agt_spooky: (SN-Sam and Dean (in bed)) creative was I this year?


The Rockets' Red Glare - (Sam/Dean)
Summary: Growing distant from one another as one hunt turns into another, never having time for just themselves, Sam’s childhood memory of the 4th of July is just what he and Dean need to reconnect.

And the Thunder Rolled - (Sam/Dean)
Summary: Alone together in the Impala in middle of nowhere during a storm, Sam and Dean finally give in to what’s been building between them for years.

A Shopping Cart of Memories - (Sam/Dean)
Summary: Set four days after the end of the Pilot – with grief, guilt, love and hurt wrapped around them, can Sam and Dean find their way back to one another and start the healing process?


Can There Be a Happy Ending? - (Jensen/Jared)
Summary: Jensen tells Jared how he really feels about the end of Season Four.

Playing with Fire - (Jensen/Jared) AU
Summary: Fireman!Jensen and Paramedic!Jared are back in this sequel to Light My Fire.

It’s five months later and Jensen is nearly a full-fledged paramedic. But becoming a medic means no longer being able to work with Jared at Station 127 and giving up his chance at a promotion to Lieutenant. As graduation looms, will Jensen change his mind? Then add in a young man Jensen rescues from a fire that becomes an obsessed stalker, and Jared’s altercation with a victim’s husband that threatens his career, and things turn explosive at the FDNY.


I wrote the same number of stories last year, and I was hoping to get one more finished this year so I would've done better, but I failed. :-(

But I've got several ideas jotted down in my little notebook, and a story that I should be posting next month, so I'm hoping 2010 is a better writing year for me.

I want to thank all of you for all of your comments and feedback you've left me on my fic during 2009. It means the world to me. :-)
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Since all the cool kids are doing it. :-)


(people will comment telling you what their favorite fic by you is, what character/pairing they think you write best, and other positive comments. they can also mention what they think you should write more of, or anything else concerning what they like about your writing)

Click on the banner above to go to my thread! I really am curious as to what you guys think I write best and want more of. *g*
agt_spooky: (SN-Jensen & Jared (Padackles)) creative was I this year?

This Fragile Heart – Jensen/Jared
Summary: Written for the [ profile] abouttwoboys fic challenge. The movie I claimed was Return To Me. While this is not a word-for-word, scene-for-scene retelling of the film (because I just think that would be boring, you could just rent the movie!) the main plot is still the same, and so is some of the dialogue.

Reunion – Jensen/Jared
Summary: My sweet and fluffy Valentine’s Day offering – after months of not seeing each other, Jensen and Jared are reunited after the writer’s strike.

Turn the Key, Open the Door to my Heart – Jensen/Jared
Summary: On Jensen's 30th birthday, Jared unlocks more than his heart.

Drive Me Wild – Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jensen should’ve known better when he told Jared they could do anything he wanted for his birthday. His words are now coming back to haunt him.

Lakeside Memories – Jensen/Jared
Summary: Summer hiatus. Halfway across the country from one another for months and Jensen feels that he’s starting to lose the man he loves, that recent events in Jared’s life have him reconsidering his relationship with Jensen. With less than a week before filming begins on season four, can a trip to a house in the woods bring the two of them back together?


Well, I pretty much failed as a writer this year. :-( Only five stories, and last year I wrote 14! I know a lot of it had to do with my disillusionment with season three, which I really disliked, so that's why I didn't write any Sam & Dean stories at all, Wincest or Gen.

But I hope to do much better in 2009, especially because for the most part, I'm really enjoying season four, so I'm feeling creative again. In fact, I just finished a Sam/Dean story that I'll be posting next week, to start the new year off right. :-)
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Wow, guys, I was just over at the new community, [ profile] j2_slash_awards and to my surprise and delight, I see that [ profile] trueshellz has nominated my story, This Fragile Heart for Best Romance! Squee!

I've never had an SPN story of mine nominated for anything before, so I'm thrilled beyond belief. :-)

It says there will be five choices made available for final voting in each category, so I guess my story needs to be nominated several times to make the final ballot, but still, even if it's only this one person selecting me it still means a lot. *g*
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Happy Supernatural Thursday, everyone! Are we all ready for a new episode tonight? Even though a...certain someone, who I despise is going to be in it tonight, I'm actually going to watch it, because I can't wait to see what happens to them. Heh.

Anyway, I'd like to point you in the direction of a fantastic SPN gen fic, written by [ profile] mlebayre, called THE GAME.

Back last fall, I won Bayre in an author auction at KazCon. I was just expecting a one-shot, but instead she went above and beyond, crafting a nineteen part story that had everything that I had asked for - h/c, protective!Dean, Sammy in jeopardy and most of all, the strong bond between the brothers. I absolutely loved how Bayre wrote Sam and Dean's relationship, and how far each of them are willing to go to save the other.

