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I honestly wasn't sure this was ever going to happen! And the episodes had better be in the CORRECT ORDER on the DVDs.

I hear it has a blooper reel! SQUEE!

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Be still my beating heart! Karl Urban just signed on today to appear at DragonCon in Atlanta in August! This is now worth my entire price of admission to the convention. :-)  To say I'm getting a photo op with him is a given. SQUEE! Now we can only hope that they'll get Michael Ealy as well. [fingers crossed]  I'm sure Karl's autograph line will be insanely long, but I'm sure going to give it a shot, because I want to tell him how much I loved Almost Human.
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I'm sure you all read this news last night and started throwing things at your computer like I did. I'm so pissed off I barely have words right now.

I hate FOX so much. They deliberately set this show up to fail from Day One when they showed it completely out of order and pre-empted it for weeks at a time. So I expected the worst when it didn't get renewed in that first round of shows. But then lately things started to look much more positive, with several entertainment sites reporting things looked very good for renewal.

So the news last night came as a bit of a slap in the face. Screw you, FOX, for stringing us fans along for months now. Once again you're showing how idiotic you are when it comes to genre shows like Firefly and Space: Above and Beyond. You're throwing away "bromance" GOLD with Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. Not to mention a show that had so much potential for so many different story lines.

Can't wait to see what piece of crap they decide to put in its place next season. Probably a reality show that cost half of what AH did, because it always comes down to money.

I feel really sorry for Karl and Michael. It's obvious they enjoyed working together and they didn't deserve to be treated like they were. No one on the show did.

And neither did we.

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This was just posted at yesterday:

Death Watch 2014: Spring survival odds


Almost Human: While far from a lock, we’re hearing the network is leaning toward booting up robot cop drama for a second season.


Sounds pretty positive to me! So c'mon, FOX, just give us a Yes or No, one way or another so we can stop holding our breath!
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A friend of mine on Facebook went to Karl's panel yesterday at Emerald City con. I asked her if he mentioned Almost Human & she said:

The talks are still going on. Should know within 4 weeks according him. He didn't say how promising it looked but the fact the talks are still going on is good

At least we know the show's not dead! Lets keep our fingers crossed for good news!

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Head on over to and vote to keep Almost Human! Click through to Number 3 for Dorian and Kennex. So far we're at 60% to Keep it.


THE CASE FOR KEEPING | Kennex and Dorian, hands down. The growing friendship between the detective and his android is the futuristic drama's most compelling component.

THE CASE FOR CUTTING | The network's decision to air the first season out of order, coupled with too few payoffs on the mythology (where's Kennex's lady? what's going on over the wall?), created a disconnect that doesn't exactly have us clamoring for a second go.

Leg = Love

Mar. 4th, 2014 08:08 am
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Well guys, we've come to the end of season one of Almost Human. Let's just keep our fingers crossed it's not THE END, you know what I mean?

Another good, solid episode. Glad we at least got a glimpse into Kennex's past, about his family. A few more highlights:

• Loved the whole review process for the androids. Rudy's comments were completely hysterical. Loved this one from Kennex: "Flipped a van once. That was pretty cool. Didn't know he could do that." Ha!

• Yet another classic car conversation: "You like to expose yourself while riding shotgun in the cruiser." - "I apologize for scanning your balls." ROTFL!! For those of you who don't know, that original conversation in the earlier episode was completely ad-libbed by Karl and Michael. I love it that the writers incorporated it again!

• The Wall - I kept thinking that this thing spanned for like, hundreds of miles or something, but apparently it's just blocking off part of this one city?

• Ooh, can I have a printer that makes a cupcake??

• Dorian singing Lionel Richie. LOL!!

• Dorian acting/talking like an MX. Priceless. :-)

• I find it interesting that cyborgs are a big no-no. There are apparently very clear lines between all-human and all-robot.

• I'll just end with this - nothing says "I love you" like a new leg. Awww!!

If this is truly the end of Almost Human at least it didn't end on some huge cliffhanger and everyone was left in a good place. Now all we can do is sit and wait to find out about it's fate. :-/

What did you guys think of Straw Man?

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So wow, "Beholder" turned out to be a really good ep with a surprising, and heartbreaking twist.

