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Now that December is over, so is my Ask Me Anything meme, so I thought I’d make a Master Post of all of the questions that were sent my way, and my answers. Let’s play Twenty Questions and get to know me!

ASK ME ANYTHING - Day One - [ profile] tracys_dream gave me the topic of Travis Aaron Wade.

Ah, Cole. I really feel sorry for him. His whole life was dedicated to killing Dean to avenge his father's death. Then it was all taken away from him. It would be like Dean and Sam and the Yellow Eyed demon. Dean gets ready to pull the trigger and the YED's like, "Wait it wasn't me, I was possessed!" or something along those lines. Imagine how that would feel.

I'm glad that Dean sent Cole back home to his family, but I doubt we've seen the last of him. Now that his eyes have been opened to the monsters around him. I get the feeling that Cole is the character they're going to base the next spin-off idea around.

ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Two -  [ profile] vyperdd asks - You can invite 5 people, living or dead, real or fictional to a dinner party. Who do you invite and what would you serve???

Ooh, that would be Sherlock Holmes, artist MC Escher, Ewan McGregor, Han Solo and Dean Winchester.

Hmmm…with that manly group it's gotta be meat - BBQ ribs, burgers, steak. Baked potatoes or fries. Perhaps a veggie or salad for something green. Oh and PIE! :-)

ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Three - [ profile] aerynsun5 asks - What led you to do what you do for a living?

Two amazing art teachers I had, one in grade school and the other in high school. I'd always had a creative side, and these two teachers really brought it out in me and I flourished. I knew from grade 3 that I was going to be an artist. And sure enough, here I am 20 years later, still working as a graphic designer. And I also need to give props to the photography teacher I also had in high school. It's because of him that I've developed a love of that as well.

More questions back here! )
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Twenty One - [ profile] pattrose wants to know if I had to write one New Years Eve story for fan fic, who would it be for? And why? (What fandom would you write the story in.)

I would have to say Star Trek: Enterprise, an Archer/Tucker story. Mainly because that whole series was about "firsts" and it would be nice to write a story about the crew's first New Year's Eve in deep space, away from their friends and family on Earth, making it a bonding moment for all of them. And then ending it with Archer and Tucker in the captain's quarters doing some "bonding" of their own with champagne while Malcolm sets off some explosions outside instead of fireworks as the clock strikes midnight. :-)
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Twenty - [ profile] fifimom wants to know how do I write, bake, travel, work and all the other things I do? Am I just super organized?

I actually have several dozen clones. I grow them in my basement. What? Don't believe me? :-)

Okay, okay…I'm actually super organized. That's one thing that my father instilled in me from a very early age. You also wouldn't like me when I'm bored. Just ask my husband. :-) I truly can't stand to be doing nothing for an extended period of time. That's why I'm always taking art classes or police classes or yoga or traveling to conventions, etc. Sometimes I feel like I over-extend myself but for the most part I'm really good at planning and finances, etc.

It also helps that I don't have any children. I couldn't do half of what I do if I had kids to take care of. My cat is enough! And then there's my husband, John. He takes care of so much stuff around the house, giving me the free time to do all of my extra curricular activities. Love him for that. Like I said, he hates it when I'm bored!

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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Nineteen - [ profile] bluewolf458 wants to know about the problems of having a birthday so close to Christmas

Do you have about an hour? ;-)  It pretty much starts and ends with people just simply forgetting about you. Christmas, New Years - oh wait, was Barb's birthday somewhere in there? Yeah I've gotten birthday wishes in February.

It really sucked when I was a kid in school. All the other kids got a party but since mine was over Christmas break I got nothing.

Then there's the "combo gift". It's almost always wrapped in Christmas paper. "Here's one gift for your birthday and Christmas!" Really? Can't wait to see YOUR face when I hand you a present wrapped in Christmas paper in May or June for YOUR birthday and say it's a combo gift! How do ya like them apples?

