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Hey all my fellow Sentinel fans!

Wanted to let you guys know that I received our personal photo yesterday of Sabre the black leopard at Big Cat Rescue, made out to "Fans of The Sentinel".  My goodness Sabre is a handsome devil! Jim would be proud. :-)

Thank you again to everyone who donated to this wonderful cause!

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Hi folks!

For everyone who was at my Sentinel party at MediaWest - I've just returned from Florida, and the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary, where I presented them with the money that we collected.

We are now the proud sponsor of Sabre, one of their black leopards!

I'll be receiving a personalized photo of Sabre made out to "Fans of The Sentinel". I'll be sure to post it when I get it.

In the meantime, here's some information on him:

Sabre was 3 years old when he arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 7/20/95. Though he was only supposed to be here temporarily, his former owner moved and left no forwarding address.

This could have been another sad ending as most are in the exotic pet world. Luckily, we had taken Sabre in and he will have a home here for life. He is very playful and fun loving and always has a mischievous look on his face. He loves to act very silly, running about his cat-a-tat and jumping on top of his mountain den.

Sabre, like many of our cats, has been relocated to new cat-a-tats a few times.  The change of scenery and new neighbors to interact with provide another form of enrichment for our big cats.  Sabre has enjoyed the time he has spent among other cougars, tigers, leopards and bobcats.  The only thing Sabre probably hasn’t enjoyed is his recent neutering.  But now he is back to his old energetic self loving his new location.

Thank you again to all of you who donated to this wonderful cause!
- Barb
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I'm happy to say that my Sentinel party at MediaWest last night was a HUGE success! It was standing room only for the two hours. I had between 25-35 people there. I had about 12 door prizes to give away, we watched Glorug's songvids, the bloopers and played three games (Blair's Bozo Buckets, Pin the Fish on the Red Heron poster and a trivia game). All the games were a RIOT. Everyone (including the audience) had such fun! I was really nervous no one would show up, but us Sentinel fans are still passionate about this show, 20 years later!

Many thanks to Tami for the use of her suite for the party and to Annie and my parnter-in-crime, charityflint for their invaluable help.

Oh! And we raised $120 for the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida!

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Well be still my beating heart! According to we long-suffering Sentinel fans may FINALLY be getting our wish of seeing seasons 2-4 released on DVD!

The Sentinel -At Last, There Are New DVD Plans for The Popular Early-UPN-Era Show

No specific release date yet, but VEI expects to release it before the end of 2015

Posted by David Lambert
Visual Entertainment, Inc. (VEI) is well-known in North America for TV-DVD releases (in both the USA and Canada) of some highly acclaimed television shows, including Cagney & Lacey, The Equalizer, Nash Bridges, Hell's Kitchen, Diagnosis Murder, McMillan and Wife, In Search Of..., The Mod Squad,John Byner's Bizarre, (Chef Gordon) Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, and many more. Now the Toronto-based studio is announcing that in the 3rd and 4th Quarters of 2015they are releasing a huge slate of new TV-DVDs, and one of the classic television programs included in that slate will be The Sentinel:
    One of the most original and intriguing TV seriesto hit the airways. Starring Richard Burgi as James Ellison a former Special Forces soldier who acquired ultra-sensitive powers during a tribal ritual on his last mission in the Peruvian jungle. Powers that he now puts to very good use in his new war...the war on crime.
This show is just ONE item taken from a very impressive list of 12 named shows (see our eleven other news posts today for those items). NOTE that specific release dates have NOT BEEN SET so far...nor do we have details or package art at this time, either; just the heads-up to expect this release during the second half of the year. Also, VEI's president, Jeff Sprigg, notes that there are " Many More Releases Coming!"

The Sentinelaired on UPN starting in 1996 (roughly a year after the network was born). It was created by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo, the same two people behind the original 1990 series The Flash. Richard Burgi starred as "Jim Ellison," in a show that lasted for 4 seasons. A long time ago, in 2006, Paramount released The Complete 1st Seasonon DVD...but never continued with the releases, and that first season set has since gone out of print. Now, at long last, perhaps fans can hope to get the remaining episodes on DVD

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Was watching an episode of The Sentinel yesterday from 1996 and I'd nearly forgotten that Lucifer himself, Mark Pellegrino was in it! Look at that hair! LOL! He actually played a really good psycho character named Ray Weston that beat the crap out of the hero, Jim Ellison, which didn't happen very often.

