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Hey folks! From comes a spoilery interview with Misha! Enjoy!

It was actually a little bit spooky the extent to which it felt like I had never left. )
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Evening, folks! Here's a Supernatural spoiler from Ausiello at about this week's episode...

This is your last chance to dish some scoop about [...] return to Supernatural this Friday )
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If you're excited as I am about a certain character returning to SPN on March 23rd, read on!


Read more... )

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From SpoilerTV

For all of you who got as big a kick out of this character that I did....'ll be glad to know... )

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DAMN! And here I thought Dean looked hot as a cowboy!

Dean Winchester, meet Ratboy... )

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Hey guys! Got my new TV Guide in the mail today and Supernatural gets a blurb in their Sci-Fi preview section. There are spoilers for several episodes coming up.

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From comes another spoiler from episode 7x13 related to this one that I posted about a few weeks ago.

It's about damn time it's Dean's turn! )

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Check out this totally awesome casting spoiler from Ausiello, for Supernatural episode 7x12...

And the guest star is.... )
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From Ausiello at

The answer to this question apparently refers to ep 7x13

Question: My Aushole is twitching for some Supernatural scoop about Sam and Dean. Can you make the twitching stop? —Casey

Ausiello: Twitching Aushole? I think there’s a support group for that. )

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I swear, the more I read about Cas in season seven the more worried and depressed I get. [sigh]

From E!Online:

Is there going to be a big bad on Supernatural this season? What is up with Castiel? )
agt_spooky: (SN-Dean (angel shot)) has a really nice interview with Jensen full of Season Seven spoilers!

To the delight of Supernatural's fans, the CW horror show — TV Guide Magazine's first Fan Favorite cover last year — is returning to its seventh season on Friday, September 23. "This year," says executive producer Sera Gamble, "we were really inspired by one of our touchstone movies when we think about Dean [Jensen Ackles] and Sam [Jared Padalecki] and their relationship — Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. We wanted to pit them against a force that's much greater than them with great resources and take away the tools that Sam and Dean are used to having. They feel outmatched and cornered. It's very much a thriller." With that in mind, TV Guide Magazine caught up with Ackles for more scoop on the upcoming season.

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Not only is the the BEST GUEST CASTING EVER, but this episode happens to be filming the week of the SPN convention in Vancouver, beginning the day after I arrive, on the 22nd.

You can bet your butts that my eyes will be peeled for Supernatural filming signs!

Source: TVLine

Supernatural stages a reunion! )
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You know, when I read the first report about this today I was all excited. And then I read the rest of it here at and my enthusiasm went down the drain. [sigh]

Look who's coming back to Supernatural )
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Supernatural fans, the CW release gives a vague description of s7, with a listing of regular cast: (SPOILERS)

What do you guys think?? My favorite line:
"All they'll have is each other"

Like the last of the cowboy outlaws, whatever they face, they're not going down without a fight )


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