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Hey folks! Supernatural got a FULL PAGE in the new TV Guide, talking about the season finale!

BIG scan back here )
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From Ausiello comes a spoiler for the Supernatural season finale...

ETA: Ok, I'm confused. Ausiello's twitter mentioned Supernatural but now this spoiler is no longer appearing on his page over at Entertainment Weekly. I've no idea what this means, so take this with a grain of salt now. [shrug] Can anyone else find this over at

I really thought we were done with this )
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Hey folks! Head on over to E!Online for an exclusive Supernatural video and SPOILERS about Castiel and the season finale!


Hellfire and Damnation! This Supernatural Video Is Hot! Hot! Hot!

Supernatural's Winchester brothers are caught in the middle of a holy war this season, but nothing is going to distract Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) from their original mission: to make beautiful music together.

At least that's the way we see it.

And you will, too, once you view the absolutely divine video montage—with "O' Death" as the soundtrack—that chronicles the boys' journey up to now.

Get in here for the exclusive video—and some ominous news about the fate of Castiel (Misha Collins)...


[ profile] _hopefulness_ was awesome and uploaded the vid to YouTube:
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From SpoilerTV comes the official description for SPN's season finale, ep 5x22...

Here's what's coming up )
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From SpoilerTV comes the official description for SPN's season finale, ep 5x22...

Here's what's coming up )
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As I posted the info about SPN ep 5x21, I realized that I never posted the official synopsis of SPN ep 5x20, from SpoilerTV.

Here's what's coming up )
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From SpoilerTV comes the official description for Supernatural episode 5x21...

Here's what's coming up )
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Morning, folks! To start off Supernatural Thursday, how 'bout a couple of spoilers from Ausiello?

Here's what's coming up )
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Check out the description for ep 5x19 at SpoilerTV HERE then come back and tell me what you think!
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From comes an interview with a guest star from tonight's Supernatural episode. FYI - the article also includes other guest star information.


Who are we going to see tonight...? )
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From SpoilerTV comes the official description of Supernatural's 100th episode - 5x18.

Also included are the titles for 5x21 and 5x22.

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From SpoilerTV comes the official episode description of 5x17:

Here's what's coming up! )
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From SpoilerTV, here's the official episode description for SPN ep 5x16:

This one sounds like it's gonna be good! )
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This is from E!Online, saying that the guest star casting for the 100th ep listed at IMDB isn't true, but something's still not quite adding up.

Who ARE we supposed to be seeing? )
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Ok, I don't care if this is Supernatural's big 100th episode or not, if this IMDB listing ( is correct, (and I'm praying it's wrong, like IMDB has been in the past) with who two of the guest stars are going to be, there is NO way in HELL I'm watching. Those of you who know me will understand why.

Thank you, Kripke, for destroying an episode I was really looking forward to.
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From the Impala's Trunk website comes the official description of Supernatural ep 5x15 and title of 5x20.

Here's what we're gonna see... )
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As a follow up to the spoiler from last week, here's a bit more info on when we'll see this character returning to Supernatural.

Source: Fancast

Here's the info... )
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 Ok, now this is freakin' COOL!  From This is an actor I've liked for a long time...

Supernatural casting news! ) 
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Here's a new spoiler about Supernatural's 100th episode, but it's from Ausiello, so who knows if Sera Gamble actually said this.

But if it's true - oh, boy )
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Wow, now this is super cool news!

Check out who's coming back to Supernatural! )


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