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I'll never forgive TNT for canceling Leverage, so it kinda pisses me off that Christian's new show is also going to be on TNT. Hate to give that network another moment of my viewing time. Grrr… But it looks like I'll have to bit the bullet because I definitely want to see Christian again. And I thought the Librarian movies with Noah Wylie were pretty entertaining. And damn, does Christian look HOT with that short hair or what? Woot!

Christian Kane returns to TNT in "The Librarians," premiering this winter, but despite all the "Leverage" connections, don't expect to see him playing a similar role. On Thursday, Oct. 16, we uploaded our video interview with him previewing his character, Jake Stone, from New York Comic-Con.
Read on to see what Kane had to say about his character, how being brought into the Library changes him and more.

"My character is a lot like me. John wrote this with me in mind," Kane said of Jake Stone. "Where he grew up – it's not that much anymore – but he was ashamed of being smart, he was ashamed of knowing stuff that other people didn't know." He saw it as a curse, and it could be "embarrassing to be smart, to be the brainiac guy."

"There's a lot of beer drinking, a lot of bar brawling where I grew up, Christian Kane and Jake Stone," he explained. This "broken toy that's embarrassed of who he is" is added to the rest of the team of "broken toys," and they're sent on this journey together, where Jake realizes, "It's okay to be who I really am in life." With this new job, he finds people who accept him for who he is.

"[John's] brilliant because he's allowing you to come in, and that's one of the best things about entertainment," Kane added. "For me, watching a movie, if I can go into that movie and disappear from life for a while? Those are the movies that I love, and he does that with this TV show."

"The Librarians" premieres Dec. 7 on TNT.

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Are there any fellow Christian Kane fans here in the Chicago area?

Christian's new movie "50 to 1" is doing a cross country bus tour to different horse racing tracks, bringing along all the stars of the film. They're asking people to send them an email and tell them to come to your town.

There's a great track near me called Arlington Park (‎) that would be perfect for them to come to, so I've already sent them an email.

So if you're in the Chicago area and want to help get Christian here, please send them an email, too!

Here are the details:

Email your request to:

Include in the subject line:
50 to 1 Movie Tour - First and Last Name, Town, State & Zip Code.

Easy as that!
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Many thanks to [ profile] 1729trix for giving me the heads up about this 20 minute cooking show with Christian Kane. He makes a goat cheese and jalapeno stuffed burger. Looked yummy!

But I was like, dude, LOSE THE HAT! I love his hair and he's always keeping it covered up. Happens to be the same hat he was wearing when I met him two years ago.

How did I not know that Steve Carlson went to 4 years at a culinary school in Portland??

Christian gave a big shout-out to my hometown of Chicago! I had no idea he loved it here so much. He wanted to move here as a teenager. Hey Christian, we here love you, too, so WHY DON'T YOU PLAY HERE??

I hope that this is the first of many cooking shows he does!

I can't embed video from my phone, so here's the link to the website:

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So did you all hear my massive SQUEE about ten minutes ago when the Christian Kane photo ops from Bunker's Bar were posted? LOL!

OMG, I love how it turned out! I love the little smile on his face, which was right after his, "Damn awesome shirt" comment to me. And do you think MY smile is big enough? Ha!

[sigh] What a freaking awesome night that was and I'm so glad I have this (and the guitar pick!) as a memento. :-)

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Ok, so this is the only video I managed to capture at the Christian Kane concert and there's nothing wrong with your computer. There is NO SOUND. It was so loud in there that it just blew out the speakers in my crappy camera. But I just love the way this man moves on stage, and if you know the words to The House Rules you can figure out what he's saying. Plus I was just glad to get the "crotch grab" on film.  Heh.  Enjoy, and if I ever get to see him again, I'm taking my good camera with me!

