Mar. 14th, 2017

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I just realized that I never posted a weekend wrap-up yesterday. Probably because nothing happened! I had such a horrible, stress filled week at work last week that all I wanted to do was not get off my couch for two days and read and watch TV. Preferably in my pajamas. And I’m happy to report I did just that! Though John and I did go out for a fabulous fish fry on Friday night so that I could decompress before the weekend started, which was nice.

I went to a very fun Irish cooking class last night at my local library. The place was packed! There had to be 35 people there. The chef was a hoot and she kept us quite entertained while we learned how to cook several things - soda bread with a compound butter made with Jameson’s whisky, beer and cheese soup made with Guinness, beet and bacon salad also made with Guinness and finally creme brûlée made with Bailey’s Irish Cream. Are you sensing a theme? LOL!

Besides the beet and bacon salad (neither ingredient I like) everything was SO delicious. I’m looking forward to trying the soup and creme brûlée at home, for sure.

And on another note, my airfare to Vancouver for my Alaska cruise has been booked! Woot! Very much looking forward to staying in Vancouver for an extra three days after we all return from the cruise. Even getting reservations at my favorite hotel (with a view of the harbor!) which happens to be the hotel that the very first Sentinel convention was held at, and a few episodes filmed there as well. It will be a nice walk down memory lane. Because if it wasn’t for The Sentinel, I never would’ve traveled to Vancouver in 1996 and began my love affair with the city. :-)

And finally, I’m barreling toward the finish line with my new ebook, Hunted Soldier. My goal is 50,000 words and I just hit 47,000 this morning. Yes! I’m in the homestretch now!

Have a good one, guys!

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