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For some bizarre reason, the governor of Illinois visited our manufacturing plant yesterday to give a press conference. I'm honestly not sure why. But was on every local news channel all afternoon.

Sounds good, right? Problem is, our governor is a MORON, and now my company is associated with this idiot. I do have to laugh, though. As part of his speech he said "And I want all of your salaries to rise!".

How ironic, since our entire company has our annual reviews this month. If I don't get a raise I'm going straight to the governor!
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It’s Easter time at the office! Got my cubicle decorated yesterday. I’m ready for the Easter bunny to stop by and leave me some candy! :-)

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Welcome to my first Dreamwidth post in five years! LOL! It’s going to be strange getting used to this again after being on LJ for so long. Glad to see so many of you guys found me over here. :-)

Another Monday. Ugh. It was a nice weekend, though. We had beautiful weather, up in the mid-70’s!

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day. I spent a good part of the afternoon giving my new ebook (Hunted Soldier) a final read-through and doing last minute edits before getting it ready to send off to my editors on Sunday and my beta readers today. Got caught up on a few TV shows on the DVR and that was pretty much it.

Sunday was a bit busier. Did the laundry, went grocery shopping and the hubby and I went to Wok N Fire for lunch. He’s recently really gotten into sushi and has been trying to get me to give it a go, too. So I finally took the plunge! I had miso soup to start off with, which surprised me by being really tasty, since it had tofu and seaweed in it, two things I don’t normally eat! Then I tried a shrimp tempura maki and a crazy roll. Both of which were delicious! And to top it off, we had chocolate mochi ice cream. Again, something new for me. Ice cream wrapped in rice dough and dusted with powdered sugar? It was super yummy! Here’s the photographic evidence:

I’m looking forward to going back and trying a few different sushi rolls.

How was YOUR weekend?
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With the Russians now owning Livejournal, and their new anti-LGBT ToS in place (among other restrictions), I doubt I’ll be posting here much anymore, if at all. I’m not going to delete my journal because it will always be an archive for me. I have a very old Dreamwidth page that I may start up again. I started the import process to transfer everything over from LJ to DW last night. I'm also agt_spooky over there. (

But if you want to keep up with me, I’m on Facebook all the time, under my author name, Jamie Lynn Miller.

Here’s my page:

Most of my posts are public, so even if you don’t have an FB account yourself, you can still read what I’m up to. But I only go by Jamie over there, not Barb, if you want to leave me any comments.

It deeply saddens me that I need to part ways with LJ, that it’s been destroyed now. I’ve been here since 2005 and have made too many friends to even count. Not to mention the fantastic discussions on every topic under the sun. And I’ll miss that. Facebook is good, but it’s just not the same kind of forum that LJ is, you know?

I know a ton of people have already departed LJ in the last few days, since the new ToS was put in place, but if you’re still around and you’ve relocated to FB or Dreamwidth, please let me know so I can find you! I don’t want this crap to make me lose touch with my friends.

Love you guys!! {HUGS}}
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Hi all!

I'm looking for an editor for my new m/m ebook, Hunted Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 3). I can provide copies of the first two books (Broken Soldier and Rogue Soldier) if you'd like to get familiar with the characters and my writing style. Hunted Soldier is 58,000 words. I'm looking for a 3 week turnaround time.

If you're interested, or know someone who might be, please leave me a comment!

Thanks so much!
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Aww! Look at this ad that was on the back cover of my All Recipes magazine today. Well done, IKEA! Well done!

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Hi all! I’m the Spotlight feature today at Crystal’s Many Reviewers, talking about my m/m military Shadow Unit series. It’s a perfect time to get caught up on Shawn and Connor’s first missions before Book Three is published next month!

Yes, that's right, Hunted Soldier is FINISHED! Woot! Clocking in at 56,000 words, it's my longest book yet!

