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In preparation for this weekend's Supernatural con here in Chicago I sat down last night to clear off all of my memory cards, where I found some files from the Vancouver convention. Now I don't take photos, only video, but I remember the Creation video Nazis out in force during Jensen and Jared's Q&A panel. At some point I switched over from video to photo and snapped off a few in case the fat man in the little hat came my way. I never even looked at the three photos until now, and I found this little gem:

There's just something about the way Jensen is looking at Jared that I love. Kinda cool that I happened to capture that moment without even trying!

Although my seat is much farther back than normal this year (I have Silver, not Gold) I'm still hoping to get some good video this weekend. I have a feeling the Mark Pellegrino/Sebastian Roche panel is going to be off the hook! LOL!

Talk to y'all Monday!
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Thanks for all your great comments yesterday on my photo ops with my lovely friend [ profile] lausbub0402.  And now here are the ones I had taken with just myself:

To my surprise Misha remembered me and gave me a wink after the photo. :-)

And now for the photo I was hoping and praying would turn out okay, since Sebastian was the person I wanted to meet the most at the con. Thankfully the photo op didn't disappoint and I damn near melted when I saw it! Oh yeah, this one is most definitely going up on my cubicle wall at work!

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I had four photo ops this year - two with just myself and two with [info]lausbub0402*. First up we have the Jensen/Misha one. I graciously let Claudia press herself up against Jensen [snerk] while I grabbed onto Misha. Gotta love his expression. :-)

And this one with Jensen turned out SO cool. We were wearing the "I Wuv Hugs" t-shirts I'd made us and when we walked up Jensen laughed and actually said outloud, "I Wuv Hugs".  Hee!  So I told him I wanted to know if we could pull on his arms like we were fighting over him and he smiled and was like, "Sure, no problem!"  Neither Claudia or I had any idea what his expression looked like until we got the photo! LOL! And
the look on Claudia's face killed me!

Thanks for asking me to be in these photo ops with you, my friend. They turned out fantastic!
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Hey folks,

Here's a list of all my downloads:

Complete J2 breakfast panel:

Complete J2 Q&A panel:

Sebastian Q&A panel:

Misha Q&A panel:

Matt and Richard Q&A panel:

Chad and Alona Q&A panel:

Richard Speight Q&A panel:

Misha and Ivan's "Divine" panel:

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Evening, everyone! I've got my last three VanCon panel downloads for you tonight - Chad and Alona, Richard Speight Jr. and Misha and Ivan's "Divine" panel.


.mp4 / 450 MB

.mp4 / 185 MB

.mp4 / 439 MB
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Morning, everyone! How about we start off the day with another download? This one is Richard Speight Jr and Matt Cohen's Q&A panel. It was extremely hard to videotape this one, as the guys were barely on the stage for more than 10 minutes, instead walking around in the crowd. So I recorded the giant video screen in front of me, which worked out pretty well. This panel was a HOOT. Matt and Richard play off of each other so well. Creation needs to do more of these combo panels.

.mp4 / 353 MB

Previous download links:

Complete J2 breakfast panel:

Complete J2 Q&A panel:

Sebastian Q&A panel:

Misha Q&A panel:
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Me again! I'm back one more time with another download for all of you. This time it's Misha's complete Q&A panel. He broke in on the end of Sebastian's panel, so it starts off briefly with Sebastian. The two of them are hysterical together! Sebastian told me during his meet and greet that it was Misha that got him started doing the conventions. Thank you, Misha!

As always, Misha's panel was pretty much off the hook with the funny. :-)

.mp4 / 333 MB

Previous download links:

Complete J2 breakfast panel:

Complete J2 Q&A panel:

Sebastian Q&A panel:
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Morning, folks! I'm back with another VanCon panel download. This time it's Sebastian Roche. All I can say about Sebastian is that he is a force of nature! LOL! I sat right next to him for an hour during his private meet and greet and I don't know how I survived the experience. :-)  I've been a fan of his for a long time, so I was beyond thrilled when he was invited to this convention and man, his Q&A panel did not disappoint! I haven't laughed this hard in ages! And just WAIT till you see my photo op with him. :-)

.mp4 / 360 MB

If you missed them, here are my previous download links:

Complete J2 breakfast panel:

Complete J2 Q&A panel:

I've got hundreds of comments to answer back so far and it's going to take me awhile, but if you would like to use my video for icons, graphics, your own music vids, please feel free. Many thanks to those of you who were kind enough to ask me first. :-)

More downloads to come soon!
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Hey guys! Well, VanCon is over and I'm back home in Chicago tonight. [sad sigh]  I'll post more about things in the next couple of days, but I thought you all would be eager for my next download - the complete Jensen/Jared panel. The boys were a riot! Especially Jensen and the duck. [snort]

The Creation photo/video Nazis were out in full force during this panel, so the last 10 minutes are a little choppy as I had to briefly stop recording a couple of times before anyone saw me.

