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And finally, what would DragonCon be without friends to share it with? :-) Not only did I have my regular partner in crime with me, [ profile] charityflint but also my wonderful friend [ profile] donelbo, who came all the way from Germany! Here's what happens when you put three crazy, fun people together for five days:

Can't wait til the next time we all get together!
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One of the best parts about DragonCon are all the people who dress up in costume. Some are simply stunning. Some are cute, some are creative. But most of all everyone is having fun! I thought I'd share some of the cosplay pics I took:

Me and "Captain Jonathan Archer". I was thrilled to see a Star Trek Enterprise costume!

Me and "Captain Jack Harkness". This pic really doesn't do him justice. This guy looked amazingly like John Barrowman.

Four other good look-a-likes - "Merlin" and "Sherlock" and "Men in Tights" and "Dread Pirate Roberts"

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Here's a few tidbits for all us Supernatural fans from my next encounters at DragonCon with Amy Acker, Emmanuelle Vaugier and Julie Benz.

All of these wonderful ladies have been on so many shows, but I brought with me a photo of them from Dead in the Water, Heart and Faith for them to sign. I've found that over the years actors and actresses really like talking about something other than whatever "big" show they're known for. And Amy, Julie and Emmanuelle were no exception. They all gave me some "behind the scenes" info:

Amy - she said she was told it was because of her that SPN can no longer do any episodes with water. LOL! I said that scene in the bathtub had to be uncomfortable to film and she told me that the "water" was actually chocolate milk! No way! She also had nothing but wonderful things to say about Jensen and Jared.

Emmanuelle - she loved working with Jensen and Jared, said they're incredibly funny. I told her there are a number of bloopers from Heart on the DVD set. She's like, "Oh! Do they show the two of them constantly picking up the director and just walking away with him??" Do you all remember who the director was on that episode? Our beloved Kim Manners. Damn, I wish that had been included on the blooper reel now! Can't you just see Jared picking up Kim and wandering off with him? :-)

Julie - she absolutely loved her time on SPN, working with Jensen. She couldn't say enough about how handsome he is. :-) She told me that they actually filmed a kiss between Layla and Dean that was cut! She was so upset! LOL! Her words were: "Why the fuck would they cut that out?" I'm with you, Julie! So while she was disappointed she said she loved every minute of it. :-) You lucky woman, you!

Julie wasn't taking photos at her table (bummer!) but I did get one with Emmanuelle and an actual photo op with Amy:

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So the second main reason I wanted to go to DragonCon this year was because of Cary Elwes. I've been in love with him and The Princess Bride since that movie came out back in 1987. I was 16 years old back then and I wanted to be Buttercup and have Westley come rescue me. [sigh] That movie has held a special place in my heart for a long, long time.

Unfortunately my encounter with Cary didn't start off too well on Friday when I went for my photo op with him. Why? Because he was wearing freaking sunglasses, which I thought was incredibly rude. I paid $50.00 for this photo and it's absolutely horrible. It could be anyone standing there since you basically can't see his face. I walked out of the room incredibly crushed and disappointed.

Thankfully Cary made up for it the next day. I sat in line for TWO HOURS to get his autograph. But it was well worth it. He took so much time with each person. It was wonderful. I was SO nervous I could feel myself shaking. I had brought with me to get autographed my original paperback book of The Princess Bride which is incredibly worn from how many times I've read it. He was taking photos with people so he was actually standing the entire time. I walked up and he held out his hand and asked me my name and said it was lovely to meet me. He looked at my book and laughed and said, "Wow, you've got an old school copy of this!" and signed it Barb, "As You Wish" - Cary Elwes.

