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My friend Tina was looking for a specific interview that Jensen and Jared did for AXM magazine back in 2006. So I flipped open my Supernatural scrapbook and there it was! I figured while I was scanning in the pages for her, I'd share it with all of you who had maybe never read it.



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Here's a new interview with Sera Gamble, from about the end of season five and what we can look forward to in season six. I like what she's got to say.

Sam and Dean return to their roots next year )
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Just came across this new interview with Jensen about season five from Jam!Television.

I also like what he says about if he's ready to be done and his answer - "No, I’m not, actually." Now that's what I like to hear!

So for me, my anticipation of the first script of Season 6 is going to be higher than almost any season )
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The folks over at Supernatural Fangasm have a nice interview up with Richard Speight, Jr. talking about Gabriel and the events from Hammer of the Gods.

First, he thinks this fandom is awesome )
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From comes an interview with a guest star from tonight's Supernatural episode. FYI - the article also includes other guest star information.


Who are we going to see tonight...? )
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From comes an interview with Alex Ferris, who was the first young Sammy, who is currently starring in the new movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Here he talks about his time on the Supernatural set:

Interview: Alex Ferris from 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' and 'Supernatural'

We had the pleasure of talking with Alex Ferris who you can catch in Diary of a Wimpy Kid on March 19th! We had a lot of Supernatural questions for him since we have such a huge fan base for the series here. Fans submitted questions - and we asked them! Check out the interview below!

What did your friends and family think of you playing the role of young Sam Winchester?

Alex Ferris: A lot of people I know, including me, LOVE the genre of science fiction. So naturally I was extremely excited when I learned that I was to play the role of Young Sam Winchester. Supernatural is a really popular show with my friends so it was great to play the younger version of such a well known character.

What experience do you think you gained playing this role?

Alex Ferris: Acting in Supernatural was a really fun experience. It was the first major popular TV show that I was a part of so it was a big deal. A fun part of working on Supernatural were the exotic props. I remember walking into the studio and seeing the props area. There were so many odd props, I couldn't even recognize what half of them were!!!! On my particular episode I almost got devoured by this really creepy witch - when I first ran into the witch on set it was quite a shock! All in all, I am happy to have been able to work with such great actors, on such a great TV show.

What was the Supernatural set like?

Alex Ferris: The set was amazing. They had all of these rooms and houses built inside their huge studio. Occasionally you would just see someone walking around in a horrifying monster costume, I found that really cool. I also found all of the stunts incredible. I remember in my episode my father shot a monster. I expected that they would simply film this seen using mostly special effects but they didn't. It was really fun to watch.
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Hey folks!

Over at USA Today's website there's a new, spoilery, interview up with Eric Kripke and also a clip from next week's episode.

Here's what Eric's got to say! )
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Evening, folks! Here's a great new interview with Jim Beaver from, talking about lots of things going on in season five, and it answers a question that's been looming over a lot of our heads in regards to Bobby.

Spoilers! Spoilers ahead!

MovieWeb's interview with Jim Beaver )
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Hey folks!

Here's an excellent new interview from the with Eric Kripke and Jim Beaver, talking about how the events of Sympathy for the Devil will impact Bobby going forward.

Oh, at the end of the article is pictures and a description of episode 5x03. If you're wanting to avoid that, I've only put the text of Jim's interview under the cut.


Eric Kripke and Jim Beaver talk about the Supernatural season premiere )
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Wow, my Chicago internet papers are all over Supernatural today! First Maureen Ryan and now Cool!

This time it's an interview with Misha, talking about Castiel and what's coming up for him in season five, and his connection to Chicago.


Misha Collins of Supernatural takes on Lucifer, call girls, Oprah )
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The folks over at Hunters' Addict have a great video interview up with the Prophet Chuck aka Rob Benedict. He does talk about season five, so spoilers ahead! I love what he has to say about Jensen and Jared. :-)

There's a lot of text that accompanies the video, so please go over to Hunters' Addict and read all that they have to say about this interview.


There's also an additional two-part interview that they've put up at YouTube:
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Hey guys!

I finally got my DVD of the All Hell Breaks Loose convention, and I've uploaded the interviews with Misha, Jared and Jensen for all of you. It's all one file, as the interviews weren't broken down individually.

For download go to and enter this URL:


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From TV Week:

TVWeek: OK, "Supernatural." Wow-- look at that. My web traffic just tripled! Fans of "Supernatural" are hardcore. They love them some Winchester boys. Has this show proven beyond a doubt that sci-fi ain't a boys' club anymore-- assuming it ever really was?

JOHNSON: We certainly put a dent in that assumption, but lots of shows in the last few years have contributed to that. I'm with you, though: was sci-fi ever really just a boys' club? "The X-Files" broke that wide open years ago, as one example. And again, especially in terms of "Supernatural," the great shows have great characters at the center. It's all about character. People have fallen in love with the Winchesters and care about what happens to them. People have invested in the fates of the group on "Lost," because they're great, dimensionalized characters. To a certain extent, genre and sci-fi are window dressing and less focally important than the characters people care about. It's not just the male audience who care about characters.

TVWeek: Do you think "SN" can survive beyond this upcoming season? Will you leads come back if it does?