Then there's the weather, living in Chicago in the winter. While other people get to have pool parties for their birthdays I'm lucky if I can even get out of the house because of all the snow and ice. Really puts a damper on celebrating.

I think those are pretty much the highlights of why having a birthday so close to Christmas sucks. On the other hand I could be my Aunt Pat. Her birthday is Christmas Eve. So it could always be worse. :-)
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Eighteen - [ profile] cadia58 wants to know when I'm reborn what life am I going to choose and what do I want learn over that new lifespan?

Wow! Deep! :-) I actually do believe in reincarnation, though. I would choose the road not taken in this life (a career in science instead of art), to learn that I should have followed my dreams in this life. Or, you know…come back as a cat that was as loved and pampered as all of my girls were and live my life without a care in the world. :-)

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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Seventeen - [ profile] gorkonelka wants to know my favorite X-mas song that has some special meaning to me.

My absolute favorite Christmas song is Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful sung in Latin).

I love to sing. From the time I was a little kid I was always singing in the choirs in school. When I got to high school I joined the freshman chorus. It was that winter, for our Christmas performance, I saw the Senior choir perform for the first time. All of the lights were turned off in the auditorium and they entered from the back, each carrying a candle and singing Adeste Fideles a cappella as they walked to the front stage. I was blown away. It sent shivers up my spine it was so magical and beautiful. It was that moment, right then, that I was determined to be good enough to audition for the Senior choir because I wanted to be singing that song.

And guess what? Three years later it was ME carrying that candle, singing Adeste Fideles. So that song will always hold a special place in my heart. :-)

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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Sixteen - [ profile] pattrose - says "I love the Sentinel fandom, but do you find that you have less time for Sentinel now? Or is it just because you might have more shows to watch now?"

After watching Richard Burgi's new movie Fatal Instinct a few weeks ago it really, really made me miss TS. So I took out my S1 DVDs and started rewatching from the beginning. And it reinvigorated my love for Jim and Blair all over again! Because yes, with more and more new shows over the years (especially Supernatural) my attention was diverted elsewhere. But I have never EVER lost my devotion to TS. It's always been deep down inside me. I mentioned earlier this week for the meme that Sentinel will always, always be my favorite fandom, no matter how many years go by, or how many shows I watch. There's just something magical about TS. And all us devoted fans. :-)

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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Seventeen - [ profile] aerysun5 wants to know who was my most influential teacher and why?

Honestly, that would have to be a three-way tie between Ms. Lee, Mr. Schwartz and Ms. Andresen.

Ms. Lee was my first grade art teacher and Mr. Schwartz was my art teacher all the way through four years of high school. They both saw the creativity inside me and encouraged me and gave me the confidence to believe that I could go into art as a profession. And here I am, working as a graphic designer for the past 20 years!

Ms. Andresen was my sixth and seventh grade English teacher. She's the one that saw in me my gift for storytelling. I'd always loved writing short little things in grade school but I really flourished under her guidance. And now I'm writing professionally! She's also the one who got me started with my love of law enforcement. Her daughter was an FBI agent. I became Ms. Andresen's student assistant and would stay after school to help out with things and she'd tell me stories about cases her daughter had worked on. I was fascinated! And here I am now taking one citizen police and fire academy class after another AND writing about men in uniform. :-)
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Sixteen - [ profile] samazon13 wants to know what is my dream job and why?

That would be working for the FBI in their Forensics department. I was torn between science and art in high school. I excelled at both of them. While I love art and have  made a good 20 year career out of it, if I could do it over I'd choose science. Honestly, if shows like CSI had been on back when I was in school it would've been no contest. I've always had this love of law enforcement (which is why I love shows like CSI, I take all those citizen police and fire academy classes and write stories about firemen and cops) and I feel like I've missed my true calling. I did go so far as to get an application for the FBI field office here in Chicago, about 10 years ago but never followed through, and that's my fault. I convinced myself I couldn't pass the physical (because I'm small and skinny) and had a degree in art. Why would they want me? And now I'm too old (age 40 is the limit to apply).