While he was signing it I told him how much the movie has meant to me and that they all created something really special. He got this big smile on his face and held open his arms and enveloped me in this HUGE hug. I nearly died on the spot! We took the picture next and I told him how much I also enjoyed him on Psych. He laughed and said that he had such fun filming those episodes. I asked him a bit about his upcoming book then held out my hand as I started to leave. But he shook his head with a smile and said, "No come here. You get another hug." That's it, I was D-E-D. I was all, "Oh my gosh, thank you so much!" and he gave me a wink as I walked away. [happy sigh]

I think he's got that Westley/Dread Pirate Roberts smirk goin' on:

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So there were two big reasons I wanted to go to DragonCon this year. Karl Urban would be one of them. :-)

I was able to watch his panel on DCon TV, which was great. He was so freaking funny! When they introduced him it went something like, "You know him from Judge Dredd (clapping), Star Trek (clapping) and Almost Human (THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE)". Yeah, fan support for AH was huge at the con, which makes me even more upset that it was canceled. [sigh]

One question he got about AH was about The Wall and he shared with everyone that it was going to end up being like a maze. You get over that Wall and there's another city with another Wall and another and another. But he was never told what was going to end up being in the center of it all. He also said that he "understands the reasoning" behind AH getting canceled but didn't elaborate. I wish he would've because I sure don't understand! He also said that he and Michael got to ad lib SO much dialogue. More than we know about apparently!

His autograph line went pretty quickly, but I was able to tell him how much I loved AH and how fabulous his chemistry with Michael was. He thanked me and said that he had so much fun filming and what a great guy Michael is. He also loved the print I brought him that had a picture of Kennex that said "He's Not Good with Kids. Or Cats.". Hee!

I got two photos with him later that day. When he saw what I was wearing he broke into this huge smile and said, "Oh my God, look at that shirt! That's awesome!" in that sexy-ass Kiwi accent of his that nearly made me melt on the spot!

Second pic I had with my friend [ profile] donelbo. When I realized that I was going to look like a freaking midget between the two of them I had Dominik lift me up. Everyone in line got a laugh out of it, though I think we startled Karl. :-)

I am SO glad I got to meet Karl and tell him how much we all loved AH. He's such a great guy. Friendly, funny and very much appreciative of his fans.

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The award for Best Fan Interaction hands down goes to Louis Ferreira. Most of you will know him from Stargate Universe, but I know him from Motive, a Canadian crime show filmed in Vancouver. I love Motive. I think the writing is freaking brilliant, they have the best guest stars and Louis and Kristin Lehman have amazing chemistry. And it just got renewed for a third season!

I was really looking forward to talking to Louis and boy, I got more than I bargained for! LOL! I'm so glad that he was the first person I went to during the autograph session because he started off my convention with a bang!

When I walked up to his table there were two women standing there, his handler sitting next to him and Ona Grauer and her handler sitting at the next table. They were all just chatting but stopped when they saw me. I pulled out a print I had made of a photo of Louis from Motive along with the Motive logo for him to sign. OMG, before I could even say a word all those people I just mentioned started shouting and clapping as soon as they saw the print! Apparently it's a rare thing for someone to not want to talk to him about SGU! Louis was seriously so over the moon that he jumped up and said, "You get a hug for this! And a photo!"

Next thing I know he's around the table and wrapping his arms around me! Thank goodness I'd already given Chris my camera! Then he tells me that we have to do THREE photos - one with the hug, a "normal" one and then a goofy one. He was a riot! Check it out…

He was so thrilled with the print I made that he asked if he could take a photo of it with his phone. Well duh, of course you can, Louis! I ended up having the nicest conversation with him and we even got Ona in on it since she was a guest star on Motive. I truly can't say enough nice things about him. So friendly and appreciative of his fans. And just a total goofball. :-)
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Hey all! I'm baaa-aack! Didja miss me? :-)

I have returned from the wilds of Atlanta and DragonCon where I battled a record breaking 62,000 people this year. Yikes! I have many stories and many pictures to post but I need to get things organized and uploaded first. So I'll just leave you with this one pic to start out - me and my partners in crime: [ profile] donelbo and [ profile] charityflint. We had a blast hanging out and being geeks for five days. :-)

More to come tomorrow including my photo with KARL URBAN! WOOT!