If I ever get to see Mark at another convention I should bring this picture to show him. :-)

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A huge thank you to [ profile] pattrose for writing me a Sentinel birthday fic. It was so sweet of you to do that for me! My birthday and Christmas go hand in hand, so this story wins at both. :-)  And bonus points for getting the "Nice" part of my last name in the title!

If you'd like to read "A Nice Surprise" head on over to AO3:

card pic
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Always loved this episode because it was patterned after Shoot to Kill, the great Sidney Poitier/Tom Berenger film.

Does Blair look gorgeous in this entire episode or what?

Sorry, Jim, no golfing on this vacation! Aww, good for Blair, wanting Jim to take some time off - communing with nature. At a monastery. :-) And really, I don't see Jim as a golfer, do you? I don't think he has the patience for it. Like Blair says next season - "You have the attention span of a gerbil"

Love that they're sharing the same room. ;-)

"Did you just make a date? In a monastery?"

And Jim loses his radio, too. "Maybe he's a Sentinel monk." - Ha!

Aww! Family reunion! Garett and his dad, Brandon. :-)

No elbows on the table, Jim! Is Jim's "prayer" awesome or what? "Thank you for the chili" Hee!

The basketball scene is great! So nice to see Jim and Blair goofing around and having fun. :-)

Poor Brother Timothy. :-( I still think it's strange that he wouldn't have hit the trip wire on the way up, you know? So much for a relaxing vacation for Sentinel and Guide.

Sorry, but that shot with Jim crouching on the stairs and the camera looking between Blair's legs? Mmmm….yeah. ;-)

Major lack of personal space between Jim and Blair in this episode. Love it.

That's a very unique way of making a bomb - injecting kerosene into a lightbulb.

Aww, no, Brother Christopher! I really liked him. :-(

I don't blame Blair for feeling betrayed by Brother Marcus. How awesome the monks rallied around Marcus and said they were all Jackie Kosinski. Brilliant move.

"Brother Anthony" got as much gas on himself as he did on the church! At least Jim couldn't drop his gun because he couldn't use it anyway. ;-)

I know I've mentioned the soundtrack before and again, the music in this episode is great - when the bad guys are chasing Jim and Blair around the monastery and the monks are upstairs praying. Beautiful music.

Loved Blair's heartfelt reaction when he thought Marcus was dead, with Jim having to hold him back physically.

"Vow of silence? Me? It's not possible." You can say that again, Blair! LOL!

"Maybe Vegas?" - "Sin city?" - "I was going to ask Brother Theodore to bless my dice."

And that wraps up season one! Thanks for "watching" along with me!

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aka Where Jim listens to his little head instead of his big one

We were talking about the revolving door of Vancouver actors - the two older guys who had been robbed had both been on X-Files.

Yay! It's Jason Carter! Absolutely loved him on Babylon 5. I met him a couple years ago and he was a riot! Great guy. He even talked to me about filming TS.

Blair all bouncy excited that something new is going on with Jim's senses. So cute!

Danny Bilson must really have a thing for red-headed women. I lost count how many redheads were on the show.

And Jim with his hair fetish! Every time he's with a woman he's got his hands running through her hair. (Bet he does the same with Blair's curls *g*)

"Trust me" - "Coming from you those are the two scariest words in the English language"

I thought it was kinda cool that Jim's senses could pick up something as intangible as human pheromones.

Love how Blair just helps himself to the appetizers at the party.

Jim, Jim. Making out in the coat closet like a teenager. And how did Blair know to go looking for him there?

Damn, that was one lucky woman, getting to roll around on the bed with a half naked Richard Burgi. :-)

Blair looking all cute with his hair pulled back and his glasses on. And he just follows Jim upstairs as Jim's changing his clothes. Love that they have no personal space! And man, Jim looks hot in that grey tank top.

Smart and sexy Blair figuring out what's going on with Jim's senses with the pheromones. Glad he was sympathetic to what Jim was going through, that he couldn't control his reactions.