Again, enjoy and feel free to spread the link! And if you missed it yesterday, HERE is the link to the J2 breakfast panel (6,000 downloads?? Holy crap, people! LOL!).

.mp4 / 615 MB

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Hey folks! Here's what you've been waiting for! Here is the download link to the complete Jensen and Jared breakfast panel at VanCon.

Enjoy and feel free to spread the link!

.mp4 / 312 MB

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Whoo-hoo! What a great morning at VanCon so far! The J2 breakfast was awesome, as usual and holy CRAP does Jensen look FREAKING HOT today. LOL! I'm in the process of converting the video I took of the breakfast. I'm going to try really hard to get the upload for all of you today.

Gotta run and get some lunch before the panels start, but before I go, hey [ profile] cadia58 - look who it is! [ profile] lausbub0402 and I send our love and wish you were here!

I made the shirts for the both of us and we wore them to our Jensen photo op we just came back from. Jensen was quite amused by them. :-)  We're hoping the photo turned out good - it's the two of us pulling on Jensen's arms, like we're fighting over him. Hee!

Later, guys!!
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Hey guys! Having a BLAST here at VanCon with [ profile] lausbub0402, [ profile] charityflint and [ profile] lausbub0402 - not to mention the crazy antics of ALL of the actors. I've been taking tons of videos - Chad and Alona, Richard and Matt, Misha, Sebastian, etc. that I will have full downloads of as soon as I get home. In the meantime here's a pic from the Corin, Steven and Sebastian meet and greet I took part in today. There's my little head pressed right up against Sebastian, exactly where I wanted to be, with his arm wrapped around me. Heh.
Sebastian was the actor I was most looking forward to meeting and he did NOT disappoint. I haven't laughed that hard during a panel in ages! And I got to talk to him about being in Roar with Heath Ledger during the meet and greet, which was awesome. And now I'm off to go and get ready for the dessert party tonight. Where I'm hoping to be out on the dance floor at the same time as Sebastian. :-)
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Holy crap, people, guess who was just added to the Supernatural Vancouver convention!!

I am BEYOND excited about this! I've been a fan of Sebastian's since I first saw him as Longinus in the TV series Roar, back in 1997 with a very young Heath Ledger. I can't believe I'm finally going to get the chance to meet him and get my photo with him! Oooh, I hope Creation will do a private meet and greet with him. I'd be all over that in a heartbeat! 

Speaking of the Vancouver convention, myself, my best friend [ profile] charityflint and my other totally awesome friend [ profile] rivercritter all just made reservations at the infamous 2400 Motel (seen in episodes such as Something Wicked and every other TV show filmed in Vancouver) to stay for a few nights before the convention starts. Charity and I stopped by there in 2009:


It's totally a no-frills kinda place, but we've seen it in so many TV shows that we had to stay there at least once. Who knows, maybe SPN will be filming while we're there! LOL!

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How 'bout a little Jensen-love this morning? :-) I was rewatching the video I shot at VancouverCon and screencapped about 10 pics of Jensen's funny faces and beautiful smile.


More Jensen this way! )
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Happy Supernatural Thursday, everyone! Are we all psyched up for tonight's episode? I'm getting together with my best buddy, [ profile] charityflint, at my house, where we're going to annoy my husband by yelling and squealing at the TV. :-) Heh.

So I was rewatching the video I shot of Jensen and Jared's panel at VancouverCon and I caught Jensen making some pretty silly faces, and some nice smiles, too. And I got one of Jared's full on body laughs and a nice smile as well. :-)

Here's a couple, and there's five more under the cut. Enjoy!

I swear this was my favorite expression from Jensen, the cross-eyed look. LOL!

And how 'bout a nice smirk?

This way to more pretty and silly boys! )
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I had requests for "More Jake!" so here are the final three clips I have of Jake from VancouverCon.


This is Jake on being part of the SPN mythology and fandom:


Jake on working with the SPN crew and being on ER:


Jake on his SPN casting process with Eric Kripke:

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So I've had a ton of people ask me if I have any more vids from VancouverCon that I could post (apparently 17 clips isn't enough!). Greedy buggers, aren't you?

FYI - the only complete panels I taped were Jensen, Jared and Jim. I only have clips of everyone else because my second memory card malfunctioned and wouldn't record anything, so I was afraid of running out of space before the J's panels on Sunday.

Okay, so here are the final three clips of Misha that I have:

Here's Misha being asked if there should be an SPN musical episode (ala Buffy) and what song he would sing:


This is one of Misha's minions, asking what his new orders are, and Misha trying to explain to his SPN co-workers in attendance (sitting off to my right) about his Twitter account and his Minions. :-)


This is Misha being asked about a magazine interview Jensen gave about Misha and Castiel, then calling Jensen a prick. *g*

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I've posted so many clips and things from VancouverCon over the past several days that I wanted to just put all the links in one place for everyone.