Some of the highlights:

• Dorian answering Kennex's phone and the resulting conversation - "She holo-blocked you. Perhaps you're boring." Ha!

• Stahl actually had something to do in this episode! Another, bigger glimpse into the world of the Chromes. But there's still a lot of backstory we're missing. Why does she so resent being a Chrome? Becoming a cop was obviously a rebellion of sorts.

• Rudy as a child model? LOL!

• Favorite lines, all courtesy of Dorian:
"Let's replace your robotic leg with a tree stump. Or a shovel."
"You chew with your mouth open, you lie about putting gel in your hair and you snore."
That last one killed me - what's he doing talking to Kennex's smart bed, eh?? Oh the can of worms that just opened up! LOL!

• I actually felt really sorry for the bad guy (who I will always remember from SPN's episode Monster Movie). I never saw that twist coming with the girl. Brilliant.

• That was such an odd end scene with Kennex, like it was just kind of tacked on at the last minute. I was hoping that Dorian would walk up and they'd go get that drink together.

So next week is the season (series?) finale already. Previews look really good. I don't want it to end, though! Still a bad sign that there's been no word on renewal. :-(

What did you guys think of Beholder?

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After battling yet another snowstorm that dropped another 6-8 inches yesterday my day was made better because of Kennex and Dorian. :-)

So wow, when home security goes bad, eh? Makes me think of that AT&T commercial where you use your phone to turn off everything from your kitchen sink to your alarm system. I'm thinking…not.

Some of the highlights of "Disrupt":

• Oh the visual image of Dorian shaving Kennex…yum!

• Loved how the stories Kennex was telling about why Paul was off that day kept getting crazier and crazier - piercings, hemorrhoids, sex-bot - LOL!

• Again with the slam on Kennex's haircut! What gives, Dorian?

• OMG, "hacker" Kennex looked like some kind of vampire with the spiky hair, the eye liner and the leathers. HOT! But damn, when Karl Urban suddenly busted out with his native Kiwi accent? Yeah, I spontaneously combusted right then and there. :-)

• I thought it was kind of…sweet, almost that Rudy used to wake up Dorian just to talk.

• I'm really going to be upset if this show gets canceled because now we have so many dangling plot points - what is Nigel up to, what is the Wall, what's the deal with Stahl being a Chrome, what's the deal with Kennex's father and now, what's up with these "memories" that Dorian has? So much fodder for another season that I'm pretty positive we're never going to get. :-(

So what did you guys think about Disrupt?

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Ah, Almost Human - thank you for making Monday actually something to look forward to. :-)

So once again it was glaringly obvious that last night's episode was completely out of order. We've got Kennex and Dorian sniping at one another, the Captain watching Kennex like a hawk, Kennex having memory flashes from the membliss pills he's taking, etc. It irritates me to no end that FOX is doing this.

I thought for a moment that Detective Stahl was finally going to be front and center for an episode but it was pretty much just a brief moment. I like her a lot (and that's rare for me and female characters) and she's been so under-used since the pilot. I really wish they'd delved more into her past - she's a Chrome? I want to know more. They just kind of dangled that out there and left it.

Anna Galvin! Gosh, she's popping up everywhere all of a sudden - first Supernatural and now Almost Human. Always great to see an alum from "The Sentinel" pop up on my TV.

Wow, was this the first really clear shot of Kennex's entire loft?? Stunning! Wish I had some of those virtual sticky notes. Those were cool!

Speaking of dangling things out there - what's all this with Kennex's father? Inquiring minds want to know!

So, what did you guys think of Perception?

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So FOX just canceled The X Factor, which now means there's a sudden open spot in their schedule. Hello Almost Human, season two?? Please?? Because with Bones back on Monday's that bumps the already renewed Sleepy Hollow into AH's current spot, leaving AH homeless and most likely canceled. Perhaps AH might still have some life left in it? [keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed]
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Almost Human was finally on again last night after yet another three week break. With the way FOX is treating this show I'm no longer deluding myself that it's going to ever get renewed so I'm just going to enjoy these 13 episodes and be glad we even got this many. Doesn't mean that I'm not pissed, though.

Not too much with the funny last night with Dorian and Kennex besides the very beginning with the kids on the school field trip. Heh, heh.

