Jan. 23rd, 2017

agt_spooky: (SN-Dean (on knees))

I'm happy to say I was a slug again this weekend! LOL!

About the only thing I did was on Friday night. A new Mariano’s grocery store opened up just 5 minutes from my house, which is very exciting. Meijer across the street needed some competition, badly. And Mariano’s puts them to shame. John and I were in there for probably a good hour and a half. Their prepared foods section is outstanding! Not to mention their meat, seafood and deli counters. Oh and produce, too. And the store was PACKED. You could barely move your cart around and the store is really big. I look forward to continuing to shop there.

After at least a week of nothing but clouds and rain and generally depressing weather, the sun finally came out on Saturday! We were nearly blinded! ;-) And the temperature was up near 60 as well. Crazy. So I took advantage of all the light and parked myself in my chaise lounge in front of the living room window and did a lot of reading. It was lovely.

Back to the gloom on Sunday, so I watched some TV, did the laundry and did quite a bit of experimental cooking. Because of a medical condition I was recently diagnosed with, I can barely have any saturated fat in my diet. Which hit me a bit hard. While I’m not big on red meat, I eat a lot of dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream) and chocolate. So I have to make some changes. Luckily I already drink fat-free milk, so I’m okay there. Pizza is something I love, and that’s a big no-no now, so I bought some dairy-free mozzarella cheese and a pizza crust at Mariano’s and made my own pizza. I honestly expected the cheese to taste like crap, but it didn’t! I also made grilled cheese sandwiches with dairy-free cheddar and they turned out good, too. I bought dairy-free ice cream and that was tasty as well! I also made fat-free chocolate peanut butter brownies but unfortunately those didn’t taste that great. :-(  I also made this low-fat seafood dish with shrimp, rice, green olives, almonds and orange slices, all cooked in a parchment paper packet. So yummy!

There was one sad thing that happened. On Thursday night a young police officer in my town was killed. On my way home from work on Friday I pulled up to the stop light near my home just as the funeral procession started to move through. There were more police cars with flashing lights than I could count. I’ve been around the police a lot, with my classes and volunteer work, and seeing the funeral hearse go by hit me kind of hard. Especially since the officer was only 27 years old. A young life taken too soon. But I thank him for his service and for keeping my city safe. Rest in Peace.

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