The story is now complete, the last chapter posted the other day, so if you've got some time, head on over there and have yourself a great read. :-)
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So I've gone and done it and signed up for the [ profile] abouttwoboys fic challenge and just got my movie approved. [gulp] I claimed Return to Me as that was the movie I was watching a few weeks ago and immediately wanted to do a story revolving around a heart transplant. Then whammo! Along comes this challenge based around romantic comedies. See why I thought it was fate? :-)

I really hope I can pull this off by Valentine's Day and that the ideas I've got in my head on how to adapt the film translate how I want them to on paper.

Wish me luck, guys, and hopefully I'll have a schmoopy J2 story for you next month. :-)
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Well, another year come and gone. Let's see how creative I was in 2007...

Wincest - Sam/Dean

What if it Would’ve Been Me?
Summary: A coda to the events in my previous story, Don’t Let Me Go - Dean's anguish over Layla's death.

Never Again
Story #2 in my Visions Universe
Summary: Dean experiences the first of his own visions, now that he has Sam's ability

Do You Wanna Get Rocked?
Summary: Sam never realized that attending a rock concert with his brother would make him want to jump Dean in public.

Story #3 in my Visions Universe
Summary: Sam and Dean finally learn the truth behind the visions and Dean finds out that his decision back in Kingsburg has serious consequences.

RPS - Jensen/Jared

Touched by Darkness
Summary: An accident on set changes Jensen and Jared’s relationship forever.

No More Running
Summary: Jared wants to run, but Jensen won't let him.

Snow Day
Summary: A coda to Touched by Darkness - Jensen looks at life around him.

A Quiet Declaration
Summary: A coda to No More Running - Jared finds the courage to tell his parents about he and Jensen.

Private Time
Summary: This is ALL [ profile] alli_everyday’s fault. After seeing the V-Cast interview with Jensen and Jared she left me this comment: “I want fucking in the truck on the way to work fic RIGHT NOW.”

Green-Eyed Monster
Summary: The weight of unrequited love lay heavy on Jensen’s shoulders, and it was getting more difficult by the day for him to bear it up. But will an unexpected kiss finally change everything?

Physical Therapy
Summary: Jared finally gets his cast off and Jensen knows just what to do to help him rehabilitate his arm.

Light My Fire (AU)
Summary: In New York, two men meet under unusual circumstances, and find themselves falling for each other. But when Jensen Ackles learns who Jared Padalecki really is, it all comes crashing down. Can Jared convince Jensen to open up his heart and take a chance on love again, despite who Jared is?

Holding On To You
Summary: Set at the end of Season One. Jensen wonders if he’ll be able to hold onto Jared if Supernatural is cancelled, fearing that Jared feels that when the show is over, so are they.


Brothers Through Everything
Summary: A coda to Never Forget, an epilogue to The Benders


So let's see how I did:

Wincest: 4 stories
Gen: 1 story
RPS: 9 stories

I'm not the most prolific writer, and a slow one at that, so 14 stories in a year, nearly one a month, is pretty darn good for me. :-)

I do have to laugh when looking back at the stories I wrote in 2006:

Wincest: 7 stories
Gen: 2 stories
RPS: 2 stories

Wow, talk about a flip-flop with the Wincest and RPS from last year to this year! Man, my place in Special Hell is certainly reserved, isn't it? Ah, the things this fandom has made me do and write. :-)

Note to self: write more Wincest in 2008!

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'Tis the season for Christmas stories and I'd like to rec one: Christmas in the Car by [ profile] piratelf

It's short and sweet and gen and Wee!Chester. I just adored this fic and I think you will, too - Christmas through the eyes of little Sammy, in the backseat of the Impala.

Go! Read! :-)

P.S. - speaking of recs, many thanks to those of you who rec'd me the gay novel, The Tin Star. I finished reading it the other day and I loved it!
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Hey guys,

Is there a Supernatural fic prompt community (wincest and/or J2) out there that's not challenge or time-based? Someplace where folks just throw out prompts and people claim them to write the fic when they can?

After finishing Light My Fire and another J2 fic I just completed yesterday (which will probably be posted on Monday) I'm on a writing kick, but don't have any specific ideas. So I'm looking for a place for prompts. Probably wincest, since I haven't written any Sam/Dean in quite awhile.

So yeah, if you guys have any suggestions for communities, that'd be great!

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Can anyone out there give me some quick help?

Is there a supernatural or folk-lore creature that is animalistic (like canine) in nature that preys on children?

And if nothing like that exactly fits the bill, how about something other than a werewolf or black dog/hellhound that's canine in nature? I was originally going to use a black dog in my story, but the more research I did, I couldn't find a single hint as to how to kill one, since they appear to only be omens of death and not physically real. And I need something that Dean can actually kill.

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Sorry everyone, I screwed up the first poll. D'oh! Can we try this again?

Ok, folks! There are 128 of you on my flist here and most of you are pretty darn silent. Not that I mind lurkers! Heck, I lurk sometimes, too! But I'd just really like to know a little bit more about you. So I won't ask you to break your silence by leaving a comment, but would just like you to take my short little poll, about what kind of fic you guys like to read. I'm just really curious! I write and read slash, gen and RPS in SPN so was just wondering where your preferences lie.

