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It's National Cat Day! In honor of all my girls, three of whom are now gone, who brought endless joy into my life, and Bean who continues to do so. Love you Mandy, Mac, Chloe and Bean. :-)

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Apparently I'm not allowed into the closest tonight to put away my laundry as there is a furry doorstop in the way....

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"Dad? Dad, are you done with the iPad yet? Can you turn on the fish game for me? Dad? Dad, are you listening to me?"

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A random picture of Bean because she was being so adorable yesterday as I played "Peek-a-Boo" with her in her favorite pop-up cube. So darn cute!

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So…my three year-old kitten Bean has a boyfriend.

My neighbor moved in late last fall. He has a gorgeous orange tabby tomcat that he lets outside (which I really object to for the cat's health and safety. We have coyotes in our yards!). We've seen the cat many times wandering through our yard and on our porch and at the front windows. But Bean has missed him every single time. Until last week.

It was really sunny out, so John had opened up the vertical blinds on our sliding glass door in the kitchen. But the actual door was closed. Bean wandered in and found a patch of sun and sprawled out to take a nap. When suddenly the orange tabby appears on the porch. He walked right up to the door and sat down. I expected Bean to freak out. Hissing, growling, something. But nope. The two of them just sat there staring at one another, completely silent for like, 30 minutes! Then the tabby gave a meow and wandered back home.

Then yesterday happened. The temperatures shot up into the 70's. (I was at work and John called me to tell me all this). John opened up the window in the living room to finally get some fresh air in the house. Bean immediately jumped on the windowsill like she always does. Suddenly there was the tabby right at the screen!  John said they pressed their little noses together and sniffed away. Once again there was no hissing or growling or anything. Just complete curiosity. They sat there for a good long time just looking at one another and being friendly before he once again gave a meow and went back home.

Here I thought I wouldn't have to deal with dating because I have a cat and not a child! LOL!

As much as I don't like to see the tabby outside I'm curious to see if he'll keep coming around now that he knows Bean is there. 

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So Bean was being particularly cute the last couple days and I snapped a few pics that I wanted to share. Because who doesn't like cute cat pics, right? :-)

Here she is "helping" me make the bed with brand new sheets I had just bought.

And this one is hysterical. Here she is laying next to my "I Have A Bean" hat! LOL! I think she knew it referred to her. *g*

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Check it out! My little Bean won a spot in the 2015 "365 Cats" page a day calendar! It arrived in the mail on Saturday. So proud of her for being so photogenic. :-) Now this means that all three of my girls have been in this calendar. What are the chances of that??

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Sat down with the iPad last night to surf LJ and instead found myself with a lapful of cat, laying ON the iPad. So…selfie time! LOL! Say hello to everyone, Bean!

This was a little bit later. She's either yawning and telling me it's time for bed or yelling at me to turn off the Cooking Channel and turn on Animal Planet. I'm not sure which. :-)

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Bean now has a favorite place to lay in the new house. On the shelf in the shower. Watching me when I'm on the toilet.

Case in point:

[sigh] Is no place sacred anymore?? LOL!

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Finished getting my office put together at the new house yesterday and Bean apparently approves of my new bookcase and the placement under the window. :-)

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You ever get the feeling that you're being….watched?

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Apparently my briefcase is now a cat bed. Either that or it's Take Your Cat to Work Day and I didn't realize it! :-)

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And people wonder why we spoil her. :-) 'Cause she's got us wrapped around that little kitty paw of hers! LOL!


Mar. 7th, 2014 05:10 am
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"No, Mom, I'm not on top of the refrigerator. I'm...levitating. Yeah, that's it!"

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Bean was being especially cute last night, so naturally I had to take some pictures. I showed them to her and she's like, "Mom, you have to post these!" Who am I to resist that little face? :-)

I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom, tying my shoes and she decided to take a flying leap onto my dresser and made herself right at home on top of my books.

Don't you just want to rub that little belly? *g*

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Yes, Bean, there's a reason we put the Christmas tree up on a table this year! LOL! Nice try, little kitty!

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1995 - 2013

We lost our beautiful baby girl on Monday. Mandy's health had been declining this year. We knew it was cancer, the same that it had been with Mac and Chloe. She was 18 years old and we didn't want to put her through surgery, etc. because we knew it wasn't going to matter. We knew our time with her was growing short and we wanted her to go on her own terms, when she was ready. This weekend she decided it was time. It was like someone flipped a switch. She was fine on Friday then stopped eating and drinking on Saturday and Sunday. She slipped away in her sleep on Monday afternoon, John by her side, petting her. I'm so thankful he was there at home so she wasn't alone.

Needless to say, we're heartbroken and devastated. We haven't really gotten over losing Chloe and now Mandy is gone as well. She was our faithful companion for 16 years and she will be forever in our hearts. Now she's reunited with Mac and Chloe and for that I'm thankful. And I know we'll see all of them some day.

Rest in Peace my Mandy-Mandy, our little panther. We love you.
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It was one year ago today that we brought little Bean home from the animal shelter. And what a year it's been! LOL!

John and I went to an adoption event at the shelter where we saw many kittens. And then we saw Bean. She was the runt of her litter and the only one not adopted. She was tiny, underweight and had a food allergy that was pretty much being ignored. But when she reached through the bars of the cage and grabbed onto the brim of my hat with her little paws I was lost. :-)

We'd never had a kitten before, our other cats having been adults when we adopted them, so this last year has been a learning experience! Some good, some not so good, but one look at that cute little face and we wouldn't change a thing. :-)

Speaking of changes, look how much she's grown!

Here she is, the very first day we brought her home:

And one month later: with the proper diet and lots of loving care she put on weight and is already much healthier.

And finally today, one year later: my little girl has grown up so fast!

One year down and many more to come, and I know you'll always keep us on our toes, baby Bean!
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Oh, Bean, never stop being a kitten. You're an endless source of entertainment on a daily basis. :-)

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Sometimes they're just so darn cute you can't help but take pics of them. :-)

Bean was being particularly adorable last night when she followed me into the bedroom, jumping on the dresser, the bed, etc. She was actually making a nuisance of herself, but one look at that little face and all is forgiven. :-)

Double the Bean, double the fun!

Which book should we read next, Bean? Pick a good one!

Teaching Bean to play the shell game. Didn't work so well as she then took off with one of the cups and stuffed it under the bed

And now, exhausted from all her rambunctiousness, it's time for a nap

How boring would our lives be without our pets? ♥

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