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Be still my beating heart! Karl Urban just signed on today to appear at DragonCon in Atlanta in August! This is now worth my entire price of admission to the convention. :-)  To say I'm getting a photo op with him is a given. SQUEE! Now we can only hope that they'll get Michael Ealy as well. [fingers crossed]  I'm sure Karl's autograph line will be insanely long, but I'm sure going to give it a shot, because I want to tell him how much I loved Almost Human.
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Last DC post, I swear! :-)

A big part of DC are all the costumes and cosplay groups running around. Some folks are easily recognizable and some leave you scratching your head (like the guy covered in baby bottle nipples). Most costumes are extremely elaborate and I can't even imagine the amount of money some people must spend. And my hats are off to everyone who dresses up, simply because of the heat and humidity and the massive crowds. How they're not all passing out and dropping like flies is beyond me!

Here were a few of my favorites:

The Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Me and a Cylon. This guy was awesome! The red light in his eyes moved and even made the Cylon noise!

Waiter Vader, complete with Waffle House name tag!

And finally, the guy who won, hands down: Photo Bomb! This dude was literally running around all weekend jumping in people's pictures. Freaking brilliant! LOL!

Just to give you an idea of one little part of the crowds, this is from waaaaay up high in the Marriott, looking down into the main atrium, at freaking midnight

And thus wraps up another DragonCon!

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Before I get into the costume stuff, I did want to take a second and give a shout-out to a few people who went out of their way to help me. Not everyone at Froggy's Photos was an asshole. Mark is the guy who wrangles all the fans and gets them lined up in the appropriate rooms. How he always stays calm and collected with the mass chaos going on around him is beyond me. When I was (erroneously) told that Dominic Keating had canceled he personally got me my refund so that I didn't have to stand in the massive line. Then later when two of my photos went missing he took me back to the folks who were doing the actual printing so I could get reprints. This guy is a class act and I made sure to let him know that.

Another Froggy employee, whose name I didn't get, unfortunately, really shocked the heck out of me. After Amy Acker canceled I had to get in the massive line to get my refund. When I finally made it up to him he apologized for the wait and for Amy canceling and gave me my money back. I thought I was through with him, so imagine my surprise when the next day I was getting in line for my Eliza Dushku photo and he came running up to me. He's like, "I've been looking for you since yesterday! I owe you money!" I'm like, wha…? He said he only gave me $40.00 but Amy's photo was actually $50.00, so to come see him when I was done with Eliza. I was stunned that he'd been trying to track me down and was so honest it was driving him nuts that he shorted me. So sure enough, I went up to him when I was done and got my $10.00 and he was so sweet, saying he was sorry I was having so many issues with my photos this year and thanking me for being a trooper. What a guy! :-)

And finally, a very nice young man who was a DC volunteer at the Marriott. He was the one in charge with all the nonsense with the autograph tickets for Richard Dean Anderson and William Shatner. He felt so bad that he was forced to make us all stand outside in the lobby area where it was a thousand degrees instead of inside the air conditioned room because the RDA/Shatner people wouldn't let us in. Somehow, an hour later, he was able to get us all inside and lined up appropriately. Then he still felt bad because they were supposed to open at 10:00 am and here it was, nearly 12:30 and they still weren't ready. When I had to get out of the line to get my photo op with Michael he promised to come find me when the RDA tickets went on sale. And he did! We were in and out of that room several times that weekend and he was always very helpful and Charity and I always thanked him and he always said Hello when he saw us.

So kudos to those few folks who really did want to make DC a good experience for us despite all the problems.

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Once the shuttle finally showed up and got us to the Aquarium, we had a great time. It was a Beach Party theme, so as you can see above, we were dressed appropriately. :-)

The place is huge and has some amazing displays, especially the main tank with the enormous whale sharks and manta rays. I got some great pics throughout the night of all the sea life.

The lights kept changing color, the DJ was pumping out the tunes and all sorts of costumed folks were dancing and the liquor was flowing at the bar. It was quite the lively party atmosphere!