Now c'mon and make me fall out of my chair when ALL you guys leave me an answer. :-) Are you up to the challenge? LOL!

[Poll #941030]
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Hey all!

I've been having a lot of fun with this "timestamp" fic meme, writing up ficlets for my past stories.

I said I'd do six of them, and so far three folks have claimed stories, for which I've written up codas for.

Would anyone else like to play?? The stories that have already been claimed are:
Touched by Darkness (RPS)
No More Running (RPS)
Never Forget (Gen)

What? No wincest yet?? And it's my forte! My Sam/Dean muse has decided to leave me for whatever reason, and it's made me sad, so if anyone wants to claim a couple of my wincest stories, that'd be awesome. I need to kick-start that muse again!

So here's how it works:

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you a hundred words about what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

(Forget the hundred words thing, though. The shortest one I've written was 620!)

Ok, who wants their very own ficlet??

Wincest Fic

Gen Fic

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This was going around on my flist about a week ago, and I wanted to take part, but I was in the middle of writing my new J2 RPS story, No More Running. I'm done now, though and thought what the heck! I'll give this a shot. :-)

I've never gone back and revisited my stories, though some folks have asked for a sequel to some of them. Well, here's your chance! Granted, it'll be a short sequel, or prequel... :-)

So here are the links to my fics, and let's say...first SIX people to claim a story get a drabble, and you can't claim a story that someone else already has.

Here are the rules:

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you a hundred words about what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

Ok, let's play!

Wincest Fic

Gen Fic

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I'm getting ready to post a 20,000+ word fic (around 50 pages) and I'm very, very curious on how you guys prefer stories of that length to be posted.

[Poll #903171]
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I've seen several other folks doing this, so I decided to join in. :-)

I know I'm not as prolific as many other authors, but prior to writing Supernatural fic, I hadn't written anything in about 5 years, my last Sentinel piece. So eleven stories in just one year is pretty darn good, in my book. *g*



Stronger Now
Wincest - Sam/Dean
Summary: Who or what is killing children in Kingsburg? Sam and Dean investigate the deaths and race to stop another from happening. Along the way, Dean shows how far he’ll go to protect his brother.

Slowly, Softly, Gently
Wincest – Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam and Dean finally have the time to really make love

One-Man Show (Times Two)
Wincest – Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam’s been sick for days, so Dean takes matters into his own hands. Literally.

No More Pain
Wincest – Sam/Dean
Summary: Dean does what he can to ease his brother’s pain, and in the process, his own

Forget Me Not
Wincest – Sam/Dean
Author's Notes: This was originally supposed to be part of a longer story, which I have abandoned, a sequel to another I wrote, The Choice (hence the strange POV), where Sam pursuades Dean to give up hunting. But I really liked this little bit and it can stand on it's own as a snippet, so I decided to post it. Short, but sweet

Don’t Let Me Go
Wincest – Sam/Dean
Summary: Missing scenes from Faith and an epilogue

The Choice
Wincest – Sam/Dean
Summary: A post-Scarecrow fic.


Don’t Let Me Go
Gen version
Summary: Missing scenes from Faith and an epilogue

Never Forget
Summary: An epiloge to The Benders. Dean’s more hurt than he lets on and Sam takes care of him


One-Man Show (Times Two)
RPS – Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jared’s been sick for days, so Jensen takes matters into his own hands. Literally.

No More Words
RPS – Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jensen is a man of few words, except when it really matters
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Thanks to the wonderful Rachel at the Supernatural Sinful Desire website, all of my Wincest and RPS fics are now archived there. Yay!

AND to my surprise and delight, my story Stronger Now is on the main page of the archive as one of only two "Featured" stories! Awesome! :-)

If anyone's interested, the page with my stories at the archive is HERE.
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I'm looking for some advice here, folks.

Last week I dreamed the plot to an entire RPS story (Jared/Jensen). Now I've never written an RPS story in my life, but when you dream the whole thing, how can you not write it, eh?

So I told my best buddy [profile] charityflint all about it and got a very enthusiastic response and I decided to go ahead and put pen to paper.

What was my dream, you ask?  Jared and Jensen steal the Impala from the studio lot and go do all sorts of things in it. [smirk]

Then just yesterday a new story appeared in the two SPN RPS communities.  Yep, guess what it was about? Jensen stealing the Impala so he and Jared can do all sorts of things in it.

I just...I couldn't believe it.  My story idea, written by someone else. I was depressed all damn day. When I read the header to the story it turns out that the plot was a prompt, for crying out loud at the[profile] highwaymiles community.  

Now I don't know what to do and I'm totally and completely bummed. And I know that it's all my fault that I'm such a slow writer and someone trumped me on my idea.

So...should I continue to write mine or just pack it in and move on? I just don't want to seem like I'm copying from this other author, you know?

Charity said I should write it, even if it's just for myself, but I really wanted to share my first RPS.  [sigh]

Step right up with advice, folks, I'm all ears!


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