Glad we finally got back to the missing/hidden evidence and what it all meant. But now we've got an even bigger mystery - what is The Wall and what's on the other side of it?

What did you guys think of Unbound?

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To counter my rant against Sherlock earlier this morning, let's talk about Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow. Two shows that actually make me happy!

It was glaringly obvious that this episode of Almost Human was shown out of order. This was supposed to be the second episode. Why it couldn't actually be shown correctly just baffles me. Because now you've got Kennex basically regressing with his anger toward the MX's and his synthetic leg, etc. when we know he's moved past that. Along with Paul's hostility toward Kennex that has waned considerably.

Though the anger management class was good for some laughs. :-) Along with Dorian singing a Korean pop song. [snort] Then he turns around and is a total bad-ass with those two guns.

I liked that they brought up the missing evidence, etc. from the pilot (which I just mentioned last week) but again, this was supposed to be the second episode.

What do you think Kennex wrote with the "old fashioned" pen and paper? Favorite line, Dorian to Kennex: "You like me. That's okay, I like you, too." Hee!

In other Almost Human news, it really concerned me that it was never mentioned during FOX's panel yesterday at the TCA's, unlike Sleepy Hollow that was talked about. That's not a good sign. So I went looking for information and came across only one blurb, from

After Fox boss Kevin Reilly held his Press Tour exec session, he talked with reporters about a few issues that weren’t covered in the panel in depth…

ALMOST HUMAN: Given that the show has been airing considerably out of order, I asked Reilly how he felt about the show and its future.

“Really good,” he said. “That’s another crazy delivery pattern situation [like SLEEPY HOLLOW has had] and holidays and sports interruptions, and it’s been challenging. But I think the show is in a pretty good groove right now, and I really love our leads. I think there’s a show there, and I look at the cume [viewings] on the DVR, and it’s encouraging. So that’s going to be an interesting discussion [about its future].”

Translation: CANCELED. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop any day now and I'm going to be PISSED. Yet again FOX screwed over this show just like Firefly - airing it out of order, pulling it for weeks at a time (we're on another three week break???) pre-empting it for sports. Why would you purposely sabotage your own show?? This is the first new show since Supernatural that I've been really passionate about and to see it go down in flames not because of bad ratings, but because of network interference is just wrong.

I have just two words to sum up Sleepy Hollow - skinny jeans. (Bwhahahaha!!)

Loved that the priest was channeling the Winchester brothers with the salt!

I've mentioned before that I don't care for Jenny and with every episode they're making her more and more important than Abbie. So much so that they'll probably kill off Abbie in the season finale and Jenny will step up and be Crane's new partner. Because you know that the two witnesses are really Jenny and Abbie, not Crane and Abbie. Would love it if Jenny sacrifices herself to save Abbie but I'm sure that's not going to happen. :-(

What did you guys think of Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow last night?

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Almost Human is back! Yay! Been rewatching the previous eps while it was on hiatus to get my weekly fix. :-)

I liked last night's ep. Loved Dorian's mood swings! I mean, who hasn't wanted to punch Paul since the first episode? LOL! And he hugged Kennex! Too bad Kennex was holding explosives in his hand and couldn't properly hug him back. *g*

It was the night of nicknames which amused me to no end. Let's see, we had: the White Cheetah, Happy Toaster and Sgt. Whiskers. ROTFL!

Okay, so the roommates thing didn't go as I was hoping. But something tells me Dorian's new arrangement isn't going to work out and last very long, so there's still hope he and Kennex will be shacking up together. ;-)

One thing is beginning to bother me - what happened to the "mythology" they set up in the pilot with the missing evidence/case files and Kennex's ex-girlfriend? We're seven episodes in now and not a word's been mentioned since the pilot. I'd really like to get back to that.

What did you guys think of Simon Says?

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Really busy this morning so just a couple of humorous observations from Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow last night:

• Like Kennex, I can never unsee the "life size Ken doll" we now know the androids to be. ROTFL!!

• Dorian and Kennex's conversations in the car have now topped Danny and Steve's from Hawaii 5-0. First we had Dorian scanning Kennex's testicles and now Dorian just whips his out! "Is that all for one person?? Dude, put it away!" I swear to God I nearly fell off the bed I was laughing so hard!