So since my ultimate dream job is off the table, I'd settle for becoming a world-famous writer. That's still possible! :-)
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Fifteen - [ profile] raloria - wants to know what's my favorite spot in my new home?

Sitting in my recliner in the living room looking straight out at the lake and trees. So pretty and calming. The sunsets I've seen since we moved in over the summer have been breathtaking. I need to start taking some pictures!

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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Fourteen - [ profile] pattrose wants to know what is the weather like in December in Chicago. Do I love it? Or do I wish I could retire somewhere warm?

In a word - HORRIBLE. Freezing cold, at least a couple of feet of snow, plus ice. December is absolutely miserable here. So yes, I certainly hope I can retire elsewhere! But I'd actually love to head the the pacific northwest - Oregon or Seattle. They still get winter there but it's nothing like what we have here. And the breathtaking scenery would be worth it anyway!
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Thirteen - [ profile] candygramme - wants to know what am I going to be eating for Christmas dinner, and what's my favourite Christmas treat that I only ever have then?

I'll be having roasted duck, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots and stuffing for dinner. Yum!

As for a treat, my birthday (on the 28th) is always so intertwined with Christmas that it's my birthday cake that I only get once a year - Milky Way. I live for this cake!

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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Twelve - [ profile] vyperdd asks  - I'd love to know what your ultimate convention line-up would be, from any fandom you've ever loved either still on the air or not. What questions would you like to ask certain guests, what would you have them sign, how would you pose in photo ops? Would you pair up certain guests on panels or have all solo ones? And lastly, you are given three private meet&greets, just you and the guest for an hour. Who do you choose?

Wow! Now this is a complex question. :-) I'm going to take it in a bit of a different ultimate convention line up would be along the lines of DragonCon or Wizard World, with a bunch of different actors/actresses from different shows:

X-Files: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson
The Sentinel: Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart
Smallville: Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum and Allison Mack
Houston Knights: Michael Pare and Michael Beck
Star Trek Enterprise: Scott Bakula and Connor Trinneer
Doctor Who: John Barrowman, David Tennant, Billie Piper and Freema
Leverage: Christian Kane, Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf
Stargate: Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks
Merlin: Bradley James and Colin Morgan
Supernatural: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Starsky and Hutch: Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul
Arrow: Stephen Amell, Emily Bett-Rickards

I'd want all sorts of goofy photo ops. And if any of the guests could pick me up (I'm about 100 lbs. soaking wet) that would be freaking awesome.

Three private meet and greets: Scott Bakula, Richard Dean Anderson and David Tennant

What would I have them sign?
X-Files: my Rolling Stone magazine with DD and GA on the cover
The Sentinel: my Red Heron poster
Smallville: my "Book of Memories" scrapbook I made
Houston Knights: my cowboy hat
Star Trek Enterprise: the script from Desert Crossing
Stargate: my previous photo ops with both Richard and Michael
Supernatural: my Impala model car
Starsky and Hutch: my S&H t-shirt

As for panels, I'd definitely be pairing everyone up per fandom. Panels are always so much more fun when the actors and actresses can play off one another. And some have crossovers, like Connor with Stargate, Aldis with Supernatural, John with Arrow, etc.

This was a really fun topic, thank you! Now if only I could make this convention come true…. :-)
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Eleven - [ profile] fifimom wants to know what is my all time favorite fandom?

That would be The Sentinel, hands down. It was on from 1996-1999, starring Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart. It was about a cop (Burgi) with hyperactive senses called a Sentinel and an anthropology student (Maggart) who was his Guide. It was such a great buddy-buddy show. And I've never been so heavily involved in a fandom and I doubt I ever will be again. Those were the most amazing 4 years of my life. :-)

1 Flight006
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Ten - [ profile] gorkonelka wants to know about girls in SPN. Do I like those characters, Meg? Ellen? Jo? Abadon? Tell us something about that?