Oh no! Jason Carter blown up in a car bomb! This show loved to blow things up.

Loved the view from the top of the roof. Ah, Vancouver, you're a beautiful city.

Poor Jim. Duped by a pretty woman. See, this is why you should stick with Blair. ;-)

I'm taking a few days off for Thanksgiving, so tune in on Monday for the season one finale, Sleeping Beauty!

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aka both Jim and Blair have woman troubles and should realize they're better off together

Love the beginning conversation between Jim and Blair in the car, about Jim's eating habits. "Why don't you shoot the lard straight into your veins, Jim?" Loved Blair's car, the Corvair. Between Jim's F150 and this - why did they eventually have to destroy them both? :-(

Look! Jim dropped his gun! LOL!

Blair to the rescue with the firehose! Again proving you don't need a gun to take down the bad guys. And how completely pumped he is afterwards, bouncing around! Hee!

Oh Blair, see this is what got you in trouble, thinking with your little brain instead of your big brain. [shakes head] (as a shallow aside, Blair looks gorgeous in that red and black plaid jacket)

Blair's "office" is such an extension of himself. :-) And we get a glimpse into Blair's anthropological life, traveling all over, living with different tribes. And showing off his knowledge of South American art, too. His intellect is what I always admired about Blair. He wasn't just some sidekick.

Jim, what did you think was going to happen when you asked Blair to "watch" a gorgeous girl like Maya? Like putting a fox in the hen house.

Ah, again with the soundtrack here with "Blair's Love Theme". Gorgeous piece of music.

And here comes the showdown between Maya and Blair that was inevitable. How did Blair think this was going to end? And really Blair, she's a complete airhead. Stick with Jim.

Blair shouldn't be upset with Jim. He didn't tell Blair to fall for Maya. Love how Jim just stops messing with that little thing he's holding when Blair says he's falling in love with Maya. Is that a telling reaction, or what, says my little slashy heart. :-)

Wasn't Blair just captured and tied up a couple of episodes ago?

Liked this glimpse into Jim's past - his story about when he was a rookie just out of the academy, losing his friend Delgado.

"Nobody moves until I give the word. We spook Vargas and we get Sandburg killed." Jim's on his way, Chief!

The end scene always breaks my heart. Even though Blair got himself into this situation that he knew could never end well he did truly like Maya and he's hurting. Love that Jim tries to do what he can for Blair, that he understands. Noodles = Love

Tune in tomorrow for Attraction! Where it's Jim's turn to have women problems! When will these guys learn? :-)

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Another of my favorite episodes! - aka a Guide is born

Blair and his sensory tests - loved seeing him do things like this (Salt, sugar, vanilla extract - bad milk)

Jim would rather have root canal but he helps out Blair by giving a guest lecture anyway. Aww! Really nice to see Blair in action as a teacher.

Brackett was another bad guy I really liked because he was smart. Did his research on Jim AND Blair. He knows that Jim is a Sentinel. Has kept an eye on Jim's career since he came back from Peru and on Blair's career also since he wrote a paper on primitive Sentinels.

Loved Jim and Blair putting their arms around each other, helping each other as they got away from the tear gas in the lecture hall.

How strange I'm watching this now and the episode is about the ebola virus.

"You're his Guide so to speak" - and there you have it! Blair's official title and other half of the partnership. :-)

Jack Kelso - another character I really liked. Great insight into the CIA and Brackett. I'm glad they bring him back in another episode.

More of Blair pushing Jim to use his senses, making him think and learn. The role of a Guide! Loved Blair's reaction when Jim touched his tongue to the chili pepper. LOL!

Oops, Blair you almost blew it with Carolyn with your comment about the metallic taste in the mud! Even he's forgetting that Jim's abilities aren't normal.

(As an aside, I've got a duplicate of Jim's badge, a gift from Danny Bilson)

"I'll take the wire in your pants. Unless you want me to have Mr. Sandburg get it out for you." Whoa! Even Brackett can see the subtext between them!

Love Jim using his sense of hearing to get them across the bridge, again guided by Blair. And then Blair's voice bringing Jim back from his zone out. Then Blair telling Jim to use his sense of touch to beat the combination lock. With smell and taste earlier we used all 5 senses in this episode!

