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Holy shit, could the two of them be more SMOKIN' HOT??
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It's about time that Supernatural and the boys get a new photo shoot!

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Supernatural Scoop: Misha Collins to Return as Series Regular for Season 9

The angels have answered your prayers, Supernatural fans.

Misha Collins will return to the CW series as a series regular next season (the show’s ninth).

In addition to reprising his role as the heavenly angel Castiel, Collins will direct an episode as well.

Collins made his debut as Cas in the Season 4 premiere and was promoted to regular cast member the following year. He was then taken off contract at the end of Season 6, but still continued to recur.

The CW recently gave an early renewal order to the long-running series.


More Misha AND he gets to direct?? SWEET!

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Hey folks! From comes a spoilery interview with Misha! Enjoy!

It was actually a little bit spooky the extent to which it felt like I had never left. )
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Here's a neat little video blurb that Jared just did for TV Guide:

And speaking of TV Guide, here's an article that was in this week's issue. Click on the thumbnail for a larger, readable version:

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From E!Online:

First Look: Supernatural Fan Favorite Misha Collins Stirs Up Trouble With Sarah Michelle Gellar on Ringer!

Misha Collins 

He's hot enough to have caused a fan uproar on Supernatural when he left the show. And now, Misha Collins is back on your TV. And teaming up with Buffy Summers! Talk about some cult TV goodness.

Misha is returning to Supernatural as the fan favorite Castiel later this season, but first he'll be making a stop in New York City to stir up some trouble for Sarah Michelle Gellar & Co. on the CW's Ringer. And we've got your exclusive first look...


Is someone making a play for Bridget (Gellar)?! Seems like Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) better watch out because he's about to get some competition.

Collins will appear in Ringer's Feb. 21 episode as Dylan, a man who plays an important part of both sisters' past. Judging by the flowers he's carrying, it seems like he may have more on his mind than just catching up and reminiscing about the good ol' days.

Curiously enough, the episode description says the rift between Bridget and Siobhan will be revealed. Hey, if you're going to let a man come in between you and your twin sister, he might as well look like Collins!


Man, I've missed Misha SO damn much. I've never watched Ringer but I will for him! Hmmm....wonder what kind of ratings that ep will get with him guest starring. :-)
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So I've gotta ask 'cause I'm curious - who else here on my flist signed up for the insanity that is Misha's GISHWHES challenge?

I've got a bunch of very enthusiastic gals on my team and we've already submitted several things, but holy crap that list of items is nuts! Then again this IS Misha we're talking about, so what was I expecting? :-)

Now you'll have to excuse me. I've got a pile of gummy bears in the shape of a landmark calling my name. And also a plunger. *g*

Good luck to everyone!
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Guess who I won a meet and greet with at the SPN Chicago con? Yep, it'd be this freaking awesome man right here! Woot!

I was on pins and needles yesterday when the auction was ending. I tried  multiple times to win a spot at his M&G in Vancouver, but when it  went up to $650 I had to drop out. The final price for Chicago was much more reasonable. I am SO excited!! I have a feeling this is an hour that I'm not going to forget. :-)
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OMG, have you guys seen this vid from Asylum 6? I am SO glad someone asked Jared about that prank Misha played on him by putting all of that change (over 100,000 coins!) in Jared's trailer. All we'd seen were the pics, now we get the full HILARIOUS story. I laughed and laughed. It really does thrill me to no end that all three of the guys get along so well and can be this silly and goofy with each other. :-)

When Jared described himself as a gargantuan moose-man I nearly fell off my chair in hysterics. *g*

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Can I be the woman who gets to run her fingers through Misha's hair? Pretty please?

And people wonder why I want to become a professional photographer. Yeaaaah, this would be why. :-)

Many thanks to [ profile] andreas_ri for the vid!
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Hey guys!

Check out this great new spoilery interview with Misha over at

I think the title sums it up: Misha Collins on Showdowns, Jumping the Shark and Getting Laid [snerk]

It's both a print interview and a short video interview as well, and we all know how Misha loves to mess with people who are interviewing him! LOL!

Go check it out! I know I'm at least excited for stuff that's coming up involving Cas. :-)
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I just read over at the CW boards this morning that Misha and his wife are expecting their first baby in a month! Congrats to both of them!

Good lord, Misha as a father. LOL! That kid is going to have the best dad ever.  Well, unless he names the baby Castiel. ;-)


In other news, my bags are packed and I can hear San Francisco calling my name. I hope all of you have as much fun on Labor Day as I do, and I'll see all of you back here on September 13th.

If there's any awesome SPN/J2 news while I'm away, feel free to send me a PM and help keep me in the loop.

Bye, guys!!
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Misha Collins, I love you. Actually, make that I love you even more. Here's a man who has harnessed the power of his fans to do amazing things in the world. Watch this video and I challenge you to try and keep from getting a bit teary-eyed.