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My fannish weekend was made of SO MUCH WIN I barely know where to start. :-)

I should start with the rest of my Friday, at the Star Trek convention, as I have my photo ops with Connor and Dominic to post, but I need to skip ahead to Saturday and the sheer awesomeness that was the Christian Kane concert. :-)

My best buddy [ profile] charityflint and I took a road trip from Chicago down to Nowheresville, IL aka Illiopolis on Saturday. It was about a three hour drive and we checked into our hotel just in time to meet up with [ profile] wilde_moon and her mom for dinner before we all headed off to Bunker's Bar, which was pretty much in the middle of a cornfield. :-)

We got there just after the doors opened at 7 pm and the parking lot was already packed. I was a bit worried, but the bar was actually really big with plenty of room for the concert. We got up really close to the stage, only three or four people back, pretty much dead center. And somehow amidst all the people [ profile] sian265 managed to find me. I'm so happy we got to meet and chat for a bit!

We stayed through the first opening band then Charity and I headed off to Christian's meet and greet, leaving [ profile] wilde_moon and her mom to save our spots near the stage. The M&G started off as a huge clusterfuck as no one from Bunkers knew what was going on. They finally got their act together and herded us all outside. Now keep in mind it was about 45 degrees out and most of us are only wearing t-shirts. Thank god we were at the front of the pack and only had to stand outside for maybe 10 minutes before Christian (looking kinda like a homeless man in hat, gloves, winter jacket and about three shirts) and the rest of the band arrived and the M&G began.

To tell you I was nervous was an understatement as it inched closer to my turn. I thought for sure I was going to swallow my tongue and not be able to speak. But Charity gave me courage as she went first, got her photo taken, chatted and had her item autographed, walking away with a smile. And then it was my turn. I thought it was so cute that with every person he held out his hand as you approached and said, "Hi, I'm Christian Kane."  LOL! Yes, we know who you are. :-)  Anyway, I was wearing my red "Hitter" Leverage t-shirt and his face lit up and he says, "That's one damn awesome shirt. Let's make sure we get the whole thing in the photo." Hee!  And then his arm went around me and I'm surprised my knees didn't buckle. As he was signing my photo I finally found my voice and I told him that I didn't ever think I'd have the opportunity to meet him. He looked up with a soft smile and said, "Awww? Really?" I nodded and told him with a grin that I'd been watching him on TV since Rescue 77. That totally got him and he smiled really big and laughed and opened up his arms and said, "C'mere and give me a hug."  

OMG, CHRISTIAN KANE HUGGED ME! SQUEE!!  It was so totally unexpected and completely amazing. The man gives good hugs! LOL! Oh, and he smells really good, too. *g* Then he stepped back and said, "We're gonna rock this place tonight. You enjoy yourself."

I swear to you I was floating on Cloud 9 as I walked past the rest of the band members (minus Steve who was elsewhere in the bar) who were sitting at tables eating, and met up with Charity. Now THAT was the way to start off the evening! That $100 was money damn well spent. :-)

And the evening only got better from there. Christian came out at about 10:30 pm (having shed all but one layer *g*) and played until midnight and they rocked the house. I was in sheer awe as I stood there, just a few feet away from him and watched him sing for the first time ever. They were AMAZING. I was really blown away. I loved all the songs they played and was pleasantly surprised to hear songs like Fade and Happy Man. And I was thrilled I finally got to see the infamous crotch grab in person during House Rules. Ha! Even got it on video! It was so evident by the look on Christian's face throughout the concert just how appreciative he is of all his fans, and he said so several times and I knew he really meant it.

Then right before the concert was over Christian flipped a guitar pick into the audience, right out in front of him, where I was standing. I jumped up in the air, but it was so damn dark in there I missed it but felt it hit my hand. Everyone around me starts looking on the floor and I found it, right next to my foot. I FREAKING GOT CHRIS KANE'S GUITAR PICK! I'm telling you, that was just the cherry on top of an out of this world first concert experience. :-)

So yes, an amazing time was had by all. The four of us left there tired, feet aching from standing for five hours, most of it dancing, our ears ringing from how loud the music was, but all with smiles on our faces. :-)

The small camera I had with me didn't take the best photos, and the lighting in there was horrible (red, blue, green and purple lights - really Bunkers??) but I managed to get a few of Christian and Steve. Here's a few and the rest are under the cut.

I hope they post the official meet and greet photos at Christian's website soon. Please let it have turned out well!

My VIP badge and guitar pick:


More Christian and Steve back here! )
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Today is the start of what's going to be one of my most fun fandom weekends ever!

