Jan. 11th, 2017

agt_spooky: (Christmas-tree)

Hi all! Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for a week. Haven’t been having that great of a time.

After having 9 days off of work for Christmas and New Years, it was really rough going back into the office last Monday. I was drained every single night by the time I got home. Had enough energy to eat dinner and watch a little TV before I was falling into bed. Then my migraines kicked up on me for three days straight. Had to stay home one day because of them. [sigh] I hate my body sometimes.

It was just a hard week for me, but this one is starting off a bit better. Finally got out of the house last night and went to see Sing! with a friend from work. We loved it! So cute! And it had a kickass soundtrack that I’ll be humming for days. :-)

I’ll leave off with a funny story. John and I had donated to a local charity for the holidays and in return they came out and put a 5 foot Christmas tree in our front yard, complete with lights. Three of our neighbors also donated and had trees, too.

Our garbage company let us know that yesterday was the last day they would be collecting the trees, so they needed to be at the curb. Well talk about bad timing. We’ve been having 50 - 60 mph winds for the last two days. Before the garbage men could come and collect them, all four trees had blown away! That’s how strong the winds were! They were seriously nowhere to be found and I’m wondering if they all ended up in the lake behind my house. :-)

Hope all of you have been having a better start to 2017 than I am!

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