Me and my buddy the Whale Shark mascot!

If DC could just get their act together regarding the shuttles (we ended up having to take a cab back to the hotel) it would be a perfect event!
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My fellow Media West friends will totally understand this - know how the Holiday Inn used to change their menu so that all the food had fandom names during the con? Charity and I discovered that our new favorite place to eat, Big Kahuna, does the same thing!

Check out their custom drinks menu:

And here we are with said yummy fandom drinks:

I had the Supergirl and Charity had the Bruce Banner, which became a joke between us. Those drinks may have been small and served in plastic cups, but damn, they packed a punch! LOL! Charity began tripping over her words and every time she stumbled I yelled out "Hulk smash!" which set us off in a fit of giggles. This happened several times not only in the restaurant but on the walk back to the hotel. I swear we couldn't stop laughing. :-) Then later that night when we were back in our room, with Charity sitting right next to me I texted her simply with HULK SMASH! I think that will forever be our phrase when talking about DC 2013. :-)
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And here are the last of my photos!

Squee! It's me and Skinner!! I was so nervous to meet Mitch Pileggi, being a huge X-Files fan for so long. Thankfully I was able to speak to him rationally and not stammer. :-) After chatting about XF, both Charity and I also brought up Supernatural and he asked us an interesting question. He wanted to know what we thought about Samuel being brought back, what we thought of the character when he was with the rest of the Campbell clan - because he didn't like what the writers did to him. He felt they were trying too hard to bring him back and it just didn't work for him. I was really intrigued by what he said! And Charity and I had to agree. Loved the first one with the time travel and the whole YED thing. But I hated that they basically made Samuel evil at the end. And so did Mitch. I thought it was very interesting that he wanted fan feedback.


Here are my two "at the table" pics in the Walk of Fame with Seth Gabel and Tahmoh Penikett. Last year DC wasn't allowing any photography at the tables so I was surprised by how many actors were able to do it this year.

Seth was a real pleasure to talk to. He, too, loved the collage I made and even wrote "Cool poster!" as part of his autograph. I asked him which version of Lincoln Lee he liked playing best and he said he liked the Alt version just a little bit better. Then he talked to me at length about how difficult it was to play opposite himself - that sometimes he was talking to a stand-in, or a piece of tape on the wall. So he started recording his own dialogue as the opposite version of whomever he was playing at the moment so that he'd have something more concrete to play off of. I thought that was brilliant!

And finally we have Tahmoh Penikett. I never watched BSG, but I really enjoyed him on Dollhouse. But the real reason I wanted to talk to him was because we now know he's going to be on Supernatural! I really had to laugh, because the guy in front of me asked him about SPN, then Charity and I did and the woman behind us as well! He was so blown away that we knew about his role when it hasn't even aired yet. :-) He couldn't say enough about Jensen and Jared and the entire cast and crew. He also loved the role he's playing but made us promise not to say anything on line about what he told us, so I'm respecting his wishes. Needless to say, he's going to be fantastic! I love the photo of the two of us. OMG, he is HUGE! He's totally bent over at the waist. I'm lucky if I would come up to the bottom of his throat if he was standing fully upright. :-)


And thus ends my photo op tales!

Some random Walk of Fame bits from folks I didn't get photos with:

• Herb Jefferson, Jr. - the one and only original Lt. Boomer from the 1978 Battlestar Galactica, the only one I've seen (or ever want to see). I've met Herb twice before and finally got him to sign my photo op book. As was the norm with everyone who I gave the book to, they had to flip through the entire thing! Charity and I talked and talked with Herb. He's such a warm and gracious man. At one point he said, "You two have been friends for a long time, haven't you?" Hee! He then gave us his autograph at half price!

