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Holy shit, could the two of them be more SMOKIN' HOT??
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I've been getting the strangest videos popping up on my Google feeds! This one surprised the heck out of me. I had NO idea that Jim Beaver was a guest star on Days of Our Lives when Jensen was on there. And they shared a few scenes together! I wonder if they remembered one another all those years later when Jim was cast on Supernatural. :-)

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For some reason this video popped up in my Google alert for Jensen yesterday. I hadn't seen this clip in ages and baby!Jensen from 1998 just makes me smile so I thought I'd share it with all of you!

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Many thanks to [ profile] maguie for sharing this! It's our first snippet of Jensen singing on Jason Mann's "Christmas with Friends" CD that comes out in December. OMG, after hearing this I cannot WAIT! Jensen's voice is so freaking amazing.


Pre-order the CD here:
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I thought this was so cool - I got my new TV Guide in the mail today and to my surprise and delight, there on the Cheers and Jeers page was this!  Kudos to you, Jensen, for getting recognized for your most awesome CW selfie!

CW selfie
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Holy crap, I nearly died when I saw Jensen channeling James Bond with the tux! SQUEE! Smokin' hot!

I thought it was funny that they presented the Best Animated Feature award since they themselves have been animated in the Supernatural anime!

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The Broadcast Film Critics Association has announced that Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki will present awards at this year’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards ceremony on Thursday, January 16, 2014 - The CW Network at 8:00 PM ET/PT

Red Carpet Pre-show coverage will also air

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You guys may have already seen this, but after I did this morning I couldn't NOT post this because it is OFF THE HOOK HYSTERICAL. The "ceremony" took place last weekend at the Burbank convention and was a total surprise to Jensen. For those of you who have been to an SPN con in the last year, for karaoke, Richard has dressed up like Dean as the gym teacher - wearing the actual shorts, given to him by Jensen. Apparently the gym teacher (and Matt's cheerleader outfit) is being retired, so Richard gave the shorts back to Jensen. In typical Richard Speight Jr. fashion....

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Now THIS is what I'm talking about, baby! Hubba-hubba!

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It's about time that Supernatural and the boys get a new photo shoot!

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Comic-Con 2013: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles take off with
the 'Supernatural' bag/cape


In order to take on Comic-Con's massive Hall H again for the "Supernatural" panel this weekend, the series' stars are getting in touch with their inner superheroes.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles decided to model the Warner Bros. official Comic-Con backpack and cape -- the "Supernatural" themed one, of course. If you're heading down to San Diego this weekend for the convention, you can get your own bag with cape for free, though we doubt anyone will look as good with it on as these two demon hunters.

Production on Season 9 of the hit CW series has just started, though it will pause this weekend for the big "Supernatural" Comic-Con panel on Sunday (July 21). The series returns on October 15, 2013, airing on a new day: Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.


Too freaking hysterical!! Kudos to Jensen and Jared for having fun with this and for giving us a priceless picture. :-)

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Had a very unexpected conversation yesterday at the health food store. I work at the corporate office and it's our company retail store, so I know pretty much everyone who works there because I'm there all the time.

I finish my shopping and walk up to the register and one of the gals I know is there, with another gal who I don't know. Turns out she's new and being trained. So I hand her my employee discount card and as I do that, the gal who I do know snags my wrist. She's like, "Oh, who's that on your watch?"

I say, "It's Jensen Ackles, an actor that I like."

The new gal whips around and exclaims, "From Supernatural!"

I was like, "You know him?? And the show??" Because really, how often do you run into a fellow SPN fan in person?

She tells me, "I've been a fan of his since his soap opera days! He is SO hot."

LOL! Well that started it. Thank goodness there was no one behind me in line, because we talked about Jensen, SPN, Dark Angel and Smallville for a good 15 minutes. The other gal just kind of stared at us like, "What are you two talking about?" Ha!

I eventually had to leave but I told her that I was really going to enjoy coming to the store now so that we could gush over Jensen. :-)

What about you guys? Ever had a random run-in with a fellow SPN/Jensen/Jared fan?