It all starts a little later today, when I head to Creation's Star Trek convention here in Chicago to see these two gorgeous men:


Their private meet and greet is the very first event of the day so it's gonna be WHAM! in your face Trip Tucker and Malcom Reed! LOL! Here's hoping I'm not too nervous to speak to them. :-)  I'll be going to both their panels and then photo ops with them both as well.  It's going to be so strange going to a con by myself. I'm always with a bunch of friends. And since I could care squat about anything else actually going on I'm going to have a lot of downtime since they've got everything so spaced out I need to be there from noon til around 6pm.

Then it's home to watch Supernatural and finish packing for my roadtrip with [info]charityflint on Saturday morning to Illiopolis, IL to see THIS gorgeous man in concert for the first time ever! WOOT!

Words cannot describe how excited I am to finally meet Christian Kane. The confirmation for the VIP meet and greet finally showed up yesterday, so I'm all set with that. Sounds like it's gonna be a long night. Doors open at 7 pm but the meet and greet isn't until 9 pm and there had to be at least 50 people on the list, so good lord is the concert not starting until 10:30 or something? Thank goodness Charity and I decided to get a hotel and spend the night down there and not drive back the 3-4 hours.

Really looking forward to meeting up with [info]wilde_moon* and her awesome mom and also [info]sian265. Anyone else from my flist going to be at Bunkers Bar?

I hope to have pics and/or video from the concert posted probably on Monday.

So yeah, it's going to be a weekend filled with awesome-ness! LET THE FUN BEGIN!

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Morning, everyone!

I wanted to take a minute and rec you guys a fantastic story that my very good friend [ profile] hollylyn1217 just posted.

Title: Between You And Me
Author:  Holly Lyn
Rating:  NC-17
Pairings:  Chris/Steve
Word Count:  23,616 (total)
Summary: When friendship becomes something more and is tested by outside influences, can two souls remain true or will the fates step in and divide them?

If you like Chris/Steve and especially first time stories with a side of h/c, then run, don't walk, over to Holly's LJ and have yourself a fabulous read. :-)

P.S. - on a completely different note, I want to thank [ profile] lausbub0402 for the easter eggs, [ profile] cadia58 for the chocolate bunnies and [ profile] el1ie for the adorable e-card. I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter, too! {{HUGS}}

P.P.S. - in honor of the rockin' ep that was Frontierland, I decided to make a new header - [ profile] agt_spooky  [ profile] agt_spooky  [ profile] agt_spooky
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Hey all you Chris Kane fans! Check out this fantastic new interview he did at, and also this fabulous photo, taken by Beth Riesgraf!

Many thanks to my friend [ profile] hollylyn1217 for the heads up!

portrait of an artist: christian kane

NOOO!!! Eliot can't rip this guy's leg off and beat the other three guys with it! )
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From comes information on "Eliot's" singing debut on Leverage!

BIGGER PICTURE GROUP/NASHVILLE artist and actor CHRISTIAN KANE will perform an original song called “Thinking Of You” on the SUNDAY (7/18) episode of TNT’s “Leverage,” in which he stars as ELIOT SPENCER. Immediately following the episode airing at 9p (ET), fans can download the song on iTUNES.


I cannot WAIT for this episode to hear Chris singing!! And this is a NEW song, isn't it? I don't recognize the title.
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Ok, where are all my Chris Kane devotees? :-)

For the first time I'm putting Chris in a Jensen/Jared story I'm currently working on. They're going to be going to a small concert Chris is putting on and I'm trying to figure out what songs I want Chris to be singing.

Awhile back a friend of mine sent me a CD with a bunch of Chris's songs on it, but some of them, for some reason, are only parts of the songs.

Does anyone have "What My Heart Says", "Let Me Go", and "Still Comin' Down" for download? Pretty please? :-)
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Holy crap, the Leverage set is a dangerous place to work! First Chris gets 17 stitches in his head and now this, from Chris's twitter:

Another player goes to the ER... Dean should just buy us an on set ambulance. I could paint Kane on it and tour in it at wrap...

Ouch! But LOL! Wonder who went down this time??