* Erin Gray - I loved Buck Rogers and was thrilled to get to meet Erin for a second time, the first being all the way back in 2003. She's in her 60's now but is still gorgeous. I had her sign my photo op book, too, and of course she had to look through it as well and totally flipped out when she saw my pic of John Barrowman holding me upside down. She's totally in love with him! LOL! She told us that she had dinner with he and Scott the night before. JEALOUS!! Charity and I chatted with her for quite a while. She's a lovely woman.

• James Marsters - I had just seen James a few weeks ago at Wizard World in Chicago and told him that the Smallville panel was off the hook with the funny. He started laughing and said he loves those kind of "reunion" panels and that anytime "Rosey" (aka Michael Rosenbaum) is there it will always be hysterical. He said he just did a Buffy panel earlier that day and it was such fun to get together with everyone again. I brought up Warehouse 13 and he said that the W13 panel he did the day before was the polar opposite since the show had just been canceled so everyone was pretty subdued. But he did say how much he enjoyed working on it and with Anthony Stuart Head again. James was such the chatty guy! I swear he engaged me in conversation for nearly 10 minutes! Now I know why his line was so long. :-)

Needless to say, the photo ops and Walk of Fame were my favorite part of the convention, and at least that didn't disappoint!

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And the photo ops continue!

Next up is Eliza Dushku. Good lord is she gorgeous! Too bad you can't see the rest of her outfit because she was cute beyond belief. She was having a great time during the photo ops. I was unsure of how she would be in person, but I need not have worried. She was sweet and friendly in the Walk of Fame. I liked her on Dollhouse but really wanted to talk to her about Tru Calling, which she loved. She made a funny comment about how she worked with "those unknown guys - Zach Galifianakis and Matt Bomer" Ha!


Here I am with Gareth David-Lloyd. He was so slim and trim! I love the hug he gave me. It was great to talk to him in the Walk of Fame. He's such a soft-spoken and shy guy! I told him that I stopped watching Torchwood after they killed him off and he told me that originally he wasn't supposed to survive even the first season, so he was grateful he at least got three years. His voice made me melt. :-)


After Michael Cerveris not showing up on Friday, he did show up on Saturday so I was able to finally get my photo with him. I was shocked by how small he is! He looks so much bigger on TV as the Observer but you can see he's not much taller than I am and he's very slim. I forgave him for blowing off the photo op on Friday after I talked to him at the Walk of Fame. Really nice guy. Loved the collage I put together for him and Seth and Jasika to sign. We talked about how Fringe ended and that he was happy with September's fate. He's still surprised by how popular his character became and how hard it was for him at first to find that balance between being very monotone but still conveying emotion.


Here we have the "hunk of the day" - Ioan Gruffudd. Holy crap the man is gorgeous! And so freaking nice. He just wanted to chat and chat in the Walk of Fame. He loved the custom collage I had put together for him to autograph. He was all, "Oh, hello again!" when I walked up for the photo later that same day. :-) I only had an hour between this pic and my next one, so Charity and I hung out and did some people watching over the balcony (we were on the 3rd floor). I realized that Ioan would have to walk past us to leave the photo area so I turned around and sure enough, here he came! He saw the two of us standing there and smiled and waved at us. Squee!

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Okay, here come my photo ops!

After Michael from Fringe didn't show up, Adrian Paul ended up being my first photo op of the con. I was so nervous! It was the Highlander himself! LOL! OMG, he looked fantastic and he is all muscle. What a lovely man. He shook your hand as you walked up, said it was nice to meet you and thanked you after the photo. I nearly fainted from hearing that voice directed at me. :-)


I love how this photo turned out!! I can't say enough good things about Allison Mack. Sweet, funny, charming. Just an all around nice gal. And she remembered me from Wizard World a few weeks ago!


And here's me and my buddy, Dominic Keating. :-) After missing his panel because I was told he canceled, I at least got to talk to him at his table in the Walk of Fame. I told him that Enterprise was the only Star Trek I'd ever seen, or wanted to see and how much I loved the show. He got this big grin and reached across the table to shake my hand. Then he said, pointing to all the Next Gen and DS9 actors, "Can you please go down there and tell all of them that? Have you seen Next Gen? It's like a bloody soap opera!" ROTFL! I had him sign my photo op book and couldn't believe it'd been nearly three years since he'd been to Chicago. Funny thing is, he's wearing the same shirt here as my photo from 2011!