JOHNSON: Eric Kripke definitely has a vision for this giant, apocalyptic season of "SN." I truly think the fans who have invested so much time in the seasons so far won't simply want it to end at season 5. I think the future beyond this season is a wide open question.

TVWeek: Any "SN" spoilers?

JOHNSON: No way, dude!


I think the future beyond this season is a wide open question

Now that's what I want to hear! :-)
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I just read this article, an interview with former Supernatural writer Raelle Tucker (currently writing for True Blood), where she talks about SPN, and why she left the show:


Writing For The Genre
Raelle landed in the supernatural writing genre by accident. She and her writing partner had been offered several jobs and after looking at all of them, they decided that Supernatural was the one “with legs”, so they accepted that. Raelle recalls that she had to do a lot of catching up to write for the show.

“It did not come naturally, at all. We’d sit in the writer’s room and Eric Kripke would reference all these things that were foreign to me. It was like he was speaking Chinese!” She realized that it was not a good fit for her, so ultimately she decided to leave Supernatural and pursue something that she could “put more of my life into”. Raelle remembers that the decision was very difficult, especially with no other jobs lined up, but she knew “it was absolutely the right thing to do. ”


I'm honestly stunned by her statement that SPN wasn't a good fit for her, because look at the episodes she wrote (or co-wrote with Sera Gamble). Nearly all are amongst fan favorites!

Dead in the Water
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
What is and What Should Never Be

I truly, truly miss Raelle and IMO, she was the stronger of the two writers between her and Sera. And her last episode, WIAWSNB, was amazing and heartbreaking. If she had to leave SPN, she went out on top. :-)

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Hey folks, there's a new spoilery interview up with Sera Gamble about season five at Go take a read!
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From the CW Source:

Supernatural Exclusive: Jensen Ackles on the Season Finale and What He Wants Next!

We ran into Supernatural's Jensen Ackles on the golf course (his preferred habitat!) and couldn't resist asking him about the finale... and what comes next! Check out what he has to say about the brothers reunited and what he wants us to see come Sept. 10:

I couldn't agree more with what you want for next season, Jensen! It's all about the brothers!

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Hey guys, here's another good interview from the Coventry Telegraph, with Jensen and Jared at Asylum 3, where they talk about some behind the scenes things during Supernatural season four, including fighting with Dracula, gym shorts, lederhosen and Dean's appetite. :-)
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Here's another article/interview with Jensen and Jared from the Asylum 3 convention, from They talk about season six of Supernatural, G.I. Joe, Resident Evil, My Bloody Valentine and Friday the 13th. It's a really good interview!

Supernatural fans should be ready to get the tissues out, because Jared Padalecki, who plays the taller half of the demon-fighting Winchester brothers, says he wants them both to die in the last episode of the final series. )
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Supernatural's Jared Padalecki turned down G.I. Joe role

By David Bentley on Jun 10, 09 12:08 AM

JARED PADALECKI, who stars with Jensen Ackles in TV ghost-busting show Supernatural, has revealed he had to turn down the lead role in this summer's action-adventure movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

He admitted his commitment to the TV role of Sam Winchester had cost him the chance to play soldier Conrad Hauser, codenamed Duke.

That role is now played by Channing Tatum, with the movie due out in August.

Jared, 26, said: "It is weird because on the one hand I couldn't do [G.I. Joe] because I was doing Supernatural, but if I hadn't been doing Supernatural who knows if I would have gotten offered G.I. Joe.

"It would have been great but then what, you still have to keep working. I'll get it when it's time. I think so many people set goals and then get frustrated when something doesn't happen, but I feel like this is a marathon, not a sprint."

Meanwhile, Jensen Ackles quashed internet rumours that saw him linked with the fourth Resident Evil film. He said: "I don't know where that came from. I've never seen a script, never had a conversation."

Speaking to Coventry Telegraph sister title the Sunday Mercury at the Asylum 3 convention in Birmingham, co-star Jensen confirmed what The Geek Files reported earlier from the event: That he and Jared have signed for six years (despite Supernatural creator Eric Kripke only having a five-year contract), and that they WILL come back for a sixth season - provided, of course, that the network renews the show and it still has something good to offer.

Jensen, 31, said: "I don't feel necessarily definitive about season five being the final season, I just know that is where Eric has led the series from the very beginning.

"He could very well hand it over to one of the other writers and stay on as consultant producer, but how the story would go from there I don't know.

"I think the studio and network are preparing themselves for this to be the final year but, to be honest, I thought this past season was going to be the final year and it was the best season we have had.

"If that bleeds into season five it would be stupid to get rid of it because it is one of the biggest shows.

"I could do another. It's a good job."

Jared added: "The adage is that season six means residuals, syndication. Yay, life is good. Buy a new car.

"But it is not about that. I really want to focus on creating and building a character. If there is still something for me as an actor to bring to Sam then absolutely I'd do season six, otherwise I think Sam and Dean should go out fighting."


Wow, Jared could've been in the G.I. Joe movie? I had no idea! But honestly, I'd rather see him playing Sam for another season instead of in G.I. Joe. :-)

And yay to more info about a season six for Supernatural!


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