV Guide watercooler post about Hollywood Babylon, several folks commented that they either liked HB, Tall Tales or Hell House as their favorite funny episode of Supernatural.[Poll #972321]
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First, I want to thank all you guys who cast your vote in my last poll. Fifty-three of you (and many of you lurkers!) spoke up and now I know that my flist is filled with folks who love smut as much as I do, as Wincest and RPS were the winners with a tie vote. :-)

I've been thinking about Sentinel lately, as Richard Burgi has been guest starring on Las Vegas for the past several weeks. So for today's poll, let's see who and what is your favorite, between Supernatural and Sentinel. And if you don't know what Sentinel is, why not?? Get yourself to your nearest Best Buy and pick up Season 1 on DVD. You won't be disappointed. TS was truly my first real fandom and Jim and Blair will always have a special place in my heart.

Ok, on to the poll!

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Yes, you! All of my TS buddies on my friends-list! I'm asking for your help (because all of my SPN friends should have already done this!) in SPN's time of need, because we TS fans know what it's like to rally together to get a show renewed.

With the merger of UPN and WB into the CW, we won't know the fate of Supernatural for weeks, until CW does it's upfront presentation and we find out if it's been renewed or not. Needless to say, we're all on pins and needles. Sound familar?

Anyway, over at E! Online they're doing this thing called SOS-Save One Show. Last week E! put up a bunch of shows that haven't been renewed yet and asked people to vote for their favorite. The top 5 vote getters would move on to phase 2, which is this week. Supernatural made the top 5. Yesss!

The winner from these 5 shows gets a media blitz on E! Online, E! Television and info mailed directly to the network decision makers. This could be huge for us!

But we gotta win.

Which is why I'm asking for your help. Like I said, we well know the agony of the threat of cancelation (and the sweet taste of victory!). And SPN is only in it's first season! It has so many more good years ahead of it! If this merger wasn't happening, I would feel very confident about SPN getting renewed on the WB. But now? Who knows what could happen, especially since Dawn Ostroff from UPN is the head of the new CW, and not someone from WB.

Anyway, all I'm asking is that you send an email to: with "Supernatural" in the subject heading. And that's all. No need to write anything in the body of the email. They'll only accept one email per email address.

So...what do you say? Can I count on all you guys?

Many, many thanks,
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Ok, this is it - the last Supernatural poll. It was my goal to post one of these a day for a week and I did it. :-) I want to thank everyone for taking time to cast their votes and leave some comments, too. Hope you had fun!

The theme for the last poll is: the music of Supernatural. Like Dean, my own collection is also "the best of mullet rock", so imagine my delight when I realized what the "soundtrack" to SPN was going to be. :-)

I've pulled out one song from each episode that had music. Time to pick your favorite! And there are plenty of songs that aren't on the list, so if yours isn't on here, pick Other and tell me!

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