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Let's begin with the bad and the ugly, shall we, and save the good for another post.

Wow, this was such a screwy convention this year that I don't know where to start!

How 'bout from the beginning? My buddy [ profile] charityflint and I arrived on Thursday afternoon and after checking in immediately went to pre-reg at the Sheraton. Last year we walked right in. Not so much this year. To our horror and amazement, the line stretched all the way down the block, around the corner, all the way down that block, around the corner again and halfway down that block! I honestly lost track of how long we were in that line, standing outside in the overwhelming heat and humidity. I thought I was going to pass out by the time we actually made it inside the hotel and wound our way through the endless queues to get our badges. We found out later they finally had to cap the line at 9 p.m. and reopen at 8:00 the next morning. It was insanity!

The other huge issue we had was with Froggy's Photos, the official photographer for the convention. Last year he had his schedule up several days before the con so you could plan your days around the times for the actors you'd picked. Not so much this year. Here it was, Thursday night, with the con starting Friday morning and there was still no schedule. Not only that, but to make the situation even worse, this year Froggy's was going to be having photos both in the Marriott and at the Hilton, creating even more chaos. They finally put out one copy of a schedule out on the tables at both hotels, which hundreds of people were trying to take pictures of with their phones, only to tell us that well, it's not actually the final schedule. Come back at 9:30 tomorrow morning! Seriously?? WTF?? Needless to say, this was not a good start to the convention.

It ended up being that Charity and I had to be back over at the Marriott the next morning anyway because we needed to get autograph tickets for Richard Dean Anderson and William Shatner, which was down the hall from Froggy's, and were supposed to go on sale at 10:00 am. I end up finding out my first photo op with Michael Cerveris (the Observer from Fringe) will be at 12:30. Should be plenty of time to get our autograph tickets and make it to my photo op, right? Yeah, not so much! After standing in line for two and a half hours the RDA and Shatner people are still not ready to sell because they don't have any tickets! It was absolutely ridiculous and we were among a ton of pissed off people. I ended up having to leave Charity standing in line to go get my photo op.

And here was the next theme of the convention, after the "standing in endless lines" theme - actors just completely blowing off their photo ops.

After waiting in line for nearly a half hour we were told that Michael simply "didn't show up" and that we would all have to try again on Saturday. Can you believe that shit? And it wasn't just him. I heard from people that several Buffy and BSG actors never showed up, either. And those are just the ones I knew about. Talk about a slap in the face to your fans. And it wasn't just the photo ops. The person next to me in line said that she waited for nearly 3 hours for the Walking Dead panel and none of the actors showed up! Several of the Stargate people didn't show up to their panel, either! Oh, and then an hour before my photo op with Amy Acker it was announced that she canceled her entire convention appearance!

The frustrations continued after that. As many of you know, I'm a big fan of Star Trek Enterprise, so I was thrilled that Dominic Keating was going to be there. I pre-purchased his photo op online from Froggy, but when the final schedule appeared, Dominic wasn't on there. After inquiring about him on Friday morning I was told he had canceled his convention appearance, too! I was so upset by this point I wanted to cry. It took nearly 20 minutes for me to get a refund. Now Dominic's panel was supposed to be on Friday afternoon but since I was told he wasn't there of course I didn't go. So imagine my surprise when I went into the Walk of Fame and there at the very first table is Dominic Keating! I immediately went up to him and told him about the photo thing and being told he canceled and he was pissed. He'd been fighting with Froggy about not being put on the schedule and Froggy basically said "too damn bad". Can you believe that shit?? He told me that he finally got Froggy to put him in at 3:00 on Saturday and noon on Sunday but still wouldn't list him on the schedule. So I had to go back and wait in line for half an hour to re-buy his photo ticket again! I was so incredibly pissed that I'd missed Dominic's one and only panel as well. As you can guess, things didn't go well when I showed up on Sunday for his photo. The guy at the photo room door was like, "Who? He's not on the schedule. He canceled." I was ready to punch someone, I swear. Thank god, right at that moment Dominic appeared and I'm like, "HIM! RIGHT THERE! Let me in the goddamn room!" I had seen Dominic in the hallway the day before (he was staying at my hotel) and he said "Hello, love" to me, so when he saw me for the third time, walk up for the photo, he held out both arms and was like, "Come here!" It was really sweet and he was thankful that I had persevered and finally gotten my photo. I felt really sorry for him. He was treated like shit and he'll never be back to DC and I don't blame him one bit. Now I understand why so many people hate Froggy.

