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Just wanted to pop on for a second and share a pic of our Yule log we got from our local bakery for our Christmas dessert. It's like a work of art! Hope everyone had a great holiday today! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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It's a good thing that I start work at 6:00 am. I barely had enough time to get the conference room decorated for our giant pot-luck lunch yesterday before people started coming in around 7:00 am to drop stuff off. I'm really happy with how it turned out, given I wasn't asked to do this until the day before. Good thing I have spare decorations in my garage! Everyone loved the decorations. So much so that I was given a Gold Star on our board in the lunchroom!

Here are a few pics:

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Hey all! Well here we are, Monday again. Ugh.

Last week John and I got the outside of the house decorated for Christmas and this weekend we decorated the inside for both Hanukkah and Christmas. Got the tree up and the menorah, the snowmen and reindeer and the dreidels. :-) Between that and my insane decorations for my cubicle at work I’m exhausted!

I finished all of my Christmas shopping on Friday. With the exception of a couple of things for John, I believe I bought everything online. I love home delivery instead of fighting the stupid crowds at the stores. I need to start getting everything wrapped, as the first of the parties starts this coming weekend. Yikes!

Sunday was grocery shopping. One thing we wanted to get was our Christmas duck. What I found at one store were frozen turduckens! I love turducken! I got all excited and called John over. I picked up a small one (maybe 6 lbs) and nearly dropped it when I saw the price - $60.00! And the larger ones were $90.00! Yeah, we went with the $22.00 duck.

Sunday was also "get caught up on TV day", plus I watched the 2 hour premiere of The Librarians with Noah Wylie and Christian Kane. Did any of you catch it? It's like National Treasure for the small screen. It was a fun ride! It was so good to see Christian on TV again. I still miss Leverage like crazy.

Here's a few pics of my holiday displays. Yes, the tree is up on a table. Because we have a cat. Enough said. ;-)

How was YOUR weekend?

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It's Christmas time at the office, which means it's time for me to decorate my cubicle! I've gotten bored with the same decorations I've done for the past two years so I decided to try something new - wrapping my entire cubicle in wrapping paper. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? LOL! It took me two hours yesterday morning and another two hours this morning. And that was just the paper! Took another hour and a half to get all the other decorations up. While I will NEVER do this again, it looks really freaking cool. And I've had all sorts of people stop by and tell me how much they love it. So I call Christmas 2014 a success!

What do you guys think?

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Currently listening to Jason Mann's new CD, "Christmas with Friends" that was just released today, featuring Richard Speight Jr., Julie McNiven, Jensen, Jared, Rob Benedict and Misha. It's awesome! Jared will never be a professional singer but he's good. And Jensen's voice makes me swoon. [sigh] Glad Misha got a goofy song like the 12 Days of Christmas. And I normally don't like Santa Baby but Julie did a good job. And Richard being Richard changed up the words a bit to Holly Jolly Christmas, talking about drinking beer. ;-)

And it's only $8.99 for the digital download at Amazon. Great price for a great bunch of songs. Thank you Jason for putting this together! Now if only there were some behind the scenes video of these recording sessions...

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Yes, Bean, there's a reason we put the Christmas tree up on a table this year! LOL! Nice try, little kitty!

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Just for the heck of it, I thought I'd share my favorite Christmas commercial, from Hershey chocolates:

Why is this my favorite commercial? Because I used to play the bells in church, for many years. Was the most nerve wracking thing I've ever done! LOL! I was always terrified I'd miss my note and ring the bell at the wrong time. So when Hershey ran this commercial for the first time, many, many years ago it instantly became my favorite. And I've been so thrilled they've shown it every Christmas since. I actually wait and wait to see this each year!

And then I laughed myself silly when I came across this spoof commercial someone made:

Anyone else have a favorite commercial?
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Morning, guys!

So yesterday I finally finished decorating my new cubicle at work for Christmas, and as promised, I have pictures!

Because of the way my cube is set up, I have this really long wall:

I cut out all those shapes from several pieces of paper and glued them all together. They turned out really good!

Yes, those ARE Star Wars Christmas bobble heads. :-)

Even more pics back here! You know you wanna see! )

So what about you guys? Do you decorate your desks for the holidays as well? Got any pics to share? I'd love to see!
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The outside of my house gets the same "holiday spirit" treatment as the inside. :-)

What's funny is, when we first moved in, about 4 years ago now, we were one of the only people on the block who decorated outside. Not sure if we inspired the neighbors or what, but now our block is all lit up! It's been great to see so many other people decorating.

What about you guys? Do you decorate the outside of your house?
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I mentioned the other day that I started decorating the inside of the house for Hanukkah and Christmas and I snapped a few pics that I thought I'd share.

First up, the tree. Yes, it's up on a table. Why? See that furry creature stretching up? Yeah, that would be why. :-)

Speaking of the cats, here are their new stockings:

Above them is my Christmas village. I painted all of the buildings myself:

Next to that is our Hanukkah display with the menorah and John's dreidel collection:

And last but not least, this is for [ profile] cadia58 who was amazed that I decorated my bathroom for Christmas, too. :-) This is my shower curtain:

Few more bathroom pics back here )

And there you have it! Still have more to put up around the house, but that wasn't bad for one day's work last Sunday. :-)

I've also got some pics of the outside of the house that I'll post in a bit.

Anyone have pics of their house all decorated for the holidays to share??
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Hey guys!

I hope all of you had a great Christmas yesterday. Because I'm a moron, I completely forgot to post the SPN Christmas card that I made, for those of you I couldn't actually mail one to.

