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Second day of the Star Trek convention was fun! My buddy [ profile] asyouleft joined me for the day, which was great. Was nice to hang out with someone. :-)  We went to Walter Koenig's panel (he's looking so frail now) then to John Billingsley's (funny guy!) and then to the duo Connor/Dominic one (they're a riot!). Then we sat through the auction where I won Scott Bakula's ACTUAL script from Canamar (one of my favorite eps) and was also autographed by him. Squee! And finally I had a photo op and autograph with John Billingsley.

Here are a few pics:

Me and Dr. Phlox himself, John Billingsley

Myself and Robert Picardo (the Doctor or the Leprechaun from Supernatural). He was so funny. He's like, "You're so small I could wrap my arms around you twice!"

And a pic from Connor and Dominic's panel:

Today is the last day of the convention. Very much looking forward to seeing George Takei and then also Linda Park (who I have a photo op and autograph with).
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The Star Trek convention is off to a great start! Had an awesome time yesterday. Got to meet Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating (my favorite actors from Enterprise) right off the bat at their table in the vendor's room. Dominic remembered me when I walked up to his table to get my script signed! He's like, "I know you. Hello, love." Squee!

Then I had my photo op with Dominic last night. I am officially IN LOVE with him now. When I walked up he threw open his arms, said "Barb!" pulled me close and KISSED ME ON MY CHEEK. Then kept his arms wrapped around me and we took the photo. Oh AND I'M NEVER WASHING MY FACE AGAIN! Check this out:

Right after that was my photo with Connor. I LOVE how this turned out. Trip Tucker will always be my favorite character on Enteprise.

Last but not least was my duo photo with the two of them. I had brought with a model of the Enterprise that I built and gave it to Connor to hold. I love how he posed with it! Dork! LOL!

Today's panels that I'm going to are Walter Koenig, John Billingsley and Connor and Dominic's duo one. I have my photo with John later tonight.
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I'm posting this mainly just for my benefit, but I know there are a couple of other ST:ENT fans on my flist. I'll always be wildly passionate about this show. I love it when people speak up in defense of it, to this day. Because like the article points out, it really wasn't as bad as people think and the deck truly was stacked against it from the very beginning.

In Not Guilty, we look at movies that the general consensus tells us that we should feel bad for liking, but that our hearts tell us we should embrace -- "guilty pleasures" we don't feel guilty about. This time around, we look at the show that supposedly "killed" Star Trek on Television: Enterprise.

Before JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek in 2009, we all knew what to blame for the death of the franchise…Enterprise. Right? Wrong! )

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• Saw my first Doctor Who eps with Nine and Rose last night. I like Eccleston! Not as much as Tennant but he's got his own charm. Shame he only did one season. Looking forward to watching the rest of his eps and seeing how Captain Jack Harkness was introduced and what "Bad Wolf" means in relation to Rose.

• Became a Kickstarter backer last night for a fan-made full feature length film based on Star Trek: Enterprise. Enterprise! Not DS9 or TNG. You could've knocked me over with a feather! I was very impressed with the footage they've already shot and the trailer. Amazing special effects, great sets. Their goal was $10,000 and they raised it in only two days! They're up to about $12,000 now. If they hit $15,000 all of us backers will get even more goodies.

• I keep hoping someone else from Enterprise besides Anthony Montgomery will be added to the Creation Star Trek convention here in June. Connor Trinneer, Scott Bakula, Dominic Keating. Would love to see those guys again.

• Saw the first ep of The Real History of Science Fiction on BBCA the other night. It was quite good. Liked all the actors and directors and writers they talked to. Hope the rest of the series is just as enjoyable.

• Did a total double take at the mall yesterday when I saw a life size cardboard cutout of David Tennant for sale outside For Your Entertainment. I laughed as I passed by but now I'm thinking that would be awesome to take with me and put outside my door at Media West next month. Hmmm….

• Sad that the final episodes of Warehouse 13 have started and that there are so few of them. Why on earth SyFy canceled this show I'll never understand. Thank goodness they at least brought Mark Sheppard back!

• OMG, how cute are Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny going back and forth on Twitter now that David has an account?? I ♥ Mulder and Scully 4 EVER!

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I was watching an episode of Star Trek Enterprise last night and after seeing Malcolm and Travis build this snowman I was inspired to make a little Christmas card from the crew:

Too bad it's so hot on Vulcan. I wonder if they'd make snowmen to look like humans. ;-)

Today's my last day at work until December 30th. Yay! Don't know how much I'll be on the computer next week, so MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone! ⛄

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Was cleaning up a closet in my home office and came across a box of blank mouse pads and heat transfer paper. Needless to say, I was instantly inspired to make one…

It also helped inspire me to get working again on my next Enterprise story. Been so wrapped up in promoting my new eBook, Memory's Prisoner, that I had to put Archer/Tucker on the shelf for a bit. I'm sure they're not happy with me. :-)

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Don't mind me, just doing some musing about Star Trek Enterprise. :-)

Have you ever watched a deleted scene on a DVD and went, "Why did they cut that out??" Happened to me last night. I've been watching all of the new "extras" on the Blu Ray set and last night was the commentary on Shuttlepod One with Connor Trinneer (Trip), Dominic Keating (Malcolm) and the director of the episode David Livingston. That episode is still my favorite one, so I was excited for new commentary. And it didn't disappoint.