Then there was the Night at the Aquarium event we went to, which is a pay event, it's not free. Last year the outbound shuttles never showed up, forcing all of us to walk all the way to the aquarium. And we paid for the shuttle. Nice, eh? This year the shuttle was supposed to start running at 6:30. It was nearly 7:00 (the time the event started) before it showed up and instead of being a full size bus, it was some tiny thing. We didn't make it onboard the first shuttle and had to wait 30 minutes before it showed back up again. Yes, they were running one shuttle for the hundreds of people lined up. Unbelievable. Those poor people at the end of the line probably didn't get there until the event was nearly over.

Format changes - the Walk of Fame was moved out of the Hilton and over to the Marriott, which sucked because we stayed at the Hilton and it used to be convenient. The dealer's room was moved out of the Marriott and down the street to a completely different building. We heard so many horror stories about the new location (overcrowding, elevators and escalators not working) that Charity and I didn't even bother going.

Endless lines - You'd think that after holding this convention for a zillion years the DC people would know how to handle the crowds and get people lined up. But no, it's always mass chaos and you're smashed together like sardines for hours. I felt so sorry for the people they made line up outside for various panels when the skies opened up on Sunday and it poured rain for several hours.

There were just so many things that went wrong this year, which really blew us away since last year was so much fun. This year was nothing but an exercise in frustration, leaving both Charity and I to seriously consider not going back next year, which is a shame.

Some good things to come in the next post. Honest!

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After my last lengthy post about everything that went wrong at DragonCon this year it's hard to believe that some things actually did turn out good.

Photo ops - despite the mess with Dominic (and Amy Acker canceling) all of my photo ops (8 total plus 2 bonus "at the table" pics) turned out great. I'll be posting them all this week along with anecdotes about each actor/actress

Walk of Fame - moving it to the Marriott actually turned out to be a good thing, because there was more room. Charity and I timed it right on Saturday morning and got all but 2 people's autographs we wanted, which we then got on Sunday. The only one that ended up alluding me was Adrian Paul, as his line was insane all three days.

John Barrowman - even when I don't have a photo or autograph scheduled with him I have an encounter with him! I was waiting in line for my photo with Gareth David-Lloyd and John was there, just messing around, jumping in people's pictures, etc. You could tell he was bored. :-) So he's standing there and you have to walk past him and just as I draw up even with him he looks up from his phone where he was texting someone and says, "How do you spell 'chaos'?" LOL! Okay, random! So I tell him and he's like, "Thanks! I'm a terrible speller." The line moves and I move up. The woman in front of me walks up to Gareth and suddenly the lights go out! Everyone's like, WTF? It takes several minutes for them to come back on and in the meantime the woman and Gareth start dancing, waltzing around! LOL! They were really good! Next thing I know, John is suddenly standing next to me, talking to the woman taking the photo op tickets. He's like, "I want to take the tickets, how does this work?" and he starts playing around with the scanner thing. I was highly amused by the entire thing. So she shows him and he turns to me and takes mine and scans it. The lights are still off, so John just casually slings his arm around my shoulders and we stand there watching Gareth and the woman dancing until the lights come back on! Have I mentioned how much I love John Barrowman? :-)

Night at the Aquarium - after we finally got there we had a really great time, just like last year. It's such a party environment, with just DC people there, dressed in costumes, there's a DJ and a bar. This year they had six scuba divers in the massive tank with the whale sharks. The one poor diver didn't realize the whale shark was coming up behind him and it ran into him with its tail! Knocked the poor guy upside down! I'll have some aquarium pics to post this week, too.

