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Thanks to [ profile] sen1995 for the heads up on this one!

In the new issue of TV Guide there's a blurb on the two-hour SPN season finale. The scan is behind the cut.

The brothers have each other's back in both episodes )
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Must-Watch Finales: Scoop on 39 Season-Enders: Supernatural

Prepare to gasp, possibly cry and write angry forum entries )
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From comes a short article about a returning guest star on this week's Supernatural. One that I'm quite happy to see back! I'm only hoping they survive. Then again, this is Supernatural. What am I saying? :-)

Look who's back! )
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It took nearly the entire freaking season (thanks for nothing, Sera Gamble) but the show I loved may finally be back on track...

It's all about the brotherly love )
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From Ausiello over at comes some brand new spoiler pics of Sam and Dean (and the guest star) in the upcoming 6x18 episode, plus a blurb from Jared.

Check out the photos back here! )
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Yes, folks, we're inching closer to the date of THAT EPISODE, when soon I will no longer need my cowboy manip Jensen/Dean in my icon because we're going to get THE REAL THING. Is it April 22nd yet???

Here from SpoilerTV is the official synopsis, along with my own comments...

Save a horse, ride a cowboy... )
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From E!Online tonight we get some Castiel-related spoilers, straight from Misha Collins...

In the final episodes this season... )
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I don't talk about Supernatural much anymore, but I was actually kind of excited to read this news yesterday from Zap2It...


Supernatural guest star to return in ep 6x19 )

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Hey guys!

Check out this great new spoilery interview with Misha over at

I think the title sums it up: Misha Collins on Showdowns, Jumping the Shark and Getting Laid [snerk]

It's both a print interview and a short video interview as well, and we all know how Misha loves to mess with people who are interviewing him! LOL!

Go check it out! I know I'm at least excited for stuff that's coming up involving Cas. :-)
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Morning, everyone!

Canadagraphs was on the scene yesterday when Supernatural was filming outdoors (for ep 6x11) and has a report and pictures up HERE of Jensen and a female guest star that I'm very happy to see return. And considering the title of that episode, it makes total sense. :-)
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Sorry I'm a bit late with this. From SpoilerTV comes the description for SPN ep 6x08...

Here's what's coming up... )
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Oooh, some good Supernatural stuff tonight!

First, here's our chance to FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY get Supernatural on the cover of TV Guide! For crying out loud, it's been on the air for SIX YEARS. That alone should qualify us, but alas, that's still not good enough for TV Guide. We need to go and actually vote. We'll have no one to blame but ourselves if we blow this opportunity!

So go HERE to cast your vote. And you can vote as many times as you want! The poll is open until November 1st and the winner will be on the December 13th cover.

Second, check out this awesome spoiler from Ausiello!

Supernatural scares up... )
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Because I wasn't on the computer all weekend, I missed this bit of Supernatural casting news for season six from SpoilerTV.

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Misha stopped by the Entertainment Weekly booth at ComicCon and Ausiello did a nice interview with him about various things, including what's up with Cas in season six.

Misha Collins was the only Supernatural cast member to drop by EW’s video suite at Comic-Con, but do you see me complaining? Didn’t think so. Among the topics the fan fave addressed: his contract status, the enduring appeal of Castiel, and his role in the changing Supernatural universe. Enjoy!
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Ausiello just posted a pretty long interview with Eric Kripke, about season six and his role in it and what Sera Gamble and Bob Singer are planning.

Go take a read then come back and tell me what you think!
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Ausiello over at EW has a new spoiler from season six, a quote from Eric Kripke himself.

So what did he have to say? )
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Over at SpoilerTV there's a bunch of rumored casting notices and episode titles for 6x01 thru 6x03.

They haven't been able to confirm any of this yet, and I'd previously heard the title for 6x01 is what they've got for 6x02. [shrug]

But it's worth a look-see if you're curious.
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Jim Beaver on his Twitter just gave away another guest star name for the episode they just wrapped. MAN, Jensen must have had his hands full with his directorial debut!

P.S. - Glad to see the guest star back on again!

ETA: Spoiler in the comments!
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From comes an article chock full of Supernatural spoilers for season six, including a casting spoiler for someone I never thought we'd see again and praise for Jensen on his directing debut.

We thought we'd seen the last of him, but he's back! )
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Wow, I'm not on the computer for the weekend and all sorts of Supernatural stuff happens.

Let's start off with the season six casting spoiler )


This "actor" - and I use that term lightly - completely destroyed an entire season of another show I used to watch. Ironically, it was also the sixth season of that show, too. Thanks for cursing Supernatural, too.



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