Oooh, another loaded question for me! I've really liked several women on the show - Mary Winchester (young and older), Jessica, Meg (only the FIRST one), Tessa, Anna, Ellen, Jody, Naomi, Becky, Charlie, plus a whole ton of one time female guest stars. To me, those were all strong characters played by equally strong women.

Then there's the other end of the spectrum, the female characters I can't stand - Ruby (BOTH of them), Bela, Meg (the second one), Lisa, Jo (actually I ended up kind of liking her right before they killed her off), whatever the vet's name was that Sam hooked up with, Abbadon (well, I'm really more on the fence with her).

My hatred for Bela and both versions of Ruby actually made me stop watching the show. I thought they were horribly written and horribly acted. Thankfully no female characters since then have been so awful they've made me stop watching.

I just think SPN is very hit and miss when it comes to female characters. And those that they DO get right are only around for one episode or are killed off after just two or three.
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Nine - [ profile] maguie has food questions for me!

Are you a sweet person or salt person? - Oh SWEET, all the way!

What's your favorite restaurant in Chicago - L'Eiffel Bistrot and Creperie

What you love to cook - I'm not a very good cook but I love to bake (cakes, cupcakes, cookies, whoopie pies)

What you love to order in a restaurant - if duck is on the menu I'll be getting that for sure! Oh and I'm a sucker for a really good chocolate shake.

Favorite dessert - Milky Way cake

Do you like Chinese food, italian food? - Chinese definitely. Plus I love French, Greek, Indian, Italian and Jewish

There are still a few dates left if you'd like to get in on the action and ask me a question!

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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Eight - [ profile] fifimom wants to know if I'm still enjoying Supernatural?

Oooh, that's a loaded question! LOL! My love-hate relationship with SPN since season six is pretty well known. I really WANT to enjoy SPN this season because I hated last season SO much, because of how Sam treated Dean (I wouldn't save you, you're not my brother). And we're all just supposed to forget about that when Sam says "I lied" in the finale last season. Sorry, but I just can't forget that. So unfortunately that's completely coloring my view of this season. Which is a shame, because the episodes have been good and the brother banter is back, but it just rings very hollow to me because of Sam's actions. If last season hadn't happened I'd really be enjoying this one.

BUT even if I'm not madly in love with the show anymore, I still love the fandom and all of YOU. :-)
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Seven - [ profile] aerysun5 wants to know how did I begin pro writing?

My good friend Gina, who was also a fellow fanfic writer took the plunge, had great success and kept poking me until I gave pro writing a shot, too. Simple as that! And here I am, five years later and still going strong!
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Six - [ profile] gorkonelka - wants to know what would I like to see happen on Supernatural? Some idea you have in your mind?

Honestly, I want Dean to have a season long story arc where HE is front and center. Not just three episodes (like Demon Dean) and we're right back to having all the focus on Sam. Why does Sam get arcs that last for at least 11-12 episodes on a consistent basis?

I'd love it if Benny came back. If Dean had to go back to Purgatory to rescue him and the story arc revolved around he and Dean.

Since I know that'll never happen [sigh] how about an idea for the next proposed spin-off? I'd love it if it were a prequel to SPN. With a young John on the road raising young Sam and Dean, taking them on hunts, meeting younger Bobby, etc. I'd love a better insight into John. I'd watch that spinoff in a heartbeat!
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ASK ME ANYTHING - Day Five - [ profile] gorkonelka - wants to know about my favorite SPN related song, vid, pic.

Oh wow, hard one! If we're talking songs that have been on the show, I've always loved Renegade from Nightshifter. It was just the most perfect song to use at that moment at the end of the episode. I've had Renegade as my cell phone ring tone ever since!

Favorite picture? This is more Jensen and Jared related than Sam and Dean, but have you seen all of [ profile] wolfpup2000's "bonus" photos she gets of the J's at all of the conventions? Freaking priceless and hysterical, all of them!

Favorite vid? I have to plug my friend [ profile] charityflint's vid set to the Goo Goo Doll's song We'll Be Here (When You're Gone), set back in season 1 and 2.


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