Here's the link to read all about Shadow Unit:
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What an awesome weekend! I went to the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest here in Chicago with my best buddy Chris. This year they combined it with Walker Stalker, the Walking Dead convention, so it was absolutely insane with the number of people there. BUT, if it hadn’t been for the cons being combined, I never would have met Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

That’s right, after 12 long years I finally got to meet Papa Winchester!! I couldn’t believe I was actually standing in front of him. It was neat, because Chris and I wanted to talk to him about Supernatural, and 90% of everyone else wanted to talk to him about Walking Dead. I think he liked the change of subject. :-)

He loved the Impala license plate I had him sign. He’s like “Wow! What’s this?” and he wrote John Winchester under his name. :-)

I asked if he knew that his bat from Walking Dead actually made it into the episode the other week and he did! He got a great laugh out of it. I said I loved his continuing friendship with Jensen and Jared and when I asked what he liked most about being on SPN he said “Those kids.”  AWWW!! He really is a father figure to them. He said he definitely wants to come back, that he feels John’s story isn’t finished yet. I talked to him a bit about Magic City, too, which I really liked. He said it was great filming a period piece like that.

Then Chris had a good conversation with him, too, calling him her “magical unicorn” because she was sure she’d never get his autograph in his book. Jeff loved that and actually wrote “Magical Unicorn” under his name! LOL!

When we were through, Jeff leaned across the table and hugged both of us. He didn’t do that with anyone else who had been ahead of us! Squee!!

I was very glad I met him at H&V and not at an SPN con, where they wouldn’t have allowed him to personalize autographs or have more than a 5 second conversation with him. So yeah, it was worth the 12 year wait.

My photo with Jeff was later that day. Now he had met hundreds of fans by that time, but as soon as I walked up he held out his arms to me and said, “Hello again, darlin’,” with a big smile and I nearly fainted on the spot! LOL! He pulled me into this amazing hug and when I started to leave I said, “Thanks, Papa Winchester!” and he threw his head back and laughed. It was awesome!! Love Jeff to pieces!!

And here’s my autograph:

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Speaking of Supernatural, Chris and I found Baby at the convention!! Yep, an actual 1967 Impala! It was so out of place among all the Walking Dead and superhero stuff that the con was about, but we loved it! For a donation to charity you got to put on Dean and Sam’s jackets and get a photo by the trunk and also inside the car.

After we put the jackets on (I’m swimming in Dean’s!) the lady said we could choose anything we wanted out of the trunk to hold. Chris grabbed the Colt and me? I grabbed the pie! LOL! Hey, I WAS pretending I was Dean. ;-)

Then we got to sit inside. The passenger side visor was down, and it was signed by pretty much all of the SPN cast. I decided to be a good big brother and let Sammy drive. :-)

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The second person I most wanted to see at Heroes and Villains was Brandon Routh. I’ve been in love with him since Superman Returns. Then I was thrilled when he got cast on Arrow and now on Legends of Tomorrow.

I got his autograph on Saturday and thought I was going to faint being that close to him! LOL! OMG, he’s drop dead gorgeous! And so freaking TALL. I can’t even tell you how lovely he was in person. So kind and sweet and funny. He was like a big kid. He really enjoyed interacting with his fans.

I told him how much I liked him in Superman, that he channeled Christopher Reeve so much that it gave me the chills and I didn’t think I’d ever have the opportunity to tell him that. He was really touched! Then I asked him what his favorite costume on Legends has been and he said the knight from the Camelot episode. I found out later at his panel that he campaigned hard for a Camelot episode because he loves that legend and playing a knight on the big screen has always been a dream goal for him. Neat!

I got this picture at his table:

And then this was my official one the next day. I got my hug!! SQUEE!

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This year for my duo photo at Heroes and Villains I decided to do one with Stephen and Robbie Amell. I adore how it turned out! I was the filling in a cookie sandwich between cousins. :-)

The last two gals I met were Caity Lotz from Legends of Tomorrow and Ming-Na Wen from Agents of SHIELD. Loved them both! It was neat because Mae is always so serious on SHIELD but Ming-Na is so happy and funny! And Caity is just awesome. Sarah is serious a lot of the time, too, so it was nice to see her smile and laugh. :-)

And that was MY weekend. How was YOURS?  :-)


Mar. 17th, 2017 08:05 am
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I had the strangest day yesterday. A funeral in the morning for my friend's father, then shopping and lunch with the hubby in the afternoon, baked a cake, read a book, and a line dancing class in the evening. Just...weird...