If you haven't seen the episode, Trip and Malcolm believe that Enterprise has been destroyed with no survivors. They're trapped in the shuttlepod, which is running out of air. They're only going to survive for another day or so. While looking for rations, Trip comes upon a bottle of bourbon that Archer had put in there for some reason. He and Malcolm start drinking and talking.

At this point Connor says that he was disappointed that the story Trip told about meeting Archer for the first time was cut out. And David said he hated to do it, since it was such a great character moment for both Trip and Archer, but the episode ran long. Then Connor says that at least the deleted scene has been put on the DVD.

And after watching that deleted scene I'm with Connor - it was awesome and should have been left in. Trip tells Malcolm how he and Archer met, that Archer used to come down to the Florida Keys once a month (where Trip was from) and that Trip was teaching him how to scuba dive. And that of course Archer excelled at it, no matter what Trip asked him to do, even leading them out of a cave at night when Trip got them lost, and Archer had never even been in that cave before. So Trip decides to kind of get even with Archer and leads him to a giant hole, telling him to reach in because there are beautiful starfish in there. What's actually in there is a giant moray eel named Waldo. [snort] Archer reaches in, Waldo clamps down on his arm (his dive suit protected him) and Archer pulls the entire eel out of the hole ("I'd never seen that eel's tail before," Trip says) pushes against a point under the eel's jaw and the thing lets go. Trip, of course, was dumbfounded that Archer even knew how do to something like that. But instead of being mad, Archer thought it was awesome.

And here's where my Trip/Archer slashy heart stood up and did freaking backflips

Trip says with a faraway look in his eyes, "He took me out to dinner that night. Steak, lobster…" and he trails off with such love and longing and sadness in his voice. Nearly broke my heart. The whole story was told with fondness, not irritation that Archer kept showing Trip up at every turn. I was so disappointed that they cut this because Trip and Archer were the only two who knew each other before Enterprise launched. They'd been best friends for eight years. So Trip of anyone was grieving the most.

What really irritates me is that they cut this scene and instead kept in the scene where Malcolm is talking about T'Pol's ass. Seriously?? You keep something stupid and superficial like that and cut out an emotional scene when the two of them are reminiscing, thinking all their friends are dead and they themselves are dying?? ARGH! I kind of wish I'd never watched the deleted scene!

But on the other hand….another plot bunny has been born. Heh, heh. :-)

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As many of you know, I'm a big Scott Bakula fan and I loved Star Trek: Enterprise. Earlier this week, Season One finally came out on Blu Ray. Since I already own all four seasons on regular DVD, I wasn't interested in re-purchasing them again. Until I found out that there are all new interviews with the cast, a new documentary, etc. Now of course I want the blasted Blu Ray set. But I can't justify spending $65.00 for basically just the "extras". So I've decided to try and sell my original, regular season one DVD set to try and offset the cost of purchasing the Blu Ray set.

Thought I'd offer it on my LJ first instead of eBay, etc. and see if anyone might be interested. I'm asking $30.00 and that includes shipping. The 7-disc set is in perfect condition and comes in the blue, plastic flip-case shown below. Besides the episodes, the "extras" include:

  • Featurette: Creating Enterprise

  • A profile of Scott Bakula: O Captain! My Captain!

  • Cast Impressions: Season One

  • Inside Shuttlepod One

  • Star Trek Time Travel: temporal cold wars and beyond

  • Enterprise secrets

  • Admiral Forrest takes center stage

  • Outtakes and deleted scenes

Hope someone can help me out! I need me some new Scott Bakula (and Connor Trinneer! And Dominic Keating!) interviews!
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My god, it's a non-Supernatural or Sentinel icon! LOL!

And why did I make a Charles "Trip" Tucker icon? Because I've been mainlining Enterprise episodes for days. :-)

See, I've never been a Star Trek fan. Never watched the original series or Next Generation or Voyager or DS9. But then I found out that Scott Bakula was going to be in Enterprise, and I really like him, so I decided to give it a shot. And totally fell in love with the series and quickly threw Scott Bakula over for Connor Trinneer! LOL!

Been wanting the DVD sets for ages but they've never been below $99.00 wherever I looked. Then suddenly out of the blue, Amazon had them for only $35.00!! I couldn't believe my eyes and quickly ordered all four seasons. They arrived last week and all I've done is watch the first season eps whenever I had the chance.

Now I need to find me some Trip/Archer slash, ASAP! :-)

Or even Trip/Malcom, as Shuttlepod One is one of my favorite eps from first season and I could totally see those two getting into a relationship after that episode. Which had much too abrupt of an ending, IMO. I wanted to see Archer and the crew finding Trip and Malcom, unconscious in the pod, not certain if they were still alive. I was cheated out of angst there! *g*

I've never been one to like het pairings on a show, (with the exception of Mulder/Scully, which will always be my het OTP) simply because their relationship becomes the focus of the show instead of the plot of the episode. Anyway, I couldn't help but really like the relationship between Trip and T'Pol, which had sexual tension from like, the very first episode. It was a pairing you'd never think would work, but I thought the writers did a really good job with it.

So yeah, I was kinda planted in front of the TV this weekend, where I also found the time to finally watch Ghostfacers.

And I was kinda disappointed... )


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