J2 breakfast panel part 1 -

J2 breakfast panel part 2 -

Jensen panel -

Jared/Jensen Q&A panel part 1 -

Jared/Jensen Q&A panel part 2 -

Travis talks about Mr. Rhodes and Jensen on Sweet Valley -

Jake talks about Jared and the knife scene -

Jake does an awesome impersonation of Jensen's "Sammy!" voice -

Misha talking about Jared grabbing his ass -

Misha talking about Castiel's feelings for Dean and slash stories -

Jim Beaver panel part 1 -

Jim Beaver panel part 2 -

Jake talks about Jared's infamous farting -

Gabe talks about antics on the set -

Julie talks about filming love scene with Jensen -

Alona and the two-person life raft -

Travis and AJ talk about Jared -

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So I saved the best for last with my Vancouver Con posts. :-) I bought a second J2 pic and told the boys I wanted just them in it and to do something funny.

And this is what I got:

I swear I laughed my ASS off when I saw them strike this pose. Does this sum up their relationship perfectly or what?? Jared - the complete and total goofball and Jensen - the long suffering best friend. ROTFL!! And Jared's got his hand on Jensen's shoulder. SQUEE!!

Sorry for the watermark, guys, this was just one special photo I wanted to keep for myself. :-)
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Whew! Answered back another 100 comments last night. Only 95 to go! I'm getting there! :-) Oh, and I didn't have 42,000 people friend me, it was 20. *g* Welcome, everyone!

ETA: I had many people ask me what kind of camera I used to record all of the panels. It's a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. Expensive as hell (love my hubby!!) but it records in high definition. And those vids I posted were recorded with the lowest video setting. If I'd have used the highest each file would've been 12GB! Glad all of you liked the quality. *g*

I wanted to share some funny moments that happened to [ profile] charityflint and I during our Vancouver vacation that I thought would give you guys a chuckle, too. :-)

• First, we had The Car of Random, as we nicknamed it. We were supposed to get a standard, mid-sized car, but they were out of everything but this giant Dodge Journey, which had three rows of seats, for crying out loud! I thought for sure I was going to hit something with this huge vehicle, misjudging my distance. Thankfully I didn't. :-)

More funny random car stories )

• We learned that Ambleside is Canadian for Rest Area along the highways.

• Seattle has nothing on Vancouver when it comes to coffee. I swear to god there was a coffee shop every 100 meters in the city! LOL!

• Vancouver's cement mixers are painted like fruits and veggies. We saw a giant strawberry and asparagus.

• Apparently Vancouver has a problem with runaway rubbish trucks, as we kept seeing these yellow warning signs that trucks could come flying out at us at any moment. :-)

• It seems that folks who actually live in Vancouver can't even tell you what the random flashing green lights on the stoplight mean. We heard several different stories, from pedestrians able to push the button to change it to red to that it means that cars from the opposite intersection can pull out if the lane is clear. Needless to say, we were cautious everytime we saw the flashing green lights, not knowing what might happen! LOL!

• We only saw two of those arrow signs, indicating filming was going on. One said GEP-CAP and the other said DWK, LTD. We still don't know what either of them meant.

• While wearing our Supernatural shirts around downtown Vancouver we had many people tell us they loved the show, from a bank teller to the gal selling tickets at Harbor Tower to a random guy at the food court. When we told them why we were here they were very surprised to find out a convention was going on just up the street! And I think the gal at Harbor Tower was going to go and get general admission on Sunday. :-)

We also had several folks in the elevator at the Sheraton ask us about the show and were generally interested in what it was about. One guy asked us for specifics on what day, time and channel. :-)

• On our drive up to Squamish we passed a sign for a community called Furry Creek. For some reason this name amused me greatly and I had to take a few pics:

• Lastly, here's a pic of me that Charity snapped at the 2400 Motel, with me standing at the door to Sam and Dean's room, wearing my Vancouver Canucks "ACKLES" jersey, just like the one Jensen was wearing in the Red Bull Derby race. I know, I'm dork. :-)

• Ok, this is really the last thing *g* - I just wanted to say how awesome ALL the guests were at the con. They were open and friendly and having a great time and gave all of us a wonderful experience. Especially Jensen and Jared. They were fantastic! I heard that the boys wanted to spend more time with folks in the photo ops line and it really showed. I've never seen them goof around or give so much attention to us. It was wonderful! And this was also the first time I never felt rushed going through the autograph line with the boys. It wasn't just "Hey, how are you?" get your item signed and move along. The boys were so chatty this time! It was the best experience I've had with them, honestly.

I'd also like to say how friendly and helpful the staff was at the con. At all the others I've been to the staff is a bunch of jerks, especially at Chicago. But at Vancouver (with the exception of one woman who is always cold and snotty) everyone was great! They didn't treat us like cattle and yell and shout, but asked us politely to do things. And if you had a question they actually helped you! I had a huge issue with my second J2 photo op ticket but they kept hunting down the right person until it was straightened out. So kudos to the staff and those hard-working volunteers. :-)

So...who's going to VancouverCon next year? I've got seat E20!


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