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I’m a big fan of Philip Winchester, who had one of the two lead roles on Strike Back for four years. His character’s name was Michael Stonebridge. Now Philip is the lead actor on Chicago Justice, where his character’s name is Peter Stone. How funny is that, eh? Every single time he says “Stone” I want to finish it with “bridge”. :-)

Anyway, I replied to one of Philip’s tweets yesterday and this morning I see got got Liked by several people, including Michael Chernuchin. I was like, why does that name sound familiar? He’s the freaking Executive Producer of Chicago Justice!

I know it’s silly but it made me grin stupidly for like, a half hour. :-)

Like I said, it’s the little things!

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I just realized that I never posted a weekend wrap-up yesterday. Probably because nothing happened! I had such a horrible, stress filled week at work last week that all I wanted to do was not get off my couch for two days and read and watch TV. Preferably in my pajamas. And I’m happy to report I did just that! Though John and I did go out for a fabulous fish fry on Friday night so that I could decompress before the weekend started, which was nice.

I went to a very fun Irish cooking class last night at my local library. The place was packed! There had to be 35 people there. The chef was a hoot and she kept us quite entertained while we learned how to cook several things - soda bread with a compound butter made with Jameson’s whisky, beer and cheese soup made with Guinness, beet and bacon salad also made with Guinness and finally creme brûlée made with Bailey’s Irish Cream. Are you sensing a theme? LOL!

Besides the beet and bacon salad (neither ingredient I like) everything was SO delicious. I’m looking forward to trying the soup and creme brûlée at home, for sure.

And on another note, my airfare to Vancouver for my Alaska cruise has been booked! Woot! Very much looking forward to staying in Vancouver for an extra three days after we all return from the cruise. Even getting reservations at my favorite hotel (with a view of the harbor!) which happens to be the hotel that the very first Sentinel convention was held at, and a few episodes filmed there as well. It will be a nice walk down memory lane. Because if it wasn’t for The Sentinel, I never would’ve traveled to Vancouver in 1996 and began my love affair with the city. :-)

And finally, I’m barreling toward the finish line with my new ebook, Hunted Soldier. My goal is 50,000 words and I just hit 47,000 this morning. Yes! I’m in the homestretch now!

Have a good one, guys!

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Another Monday already? Say it isn’t so! I also just realized that I haven’t posted anything since last Monday. Guess I was busier than I realized!

Had a very nice Friday night with my best buddy Chris. We had gotten together for dinner (Texas Roadhouse - yum!) and to discuss our upcoming trip to Vancouver in August. It was a very productive night, as we made several decisions on hotels, sightseeing things, etc. Next thing we have to do is book our airfare and we’ll be ready to go! Can’t wait!

Went and got my hair cut on Saturday. I thankfully no longer look like a shaggy dog. :-)  Wasn’t feeling particularly great that afternoon from a migraine, so I took a nap and then John and I went out to dinner at Culver’s so I could redeem my first coupon for my year’s worth of free frozen custard. :-) We got a pint of the flavor of the day - Chocolate Heath Crunch. Delicious!

Still had my migraine on Sunday so I stayed in, not even getting out of my pajamas all day. Managed to get the laundry done and a few other things that needed to be accomplished around the house and I was back in bed. Wish I could say I woke up this morning feeling better, but I didn’t. :-(

I was hoping that my glass studio would have mailed my finished piece to me, but I still haven’t received it. Looks like a phone call is in order.

Oh, one good thing that happened was that Chris and I got tickets to see Styx and REO Speedwagon in July! That’s going to be an awesome concert and we have great seats. :-)

I have the first of two writing seminars tonight at the library, the second tomorrow night. I’m really hoping that I learn something and make some contacts in the local writing community, unlike the disappointment that the local writer’s group turned out to be.

Speaking of my writing, that’s what’s been keeping me busy, working on Hunted Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 3). I’m closing in on 39,000 words, with my goal being 50,000. I’ve been writing every Monday through Friday for a couple of hours each morning since February 1st. I’m proud of my progress. :-)

Guess that’s about all from me for now. How was YOUR weekend?

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Gosh, is it Monday already? Had a busy weekend!

