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So awhile back I said that I was going to go spoiler free for both parts of the season finale. I'd no sooner than announced this when half of my flist started freaking the hell out about some spoiler photos that were posted. At the time, no one knew if the pictures were from the first part of the finale or the second.

Well now that we've seen the first part, I'm curious - were the pics all of you saw from part 1? If so, what were the pictures?

And if they weren't from part 1, are you freaking out even more, knowing whatever's gonna happen will lead us into a looong summer hiatus?

Just PLEASE - if the pics are from part 2, DON'T tell me what they are!

P.S. - amongst all of the squeeing and flailing yesterday after all of the news sites reported SPN's renewal, I forgot to mention that I got my Dean ring in the mail from Power Star Collectables! It totally rocks!

So I'm wearing both my Dean pendant and my Dean ring today. I'm such a GEEK! But you guys love me anyway, right? Right? ;-)
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Want some more spoilers for episode 19? Then click for info from Buddy TV or full text behind the cut.

Spoilers! )
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So I was perusing tonight and found out who's going to be in the last several episodes this season...

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Here's the episode description for episode 20 from The Futon Critic

Squee! Can't wait! )
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I know I said my LJ was going to be a spoiler free zone specifically for the two-part season finale, and it's still going to be, but I have to ask a question.

I've seen just general comments about the spoilers that have been released. No one's given away anything that's in front of a cut, but people seem to be completely and totally freaking out and not really in a good way. And it's really making me nervous and making my willpower start to crumble.

I can't give in! I can't! So I'm asking you, those of you who have read the spoilers - is fandom in general going to hate the finale because of what spoilers have been released so far - or is everyone freaking out for nothing? What's your opinion? Can you put my mind at ease or should I be worried?
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I see that sides were released today for episode 21, which I did download, since I do want them, but I am NOT reading them.

As big a spoiler whore that I am, I do want to remain surprised by both parts of the season finale. Which is why I'm making this post, so that no one says anything to me about the last two episodes this season.

Now if only I can keep my willpower intact for the next three months, which is going to be increasingly hard to do if I see one more general "I'm shocked" comment about episode 21. Argh! It's killing me already! :-)
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Got some more info on episode 20, folks!

Hmmm...not sure how I feel about this now )
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We're gettin' down to the last few episodes here, people! Woot!

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Ok, pretty soon we're gonna have the entire script released! LOL!

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Geez, pretty soon we'll know the entire episode! )
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Hey all, there is another set of sides for episode 19 up now.

Spoilers under the cut )
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New sides have been posted for Episode 19. Yay!

Spoilers under the cut )
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Wow, the Director's cuts for Born Under a Bad Sign are up already! Geez, things just keep getting darker for the Winchesters...

Really looking forward to this one!
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Wow, there are THREE Director's Cuts up now for Houses of the Holy and they're all fantastic. Especially Dean with the "magic fingers" and then Dean telling Sam about Mary. Looks like another powerful episode about faith and the opposite sides the brothers stand on regarding their beliefs.

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Holy CRAP, people! Have you seen these:  new photos for episode 14???

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