Nice fight scene on top of the plane with Jim and Brackett. Glad Jim didn't bother with his gun. He'd have dropped it anyway. ;-) And then Jim just turns and punches Brackett out after they disarmed the bomb. Ha!

Jim thinks he's going to get lucky with the CDC woman and instead it's Blair she's after! Ha! Smart is sexy! "I guess that ol' Ellison charm is slipping". Nice, Carolyn!

Tune in tomorrow for Love and Guns!

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This is another of my favorite episodes, in part because of the infamous "SenQuil" cold medicine it introduced, which even inspired an actual TV commercial on UPN!

OMG, Blair dancing and banging on the drum trying to help Jim kick his cold - "sonic antihistamine" and his "stew" of twigs cooking on the stove. "Any illegal substances?" LOL! Gives Blair his used kleenex - "Here hold this." Gross! LOL!

TS always had a thing with big vehicles - helicopters, buses, trains

If they were supposed to have a whole car to themselves why not one at the back of the train that could be closed off so other passengers couldn't walk through it?

Oh Blair, smitten by another pretty face. [shakes head] And Jim makes sure to move him away and handcuff him to the witness, then instead of sitting in the comfortable seat next to her, perches next to Blair. Territorial a bit there, Jim? Ha!

"Don't you think we should have some kind of secret password?" - "Why don't you say 'Who is it?' and I'll say 'Ellison' and then you open the door." LOL!

Jim refuses Blair's natural remedies and then ends up taking a chemical cold medicine. SenQuil to the rescue! Or not, eh? See, Jim, you should've listened to Blair! Great special effects here as Jim's senses go haywire. Love Blair's response when Jim describes what's going on with his senses - "Sounds like menopause" - LOL Blair!

Second time Jim hands Blair his gun. I wonder if Blair could've really pulled the trigger. I say no, which is why he wouldn't be cut out to be a cop. But that's a discussion for season four. :-)

We're seriously supposed to believe that Jim could've fallen out the train's window and grabbed onto a chain underneath it and hooked his legs around it? And then somehow pull himself along underneath it? Yeah, there's some suspension of disbelief right there!

LOVED seeing the flashback of Blair testing Jim's senses with his homemade contraption. I wish we'd seen more of this during the series. Blair very much in "Guide" mode. And I'm glad Jim remembers what Blair taught him and uses it.

"I got it for my Bar Mitzvah". I think that was a throwaway line that ended up taking on a life of its own in fandom.

Again with the good stunt work on the show as "Jim" hops from the car onto the train.

"Together you guys have everything I've been searching for in a man. Now if I could just find THAT man" - sorry, sweetheart, these guys are already spoken for. :-)

Touchy-feely at the end there, Jim! You really do love patting Blair on the face, don't you? Hee!

Tune in Monday for Rogue where the "Guide" was born!

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Cypher is absolutely one of my most favorite episodes! I've watched this one over and over again. I just love it when a character is in peril and the other one is frantically searching for him. Not to mention this ep had one of the best bad guys ever.

We get our first instance of the Cascade Jags basketball team on the show, which later becomes a big thing, the focus of two episodes.

I always wondered if Jim's call sign (the only time we ever hear it in the series) 1 Zebra 1 was a nod to Starsky and Hutch (Zebra 3)

I liked Blair's very realistic reaction to seeing the naked dead woman's body in the bathtub and the flashbacks he has. He's really affected by what he saw as anyone would be seeing a dead body for the first time.

Blair has made himself quite comfortable in Jim's place, already having a girl over! LOL!

Blair is learning the hard way how it is to be a cop - "I'm just supposed to check my humanity at the door?" - "If your emotions are in the way you're useless." - Harsh, but true.

Glad Jim defends Blair that he's not the one leaking the info to the press.

Poor Blair, getting all excited he found the killer, making a spectacle of himself at the funeral, blowing the whole thing. Rookie mistake!

Great car chase! Love the music! Awesome stuntman jumping from the Burrard Street bridge.