I had my police volunteer dinner, which was a cowboy theme this year, with a chili cook off contest. It was fun! The food was delicious, we played a great western TV trivia game and had a raffle where I won a cowboy boot bank and a year’s worth of free frozen custard at Culver’s! LOL! That prize is SO me. :-)

Then I had another great hot glass class with my best buddy, Chris. I made what is going to look like a giant Hershey’s kiss. I chose purple and peach as my swirl colors. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when I pick it up in several days. It was just a relaxing day hanging out with Chris. We haven’t been able to get together since Christmas.

I finally got my new phone ordered, the Galaxy S7. My Galaxy Alpha has been on its last legs for months now and Best Buy finally had a great sale. I go after work today to pick it up. Yay!

And that’s pretty much it! How was YOUR weekend?

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I spent last night doing volunteer work for the police department at the D.A.R.E. graduation for the 5th graders from two schools. Last year’s kids were extremely well behaved both before the event and after at the reception. They were respectful of each other and only took 2-3 cookies and one glass of juice. They waited in line for their turn with a photo with Darren the DARE lion mascot.

But the kids last night? They were animals. Running through the hallways, yelling, chasing one another. They tried to take 8-10 cookies each and then laughed at us when we said they couldn’t have that many, took MORE and walked away! These kids are TEN years old! They knocked over glasses of juice, threw cookies on the floor. And all the while the parents are there completely ignoring them. All us volunteers were in shock by the behavior we were seeing.

When it was all over and we finished cleaning up, the school police liaison officer came over to thank us and he was shocked all of the cookies were gone. We then explained why. He said something interesting then - that this group of kids had been his most difficult to get through the DARE program and that he wasn’t optimistic about their future.

Again, these kids are ten years old and he can already tell they’re going nowhere. Isn’t that sad? And I do have to lay at least part of the blame on the parents. Attitude and behavior like that starts at home. Some of these kids were simply dropped off, their parents couldn’t even be bothered to see their child graduate and go up on stage, too busy doing what, exactly? I felt so sorry for those kids who had no one.

Here’s hoping next year’s kids do better than their predecessors, but I’m not holding my breath. :-(
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It was nearly 70 degrees here both Saturday and Sunday. In Chicago. In February. What the…?

Needless to say, people were outside in droves. Especially walking around the lake behind my house. I was among them. We were all like mole-people, emerging from the cold and dark into the light, wondering what that bright glowing sphere was in the sky. :-)

I enjoyed sitting in front of the open living room window on Saturday, lounging on my chaise, reading and watching TV. Bean was in her glory, perched on the windowsill, breathing in the fresh air and watching the birds and squirrels. :-)

Had a bunch of errands to run on Sunday and I didn’t even mind since it meant being out in the gorgeous weather. I was tempted to put the top down on the Mustang!

Made a stop at my comic book store to pick up my monthly stash and then went grocery shopping. Even though Paczki Day isn’t until February 28th I was happy to see the delicious pastries already out at the store and grabbed the variety box. Yum! On my way out of the store, the Girl Scouts were set up selling cookies. I vividly remember doing that myself for years on end, but we never had such good weather! Needless to say, I picked up a box, feeling nostalgic.

Cleaned the house and did the laundry, counting the days until our new Dyson vacuum arrives. It’s a surprise for John, a late Valentine’s gift that should be here tomorrow.

AT&T had all of the movie channels open over the weekend so I recorded MI-5 (a follow up movie to the UK TV series I used to watch), the new Tarzan one and 13 Hours (more for military research purposes than anything for my new book).

The only crappy part of the weekend was finding out I lost the PRG’s Reviewer’s Choice Awards. I want to thank all of you for voting for me, but it was a popularity contest I was destined to fail, up against several big-name authors. Still, it was a blow and I can’t help feeling that my writing sucks. It’s going to be hard to get back in the groove again this week after writing up a storm for the last two. [sigh]

And that was about it for me. How was YOUR weekend?

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OMG, I watched the latest episode of Blindspot last night and I nearly DIED watching Kurt pretend to be Rich's boyfriend, holding hands and DANCING! Weller was even twirling him! LOL! That whole scene was brilliant and so well done. Now it makes me wish I'd seen Sully dancing with Philip at some point during Strike Back. Especially in the ep where they were wearing tuxes. They would have made the perfect couple! :-)

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A late Happy Valentine's Day from me and Dean to all of you. :-)

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