Art show - Charity and I had planned on taking some downtime and going swimming on Sunday afternoon, but that's when the thunderstorms hit. So instead we went over to the Hyatt, to the art show. So glad we did! I ended up buying two prints and Charity got one herself.

Costumes - as always, DC is a hub for cosplayers and we saw some truly amazing costumes. I'll have a few photos to post this week.

Fireworks - We ended up in the most perfect hotel room, up on the 14th floor. Thursday night we got to watch the fireworks display from Turner Field, after the Braves won their game and then again on Sunday night we saw two more fireworks displays from somewhere outside downtown Atlanta. Fun!

Friends - running into folks like [ profile] asyouleft, [ profile] trillian276709 and [ profile] ant3ka even in that massive crowd.

The Big Kahuna - Thanks to Trader Vic's being completely booked up, Charity and I ended up finding this gem of a restaurant/bar just down the street from the Marriott. We ended up eating there twice. Amazing food, reasonably priced drinks (that were really strong!), great music and fantastic wait staff.

So there were some highlights, but it was just so different from last year. Need to think hard about going again next year.

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My last DragonCon post, I swear. :-)

These are just a few random pics of [ profile] charityflint and I from the weekend.

We each made a new friend. Here's mine:

Speaking of friends, this is my good buddy Adam. We've been friends for 18 years. He lives in Atlanta and since it'd been six years since I'd seen him, we couldn't wait to spend an evening together to catch up.

As for Charity's new friend, how's this for bizarre? Charity was wearing her Speed Racer shirt one day and who walked by us but "Speed" himself! LOL!

Our last evening at the hotel, Charity and I decided to hit the bar for some drinks, to toast the end of the convention. The bartender took a liking to us and gave them to us for free! Three cheers for the Hilton staff!

And there you have it, folks. My crazy DragonCon adventure. Now don't YOU want to sign up for next year, too?? Charity and I will see you there!
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So believe it or not, [ profile] charityflint and I did actually do more at DragonCon than meet actors and actresses. :-)

One of the fun things we did was go to the Night at the Aquarium. It was a special event just for DC attendees where the aquarium is open at night from 7-11 pm with a live DJ and a bar.

It was so much fun! It'd been six years since I'd been to the aquarium, so it was great to go back. And there were a zillion people in costume there. We had a wonderful time looking at all of the exhibits, especially the special one they had with frogs. They were so cool!

So who wants to see some pics?

More back here - frogs and sharks and jellyfish - oh my! )
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Another actress I was fortunate enough to meet for the first time at DragonCon was none other than geek goddess Felicia Day. :-)

While pretty much none of the other guests would allow photography at the table, Felicia not only charged the least for her autograph ($20) but you also got a free headshot of your choice AND a free photo with her! Now that's a classy lady.

I know Felicia from many things, but I wanted to talk to her about Supernatural, so I brought a photo of her as Charlie to have her sign and I put the name of the episode at the bottom. Her reaction was great! She started laughing and said, "Oh my gosh! Where did you get this photo? I need this photo!" She drew the attention of her fellow Guild member sitting next to her and she leaned over and was all, "It's you in the glasses!!" Makes me glad I decided to bring the SPN pic with. :-)

Felicia had lovely things to say about working on SPN and about Jensen and Jared. Charity and I both told her we were so glad that she didn't get killed off and we hoped we'd see her back on the show again. And then we each got a photo with her. She was just so incredibly sweet!

And here's the autograph. I was so busy talking to her I forgot to have her personalize it. D'oh!


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