Again Jim defending Blair when Simon tells him to cut Blair loose. "You really trust this kid?" "Yeah, I do." DAMN STRAIGHT YOU DO, JIM!

Enter one of the best villains on TS - David Lash!

And of course Blair does just the opposite of what Jim says and goes to Club Doom. Holy crap he looks SO hot in that blue shirt that makes his blue eyes just pop.

Way to go Blair, figuring out the whole thing - that the killer trades places with his victims, but unfortunately that puts him squarely on Lash's radar.

Third time we get a glimpse of Henri Brown in this ep though he hasn't been introduced as a character yet.

Dun-dun-dun! Doctor Bates is actually David Lash! Which I thought was actually a pretty cool twist.
Holy cow, how creepy is Lash's father? Not to mention his mother! Gee, no wonder Lash turned out the way he did! Poor dead Homer the duck. :-( "The boy was a devil. I was hoping she would kill him" Yikes!

Nice way to insult Christine there, Blair. You really don't have a way with women. Stick with Jim. ;-)
Love how frantic Jim is when he gets to the loft and realizes Blair's been kidnapped and he's going to be Lash's next victim. "Sandburg's life is at stake!"

OMG, could Lash's "lair" be any more creepy? Not to mention Dennis Christopher's performance as Lash from this point forward. Psychotic!

Blair is scared but also angry and defiant. Not going down without a fight. Loved Blair taunting Lash - "You think you can be me? You can't be me" getting him all flustered "I know more about you. Poor little Homer. Why'd you kill your brother?"

Jim to the rescue! Or not! And there goes his gun again! Wait, he's learned from his mistakes and he's got a backup gun! But wait! He drops that one, too! LOL!

I was sorry to see Lash die. I think he'd have been a great villain to bring back, if he escaped from jail.
I like it that Jim praises Blair for how he handled himself while being kidnapped.

The famous BLESSED PROTECTOR line that fandom latched onto like a leech. :-)

Speaking of infamous dialogue...
"I've been thinking about getting a Cascade PD insignia tattooed right on my chest"
"Above the nipple ring?"
"How'd you know about that?" Yes, Jim how DID you know about that?? The slash just writes itself on this show!

So yeah, SO MUCH to love about this episode.

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Yep, this is the episode where us slash fans rejoiced. Just four episodes in and they start living together! It's canon! LOL!

But let's start off with Larry the Barbary ape. Ah, Blair, only you would be studying the effects of television violence on primates. [snort] And really, how cute was Larry all snuggled up against Jim, eating popcorn? Hee!

See, we really needed to get Blair out of where he was living anyway, above a drug lab, for crying out loud. Yes, he gets 10,000 square feet for only $850/month but the rats are the size of small dogs! So it's Jim to the rescue! "One week and I'll be out of your hair". Uh-uh. And four years later they're still living together. :-)

Love the scene where Jim discovers Larry has completely trashed his loft, then escaped. Mainly because I think Blair looks amazing in that sweater. Who me, shallow? ;-)

Didn't take long for us to have our first "domestic" scene the very next morning with Blair making Jim breakfast. "Scrambled firm, just the way you like it." Then Jim calling the breakfast a "courtship ritual". [ahem] No comment. ;-)

Even though Blair looks like a flake with his long hair, earrings and colorful clothing he's actually an incredibly intelligent guy. I'm glad that he gets to prove he's an asset to Jim here by giving his insight into gang violence thanks to his anthropology studies.

Love Blair in his suit and glasses and his hair pulled back, rallying the senior citizens to take a stand against the gang members. He just keeps proving he's pretty fearless!

Here's a blooper for you - Jim drops his gun (shocker!) as he's thrown off the roof of the moving truck, but somehow has it back in his hands as he hits the ground and rolls over. :-)

The ending of the ep is classic - Jim getting a phone call that Larry busted BACK into Jim's loft -
"What's he doing?"
"He's watching TV"
"What program?"
Ha! Blair!

Tune in tomorrow for one of my all time favorite episodes - Cypher

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I have to admit this wasn't one of my favorite episodes. Not that it was OMG awful or anything. It was just kinda "meh". But there were a few highlights of course:

Our first experience of when Jim's senses go wrong and start shutting down, due to the stress and anxiety of his friend's death. Blair likens it to PTSD.