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Life's been so crappy lately that I honestly didn't pay much attention to the now infamous video that was posted the other day. Just wasn't in the mood, you know? But then [ profile] maguie wrote me yesterday and said "I was expecting your post and your comment about the Harlem Shake".  I feel like I've fallen down as an SPN fan now! I need to correct this immediately! :-)

So I finally sat down last night and really watched it...

First, now I know I'm old, because I didn't even understand what this whole Harlem Shake thing was even about. I had to Google it! I get it. Kinda...[scratches head]

Anyway, in the end who cares what this fad is about. What's important is - this was all Jensen's idea and he looks so freaking cute doing his funky little dance move at the beginning I can't stand it! I could watch that first 15 seconds on an endless loop.

I love it that so many of the cast and crew took part but bonus points to Osric, rolling around on the cold, wet ground in that body bag. Ha! And honorable mention to the giant teddy bear from Wishful Thinking. That was brilliant. :-)

While I give Guy Bee props for using an overhead crane to shoot this (I heard the helicopter was booked *g*) my only gripe is that it was too high up! I wanted a closer look at everyone!

Ok, [ profile] maguie - your turn! What did YOU think? Oh, and all the rest of you, too. :-)

P.S. - speaking of Jensen, since we got our income tax refund the other day I decided to splurge and treat myself to a photo op ticket with him for the Chicago convention. Haven't had, or been able to afford one, with him since Vancouver 2009. I think I'm due for another hug. *g*
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Hey all! Want to hear the complete version of Steve Carlson/Jensen's new song "Angeles"?

Then just go here:

Click on the icon of the cover of the CD at the top of the page to hear it streaming.


ETA: and thanks to [ profile] lausbub0402 here's a link to the video! SQUEE!

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Really, Jensen? REALLY?? You're just STANDING THERE and you made me spontaneously combust.
This man should be declared a public safety hazard. That's all I'm saying.
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Hard to believe, but five years ago today (it was even on a Friday!) my best buddy [ profile] charityflint and I took the biggest spontaneous trip we'd ever done, and flew down to Fort Worth, Texas to see Jensen perform in A Few Good Men.

Man, how time flies! We had the BEST time in Texas. It was the first time we'd ever seen Jensen in person (in Navy dress whites of all things! Woot!) and he just nailed that performance. And the one the following night, too.

I remember waiting outside in the oppressive heat for him to come out the stage door and then nearly spontaneously combusting when he was suddenly standing in front of me. :-)  I don't even know how I was able to speak to him! LOL!

I'm so glad I brought a photo for him to autograph because to this day it's the only thing where he signed my name, since Creation doesn't allow them to personalize anything.

I was able to take a short video of Jensen signing autographs. It was absolutely pitch dark at the stage door, so only when someone's camera flashes can you see him:

And here you can see the back of my very blonde head as I was standing there recording it. :-)

So yeah, what an amazing trip. I still have my fingers crossed that Jensen will return to the stage someday because everyone should have the opportunity to see how fabulous he is in live theater. :-)
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I love it that Jensen always takes the opportunity to thank the fans. :-)  We love you, Jensen!

(P.S. - Mountain man or porn star??? Bwhahaha! Love it that he wants to be both!)

This way to the video! )
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Jensen on the red carpet at the CW upfronts today. Lookin' good! LOVE the suit!

I'm thrilled that after so many years the boys were invited back again. I kinda like this new guy in charge of CW.

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Like a fine wine, Mr. Jensen Ackles, you just keep getting better and better with age. Let's take a look back, shall we?

34 pictures for his 34th birthday )
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In preparation for this weekend's Supernatural con here in Chicago I sat down last night to clear off all of my memory cards, where I found some files from the Vancouver convention. Now I don't take photos, only video, but I remember the Creation video Nazis out in force during Jensen and Jared's Q&A panel. At some point I switched over from video to photo and snapped off a few in case the fat man in the little hat came my way. I never even looked at the three photos until now, and I found this little gem:

There's just something about the way Jensen is looking at Jared that I love. Kinda cool that I happened to capture that moment without even trying!

Although my seat is much farther back than normal this year (I have Silver, not Gold) I'm still hoping to get some good video this weekend. I have a feeling the Mark Pellegrino/Sebastian Roche panel is going to be off the hook! LOL!

Talk to y'all Monday!


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