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Okay, one more thing before I leave for California. [ profile] sen1995, this one's for you! I thought I'd make something a bit bigger than an icon with it. :-)

And I'm not apologizing for the size because, c'mon, it's JENSEN. On a MINI BIKE. :-)

The banner is yours for the taking, guys. Have fun with it. :-)

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Happy Friday, everyone!

Spent yesterday working on a new manip that I wanted to share with all of you. I envisioned Sam/Dean as I was creating this, but it could work for Jensen/Jared as well. :-)

Contains nudity!

Light and Shadow - by [ profile] agt_spooky

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Happy Monday, everyone!

I spent a bit of my weekend making a new manip and I wanted to share it with all of you. :-)


Jensen Ackles - Texas Boy - by [ profile] agt_spooky

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Happy Friday, everyone!

I had fun with Photoshop again last night, creating another Jensen/Jared manip. Maybe this is what they'll be doing this weekend. :-)

Work safe, no nudity, just bare chests. Enjoy!

Click on the thumbnail for the full size version.

Lazy Day by [ profile] agt_spooky

Lazy Day
by ~agtspooky on deviantART

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Morning, guys!

I had some fun with another Jensen/Jared manip last night, using some Photoshop filters this time.

Work safe, no nudity, just two sweet boys. :-)

I give you The Beginning of Love by [ profile] agt_spooky

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I made this manip yesterday for [ profile] amber2212, from a photo she posted on her LJ. She wanted to know if anyone could put Jensen's head on the body. And when I saw the yummy photo I had to give it a shot. :-)

I give you Slippery When Wet by [ profile] agt_spooky

No nudity, but lots and LOTS of skin. :-)

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Oh man, I completely forgot to mention in my previous post about MediaWest, about the art show!

I haven't entered any art for four or five years now. But because we weren't selling out of our room, I had time to create some pieces.

I ended up having eight pieces in the show. Seven of them sold and three of them went to auction! Rockin'! I ended up making some good money, which was great. :-) ([ profile] renegade782003 and [ profile] jensenrick - glad you guys won two of mine!)

I don't normally go to the art auction on Sunday night unless there's a piece that I want. But the three that I wanted I ended up getting for almost minimum bid. But I saw the list and that all three of my pieces that went to auction were in the first three groups. I was curious as to how they'd do, so I went to the auction with several of my friends and a bunch more of my friends were sitting in front of us.

And it was only because we were there at the start of the auction that we heard the art show awards being announced. I wasn't really paying all that close attention, chatting with [ profile] charityflint and [ profile] mayphoenix, when suddenly I heard:

"And for BEST HORROR, the winner is Saving Dean, by Barbara Nice-Miller."

I truly wish someone could've caught the stunned look on my face as my jaw dropped and all of my friends burst into applause and started hugging me. I honestly couldn't believe I'd won something! Here I haven't entered art in like, five years and my first year back and I win!

I do have to shake my head at the category for which I won, because I honestly don't think the art was that scary! LOL!

In case you're curious, here's the piece that won:

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So I was organizing some of my Supernatural photos the other day, and I came across that fantastic picture that [ profile] shannenb took at the first Chicago Creation con breakfast. I love that picture to death. The looks on Jensen and Jared's faces are priceless. But I was always bugged about that darn microphone in the way of Jensen's face.

So I decided to get rid of it. :-)

And here's the result!

This was the original:

What do you guys think? Feel free to snag the revised version. :-)
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I was bitten by the art bug again, and this time it's Jensen's turn!

Jensen: The Sexy Texan by [ profile] agt_spooky

Here's a teaser, then click on the cut below for the full size image...

The Sexy Texan - safe for work - just Jensen looking hot )
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This "Daily Hunk" calendar I've got is turning out to be a riot! A couple weeks ago there was a "Jared" and then last week we have a "Dean". :-) So of course, just like the "Jared" one, I had to put on the real Dean's head. *g*

I give you...

Dean: The Daily Hunk by [ profile] agt_spooky

I'm telling you, if there ends up being a "Sam" and a "Jensen" in this calendar I'm really gonna lose it! LOL!
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Look at me, being all artsy two days in a row. :-) This time it's a Jensen/Jared manip.

Yours...Forever by [ profile] agt_spooky on the cut for the full size manip

Yours Forever - safe for work - rated PG for cuddly boys )
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So I've got this page-a-day calendar called The Daily Hunk. What? Yes, I'm shallow and I like to look at photos of pretty men all day while I'm at work. So sue me. :-)

Anyway...I nearly busted a gut laughing last week when what appears but a guy called JARED on FRIDAY THE 13TH. I mean seriously, what are the chances?? LOL!

So of course I had to cut off the wrong Jared's head and put on the RIGHT Jared's head. ;-)

I give you...

Jared: The Daily Hunk by [ profile] agt_spooky 

Oh baby, I'll be your traveling companion ANY day!  :-)

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So I got creative yesterday and decided to do a Jensen/Jared or Sam/Dean (whatever way you'd like to take it!) manip and share it with all of you. Enjoy!

Embrace - by [ profile] agt_spooky

Click on the cut below the thumbnail for the full size version.

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So I had a little fun with Photoshop, a cowboy and Jensen this morning and thought I'd share with you the final result. Feel free to take and use!

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