We find out that Blair is anti-gun and refuses to "go around packing"

As an aside, I really liked the Sentinel soundtrack throughout the entire series. Loved the music in the scene with Jim and Beverly in Jim's loft. Very pretty.

Jim gets caught up in his senses for the first time not even thinking a normal person couldn't see what he did. Which becomes a running theme in the series "You didn't (see, hear, smell) that?" No, Jim, we don't have heightened senses! LOL!

Nice continuity with the patch over the bullet hole in Blair's jacket that he got in the previous episode.

Had to laugh that the guy Jim and Blair go to talk to in his garage will later be brought back to play Jim's cousin Rucker.

Woot! Go Blair busting into Beverly's apartment and saving her!

And we have the first instance of Jim's dropped gun, which becomes the BIGGEST running joke over the next four seasons. He's unable to ever hang on to it! Ever! He needs a bungie cord on that thing!

Tune in tomorrow for The Debt! (aka Jim and Blair start living together!)

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Or as I lovingly refer to it as - An episode of tall tales, one "obfuscation" after another. You needed a score card to keep track of all the lies going on in this one!

Let's see, there's the made-up story of why Blair wants to tag along with Jim, added onto by Jim saying that Blair is his cousin's kid and that his mom called begging him to help. (Which completely contradicts the latter seasons when you find out that Jim's mom has been gone since he was a kid)

Already we're seeing that the Cascade PD building is the most un-secure police department EVER. Geez, how many times in the course of the show did the bad guys get in the building and take over?? LOL!

This was before the days of cell phones being common (and they were as big as a brick) so things weren't as easy to get done when you couldn't call someone or look things up on the internet. I actually miss that in TV shows now - effort being put into an investigation, etc. instead of reaching for a phone.

Oh man, I LOVE Jim's Ford F150 truck SO much. It was just so….him. I mourned its loss in season two. [sniff]

Can we give props to Blair Sandburg for taking out not one, but TWO bad guys without a gun or throwing a punch? Who knew that a bathroom door and a vending machine could be so deadly! LOL!

Mmm…Jim is damn sexy in that grey t-shirt and kevlar vest. I'm just sayin'. ;-)

Ah, the famous rocket launcher scene that really did blow out about a hundred windows in downtown Vancouver. Watch closely and you'll see them shake from the explosion. The TS crew was in big trouble after that!

And here's another lie for you - "I'm Lieutenant Sandburg. Narcotics." Actually good call, Blair, with your long hair and wacky clothes. You'd fit right in!

Let's not forget one of the funniest bloopers that happens in this episode - Simon enters the stairwell with a revolver. Goes up the stairs and he's got an assault rifle. Gets to the top of the stairs and he's got the revolver again. Ha!

Oh look! There's Danny Bilson's favorite toy! A helicopter! Try having a drinking game to TS whenever you see a helicopter. You'll be under the table in no time!

And let's end the episode with yet another tall tale! "I flew Apaches in Desert Storm!" But again, nice job thinking on your feet, Blair. And you inspired a zillion fanfic stories from that one line. :-)

Did anyone else wonder when everyone found out that Blair took out those two perps single-handedly?

Gotta love the last line of the episode - "This wasn't like, a typical day for you was it?" LOL! Oh Blair, you have no idea the wild ride you're in for!

Tune in on Monday for a rewatch of Killers!

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With Richard Burgi's new movie Fatal Instinct having just come out I was feeling nostalgic and grabbed my Sentinel DVDs and popped in Switchman last night.

My GOD, I still love this show. It's been EIGHTEEN YEARS since it was first on and it feels like yesterday. I still know all the dialogue! LOL!

TS will always, always have a special place in my heart, for so many reasons. First, it was truly my very first fandom. I'd been involved in X-Files and that's where I got my start writing fanfic. But there wasn't ever a sense of…community there, on the newsgroups. But I have to thank X-Files because if it wasn't for that show I'd never have read my first piece of TS fanfic, which was a crossover with XF.