I'm going to pledge. Will YOU?  THE RANDOM ACT

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In case you haven't seen it yet, here's a bizarre video interview with Misha Collins, with Korbi from Zap2It. That girl is a space cadet, OMG! Misha is his usual hysterical self, and once again brings up Dean/Castiel fic. Gotta love him. :-) 

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Wow, my Chicago internet papers are all over Supernatural today! First Maureen Ryan and now Cool!

This time it's an interview with Misha, talking about Castiel and what's coming up for him in season five, and his connection to Chicago.


Misha Collins of Supernatural takes on Lucifer, call girls, Oprah )
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Hey folks!

Just a quick heads up that Misha's episode of NCIS, "Singled Out" will be repeating on the USA channel on Thursday, September 10th, at 8 pm EST.

I've never seen it, so I'm looking forward to seeing Misha. :-)
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So Misha crashed his bicycle. Going 55 mph.

This happened shortly before the ComicCon panel, but the info's just now getting out, courtesy of Misha's twitter. Obviously he sustained no really serious damage, as he was at the ComicCon panel, but still - scary stuff!

Unless you're Misha, who had a picture taken of himself in the ambulance. [shakes head] Only you, Misha!

Here's the link to the pic:

And here's part of an interview that Misha did in the pressroom at ComicCon, talking about the accident:

Misha gingerly worked his way over to our table, and we could tell he was in some pain. We all asked how he was. “Terrible, how are you?” Of course he was joking, but in a way he really meant it.

Why are you terrible?

MC: Well, I’ve been in the hospital. I crashed on my bicycle going about 55 mph.

(Something about it being stupid muttered in the background).

MC: You’re right, thank you, I haven’t gotten that reaction yet. “You are stupid.”

Were you wearing a helmet?

MC: I was. Still, crashing going 55 mph is stupid, in my opinion.

Only if you did it on purpose.

MC: No, I didn’t do it on purpose.

Are you a little banged up?

MC: I’m a little banged up. I just tore some muscles and I’m missing a lot of skin. My shirts are sticking to my scabs. Other than that…

Can you imagine the heart attack Misha probably gave Eric Kripke when he found out about the accident? :-) I think Misha's contract now has a "no bicycle" clause in it now! But really, how do you get going up to 55 mph on a bike? That must've been some hill he was going down!

And from the same interview, about pranks on the set:

We’ve actually heard of a lot of pranks on the set. Have you been the victim of a prank recently?

MC: We were shooting a scene last week where Jared and Jensen were standing on either side of a doorway and I had to walk between them to talk to Bobby. And uh every single time we shot, every time Jared did something to me as I was walking past him but right below where the camera would see so it just looks like I was fucking up (laughter). It would be he tripped me, he would grab my ass, he dug his thumb into my ribs, and I was just trying to keep it together (grits teeth), keep it together. So yeah, that’s kind of the tone, the ambient tone.

Jared GRABBED HIS ASS. LOL! I remember at the AHBL con Misha mentioned something about not having any pranks done to him. Guess you're a part of the SPN family now! LOL!
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So I got bored this morning and made myself a new header because Padackles is Love, baby!! ♥

[ profile] agt_spooky [ profile] agt_spooky [ profile] agt_spooky


Last night my best buddy [ profile] charityflint came over for some girl time. It's been a busy summer for both of us and we've barely seen each other, so it was great to just hang out.

One of the things we did after we got back from dinner was to watch the All Hell Breaks Loose convention DVD that I just got in the mail on Monday. We laughed ourselves silly as we watched Misha's Q&A session. What a nut! LOL! Man, I can't wait to finally meet him in person next month. :-) We watched Jared's Q&A as well and he was a goofball, too, getting the candy stuck in his teeth over and over again. Ha! And I loved him standing there drawing on that shirt. What an artist! ;-) Oh, and Charity and I thought Jared looked totally HOT in those cowboy boots. YUM!

I thought it was funny that when Misha was asked what character other than Castiel he'd like to play on SPN he instantly answered Dean. And then when Jared was asked if Sam could date any character on the show, who would it be, he instantly said Dean, too! ROTFL!! Ah, it's great to be Dean. :-)

I'm hoping to have time tonight to watch more of the DVD. Kudos to Hub Productions for taping the whole convention and then selling the DVD. Why can't Creation do the same, money hungry company that they are?

Speaking of the AHBL DVD, in case you missed it yesterday, I uploaded the three extra interviews with Misha, Jared and Jensen that were included on the DVD.

You can watch the vid here:

Or for download at MegaUpload (91.42 MB / .mp4):

Feel free to spread the links around. :-)



And speaking of Misha, are you following this crazy lunatic on Twitter? If not, YOU SHOULD BE because this man is freaking INSANE! LOL! I mean, his Minions even have their own website now! Check it out:

And check out his latest tweet, complete with picture:

mishacollins: I have many goats here on the steppe. Sometimes, in the summer, yoghurt is more plentiful than water. I bathe thus:



So I guess that's it from here for now. Have a good one, guys!
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Hey guys!

I finally got my DVD of the All Hell Breaks Loose convention, and I've uploaded the interviews with Misha, Jared and Jensen for all of you. It's all one file, as the interviews weren't broken down individually.

For download go to and enter this URL:



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