Feb. 24th, 2017

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I spent last night doing volunteer work for the police department at the D.A.R.E. graduation for the 5th graders from two schools. Last year’s kids were extremely well behaved both before the event and after at the reception. They were respectful of each other and only took 2-3 cookies and one glass of juice. They waited in line for their turn with a photo with Darren the DARE lion mascot.

But the kids last night? They were animals. Running through the hallways, yelling, chasing one another. They tried to take 8-10 cookies each and then laughed at us when we said they couldn’t have that many, took MORE and walked away! These kids are TEN years old! They knocked over glasses of juice, threw cookies on the floor. And all the while the parents are there completely ignoring them. All us volunteers were in shock by the behavior we were seeing.

When it was all over and we finished cleaning up, the school police liaison officer came over to thank us and he was shocked all of the cookies were gone. We then explained why. He said something interesting then - that this group of kids had been his most difficult to get through the DARE program and that he wasn’t optimistic about their future.

Again, these kids are ten years old and he can already tell they’re going nowhere. Isn’t that sad? And I do have to lay at least part of the blame on the parents. Attitude and behavior like that starts at home. Some of these kids were simply dropped off, their parents couldn’t even be bothered to see their child graduate and go up on stage, too busy doing what, exactly? I felt so sorry for those kids who had no one.

Here’s hoping next year’s kids do better than their predecessors, but I’m not holding my breath. :-(
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