And then the heavens opened. LOL! I was so far down the rabbit hole with TS before I even blinked. To this day I've never been so heavily involved and invested in a fandom. Even Supernatural, that I've watched for the last 10 years. There was just something about Jim and Blair and their relationship that spoke to me. I've always been such a sucker for buddy-buddy shows and TS had it in spades. And the premise of the show itself was just so unique and different from anything else on.

I honestly spent the best four years of my life immersed in this show and the fandom. I wrote more fanfic than I ever had. I traveled to Canada for the very first time for a convention. I met friends in 1996 who are still my best friends to this day. I helped coordinate and raise over $15,000 for a fan campaign that brought TS back from cancelation. It doesn't get much better than that. :-)

I'm hoping to watch one ep a day and post a few thoughts on it.

So what was to love about Switchman? Well it's where it all began! Uptight Jim, goofy Blair, heightened senses, a zillion things blowing up, "Chief", a Sentinel finding his Guide, the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And more, if you're a die-hard Jim//Blair slasher like I am. ;-)

If you've never seen The Sentinel and you're a buddy-buddy fan you've no idea what you're missing. Go find season one on DVD (it's the only season they ever put out). Then if you like what you saw, come see me for the other three seasons. :-)
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Cross posted from [ profile] ts_news

Do you realize that it's been almost TWENTY YEARS since The Sentinel first aired on TV? That's right - March 20, 2016 will mark the TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY of the first appearance of Jim and Blair and the show we all love. That's a little more than two years away!

We were talking about this in our weekly TS chat, and we thought that it would be awesome to do something - maybe several things - to celebrate the TS fandom and how long it's been going. We tossed around several ideas - a convention, maybe with Richard, Bruce, Garett, Danny, and/or Paul; a fan meet-up; a special challenge around the twentieth anniversary; a site with fanworks dedicated to our excellent long-lived fandom...

And then we figured that the first step might be to figure out if/how many people were interested in those sorts of things, because that would help us decide where to focus our energy.

So, if you're a TS fan now or you've ever been a TS fan, please fill out this poll:

And please forward this link to any person and any lists that you think might be interested!


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I had the most surreal experience on Twitter yesterday. I follow Russ Hamilton, the locations guy for SPN. I nearly fell out of my chair yesterday when he sends a message to RICHARD BURGI. As many of you know, I'm a huge The Sentinel fan. So my jaw just dropped. I never remember hearing Russ's name associated with Sentinel back in the day. But apparently he worked for the show in some way!

Here was their exchange:

My brain couldn't process it! LOL!

And then I got to thinking….and hoping….that maybe Russ could get Richard a guest spot on SPN next year, now that they're in touch with each other again. OMG, that would be freaking amazing. I'd die if Richard shared the same screen with Jensen. :-) So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Hey all you Sentinel fans on my flist! This hysterical Oreo commercial popped up on another TS list I'm on and I had to share it here, too. Looks like Garett filmed this a couple years ago, but I've never seen it before. Watch and laugh!

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Hey all you Sentinel fans on my flist! Raise your hand if you watched Richard in Super Eruption on SyFy over the weekend. Uh-huh, so did I. :-)

PLEASE tell me I wasn't the only one who laughed themselves silly at the very first scene, when Richard's character jumps out of the plane and parachutes down. I kept yelling at the TV - "Flight! Flight! Richard's having flashbacks!" and then it got even better! He starts yelling someone's name as he approaches the plane and my husband goes, "Is he yelling 'Blair'??"  LOL!!  Turns out it was "Claire" but we both swore he was yelling for his Guide. :-)

But wait! There's more Sentinel flashbacks in store for Richard - when he and the woman start putting on those silver flame retardant suits I started yelling, "Light My Fire! It's Light My Fire!" LOL!!

Man, if only Garett had made a cameo in this as one of the stranded tourists it would've been freaking perfect. :-)

In the end I was just glad that Richard really was the male star of this movie, even if the concept of the movie was totally ridiculous. *g*  Richard is a great actor and I'm always glad to see him pop up as a guest star (like on the upcoming The Glades this Sunday) but it's much better when he's on screen for more than 10 minutes.

I still miss The Sentinel. Hard to believe It's been 12 years since it went off the air. Hmm....wonder if the boys would be up for a 15 year reunion?  :-)


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