So here it is, a day late:

Christmas Eve was nice. Went to yoga in the morning then just kinda relaxed around the house. Then hubby and I went out to dinner for seafood (yum!) and then did our annual drive around the surrounding neighborhoods to look at everyone's Christmas lights. Back at home we made hot chocolate and sat down and watched A Very Supernatural Christmas and the Leverage ep, the Ho, Ho, Ho Job. :-)

Christmas morning we opened up our gifts from our friends. [ profile] lausbub0402 sent yummy chocolate and delicious tea from Germany. Thank you, sweetheart!  Our friends from California sent John a really cute Hanukkah mug and plate with Mickey Mouse on it, and I got an amazing personalized drawing of Jedi Knight Mickey that I absolutely love.

Check it out:

I also got virtual gifts from [ profile] cadia58and [ profile] cadia58 and ecards from [ profile] digitalwave and [ profile] el1ie. Thank you, guys! {{HUGS}}

We went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 that afternoon and while I enjoyed it, I liked the first one much more. I felt there was too much time spent on guns and bombs and explosions than actual plot.

John made an incredibly delicious dinner of duck, carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing. YUM! Then later it was another mug of hot chocolate to end the holiday. But with no snow and temperatures nearly in the 40's, it was a very strange Christmas in Chicago!

Today's been busy. Needed to do laundry and make my birthday cake and pack for our 3-day mini vacation to the indoor waterpark resort to celebrate my birthday. We leave tomorrow morning and we'll be back the evening of the 29th. Can't wait!

Talk to you all when I get back!
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Just wanted to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for your friendship and support this year. You're all amazing and I feel very blessed to have all of you in my life. I wish you health and happiness this holiday season, no matter how you celebrate.

Before I head out with the hubby for dinner and our annual drive around town looking at all of the Christmas lights, here's where all of your cards are displayed in my house. Don't they all look festive hanging in my entryway?  :-)

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For all you cat lovers out there...

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Look at the lovely cards that arrived today! Many thanks to [ profile] nerthus, [ profile] the_other_sandy, [ profile] celtprincess13 and [ profile] gnitejboy. Merry Christmas, ladies!

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Look what the mailman brought me yesterday! Many thanks to [info]donelbo*, [info]khek* and [info]elsiecat for the Christmas cards and to [info]trillian276709 for the birthday card. :-)

Dominik - It's a good thing you told me to open it carefully or those stars would've been all over the living room! LOL! See you next summer, Husband #2. :-)

Kelly - Aww, there's Maggie, being all photogenic again. Hee!

Elsie - I think that is THE most beautiful card I've ever gotten.

Tara - Wow, thank you so much for the surprise birthday card! You're a sweetheart. :-)

Thanks also to BOTH of my Claudia's ([info]lausbub0402* and [info]cadia58*) - for the virtual cookie and ecard! How do you guys always time it that you email me one after another? :-)

The first night of Hanukkah was very nice. We lit our candle and I let John share the chocolate gelt my Jewish friend at work gave me. :-)  The hubby really liked his first gift - a new Michigan State winter jacket.

And now I'm off to work. It's our department lunch (at the Asian Pearl - yum!) and Secret Santa gift exchange. I have NO idea who got me this year, so it should be interesting!
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Boy, you guys have been giving my mailman a workout lately! Look at all the awesome cards I got yesterday from [ profile] tonicollins, [ profile] deanvica23 (with bonus SPN pics!), [ profile] trillian276709, [ profile] joygoddess, [ profile] feldspar2, [ profile] juneb and [ profile] hollylyn1217.  Happy Holidays, gals!

Laura - I laughed my BUTT off at the cat card. Somehow I think Mandy would give me the same look. :-)

Colette - Max Headroom FTW! OMG, I loved that show!

And I had to include a photo of Rita's cat, because his name is Castiel and is the cutest thing ever!

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Look what the mailman brought me on Saturday! Many thanks to [ profile] wolfpup2000, [ profile] morganslady, [ profile] driverptmusic, [ profile] winsangel and [ profile] duffy_99. Merry Christmas to you, too, ladies!

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This has been a good day. Let's see:

• It's Friday

• It's not only payday but we got our $600 Christmas bonus

• My boss and an annoying co-worker are both off today

• Then there's this….

And no, I didn't win by default. *g* There was a sudden flurry of decorating yesterday by four other people. My prize may have only been that virtual ribbon but the real reward was seeing people finally get into the Christmas spirit.

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The mailman brought me some goodies yesterday! First up were cards from [ profile] storm_grant and [ profile] raloria (with bonus SPN pic!). Thank you, ladies! Merry Christmas! And then I also got a box from [ profile] lausbub0402 with Christmas and birthday gifts in it. Yay! I promise to be a good girl, Claudia, and wait until the appropriate dates to open everything. :-)

And thank you [ profile] kyanoswolf for the virtual snowman cookie! Yum!

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I was messing around with my new little camera last night and took a few pics of my Christmas village and also of our Hanukkah display and thought I'd post them for you guys to see, too.

I started my Christmas village the first year John and I got married. Each building is hand painted by me. I'd buy a new building every year and I loved my new tradition. Only, I didn't count on the company going out of business! But at least I had fun for 10 years. :-)  Oh, those are the cats' stockings. *g*


One of the great things about being a multi-faith household is getting to decorate for twice as many holidays! Here's our Hanukkah display, with my husband's dreidel collection. He gets a new one from me each year. Can't wait til he sees the one I got for him this year.  :-)



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