• Loved seeing Kavan Smith and was it just me or was Dorian channeling the Six Million Dollar Man there at the end with chasing after the van?

• I feel so bad for Ichabod. His losses just keep piling up. But is it bad for me to not want Katrina to come back because I think he and Abbie are so perfect together? Case in point - the mistletoe. Awww!

• "You embroidered my name on over-sized hosiery?" Love it!

Who else watched last night? Going to kill me to wait until January 20th for the last two eps of Sleepy Hollow. Man, I really wish it didn't have just 16 episodes this season.

P.S. - great article on Almost Human HERE

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• So I wasn't overwhelmed by last night's Almost Human. Didn't dislike it but it was just kinda…blah. There were definitely some great Kennex/Dorian stuff (OMG, the slug! LOL!). And I like that Dorian has a sense of humor, which just keeps throwing Kennex. Ha! I like Rudy well enough but don't think he's strong enough a character to carry an episode. I'd have thought that they'd highlight Minka Kelly's character before Rudy, but she's just kinda been in the background. Which is strange if she's supposed to be the female lead. And I like her. I'd like to see her used more.

Did anyone pick up on the subtle Total Recall reference at the end? He did say "McQuaid's bar", right? Quaid was the main character in Total Recall. :-)

I've heard that the episodes are being shown out of order. Anyone know if this is true? And if so, why?? This is like Firefly with FOX all over again! ARGH! If they kill this show because they wanted to tinker with it, I will hunt someone down and hurt them.

• My DVR played a nasty trick on me last night. Even though I have it set to record new episodes only, for some reason it recorded Sleepy Hollow. I had completely forgotten that it was a rerun, so when it started up after Almost Human I was like…what is going on here? Why does it seem like we're going backwards? D'oh! That's because you're watching a rerun! So I was massively disappointed that I didn't have my one-two fandom punch last night. :-( But Sleepy Hollow is new next week so all is good with the world.

• I'm continuing to enjoy Arrow. I'm up to episode 1x06 now. I swear the guest stars for me is half the enjoyment. I mean, look at the lineup that was in just this episode!

Currie Graham (Supernatural)
Kyle Schmid (Blood Ties and Copper)
Warren Christie (Supernatural and Alphas)
Sarah-Jane Redmond (Smallville)

And they played an entire family! LOL! My fangirl heart was very happy. :-)

Your thoughts on Almost Human last night?

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Hey, I figure if Orlando Jones can combine Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow into SuperSleepy then I can combine Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow. [snort]

So a show of hands as to who is watching Almost Human and/or Sleepy Hollow. Man, is that a winning one-two punch on Monday nights now or what?? I haven't been this interested in new shows in forever and how awesome that they're back to back. Makes Mondays something to look forward to now instead of dreading. :-)

I'm so glad I put aside my initial dislike of Almost Human because it so closely copied the same concept of Mann & Machine. Because I love it! I actually liked the second and third episodes better than the pilot, so that's always a good sign. Karl Urban is just knocking it out of the park. And I'm warming up to Michael Ealy more with every episode. I love their snarky/witty dialogue exchanges. Notice that most of the time it happens in the car? I can't help but think of Danny and Steve from Hawaii 5-0 each and every time it happens. :-)

Okay, gold star to those of you who caught Kennex channeling Han Solo last night as he hung up on the Captain…"Boring conversation anyway." ROTFL!!

I should be paying attention to the ratings that it's getting. Anyone know if it's doing well? I'd really hate to lose this one. And is it only going to have 13 episodes like Sleepy Hollow this first season?

And speaking of Sleepy Hollow, how great is this show, too?? At first I thought it was going to be pretty hokey, but with the folks from Fringe involved with this I had faith they'd make it interesting. And I was right! It's got that great X-Files vibe to it with the MOTW and also the mythology. And I don't care if Crane is married, the chemistry between him and Abbie is off the chart! The only thing I don't care for is Abbie's sister and I hope the duo of Crane and Abbie doesn't turn into a threesome each week. :-/

As an aside, how strange is it that two actors from the new Star Trek movies (Urban and Cho) end up on back to back shows on the same network? Bizarre! And it honestly took me a bit to stop calling them Bones and Sulu in my head. :-)


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