Can't you just see the ambulance as Kane's new tourbus? Ha!
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Well it looks like Jensen had a better weekend than I did, showing up at Dante's in Portland, Oregon to see Chris Kane perform and to help wish Chris a happy birthday:

Saw the pics of Jensen actually singing at the mic with Steve Carlson, BUT WHERE IS THE VID OF IT?? Who, me, greedy? ;-) Couple of my friends were there - [ profile] candygramme and [ profile] gilesgirl - and my jealousy knows no bounds! You are a couple of lucky ladies, for sure. :-)

And it's exciting to know that the boys are back up in Vancouver, getting ready to start filming season five. BRING IT ON!
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From the Kung Fu Monkey blog:

Why is Chris Wearing a Hat in #207

Because somebody who insists on doing his own goddam stunts cut his forehead to the goddam BONE in a fight scene, to the tune of a severed muscle, bone bruise and 17 stitches. Back at work the next day, but damn, we've got to start putting padding around the set.

To be honest, it doesn't look all that bad. Because, of course, he decided to take the damn stitches out early. Himself.

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So I got an envelope in the mail from my dear friend [ profile] hollylyn1217, and when I opened it, out fell Christian Kane! LOL! And how appropriate, since today is the season finale of Leverage. :-)

Anyway, inside the envelope was a two-page article on Chris from Country Weekly magazine, talking about his cooking abilities and also a bit about Leverage. It also includes the recipe for Chris's "Rattlesnake Steak and Bites".

And I'll tell you, based on this quote: "I just know I can make a three course meal at home, and I enjoy that more" - Chris, you can cook for ME anytime! :-)

Click on the thumbnails for the full size versions.

Enjoy and bring on The Second David Job tonight!

Photobucket Photobucket
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Leverage FTW last night!

And that line above by Hardisan to Parker was hands down my favorite. :-) Speaking of those two, do they not make the cutest couple or what? Parker's a bit of a flake *g* so it's not always easy to know what she's thinking, but it's so completely obvious that Hardisan is into her, big time. :-)

Can I say how much I just LOVE Kevin Tighe? Ever since I was a kid, and watching Emergency!, while everyone else was falling all over Johnny, it was all about Roy DeSoto for me. :-) Heck, Emergency! was my direct inspiration for Light My Fire! So yeah, loved to see Kevin last night. :-)

I just thought it was an all around good episode (Eliot? Can I give you an ice pack? Ouch!) and a great set up for the second part of the season finale next week. And then no more new episodes till summer! Sob!

What did you guys think of The First David Job?
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Hey guys!

Here's a nice new interview with Chris Kane from the site, along with some great pics, too!

Bring on the episode tonight!

10 Minutes and 10 Questions with Christian Kane )

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New episodes, SUMMER 2009! WOOT!

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From TVOvermind:
Second Second Season For Leverage!

Second Season For Leverage!

In the category of best news we’ve heard all day, Leverage has received a second season pickup!  TNT announced today that it has renewed the show for a 15 episode run, which will begin this year.  That is two more episodes than TNT ordered for season one.

Leverage has average 3.2 million viewers since its December 7th premiere.  The premiere garnered the most viewers, with 5.6 million tuning in to see what Timothy Hutton and Crew had to offer.

Leverage airs on TNT, Tuesdays, at 10/9 central.  It stars Oscar winner Timothy Hutton, Aldis Hodge, Beth Riesgraf, Christian Kane, and Gina Bellman.  There are four new episodes left to air from season one, starting this Tuesday night with, “The Juror # 6 Job”.

From TNT:

“LEVERAGE is great entertainment,” said Michael Wright, senior vice president in charge of the content creation group for TNT, TBS and TCM. “It’s fast-paced, smart and just great fun. Dean Devlin directed the pilot to perfection. Timothy Hutton is outstanding, and he and the cast around him have a great chemistry. This is a new genre for us in our series efforts, and it’s great to be able to tackle it with Dean. His Librarian movies for TNT have been huge successes. We couldn’t be happier having him and John Rogers bring that same sense of style and storytelling to us in series form.”

Wow, not only do we get the gift of a second season of this fantastic show, but it will air this year?  Someone better pinch me, because I think I might be dreaming.  Christmas has come really early this year for this viewer!


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