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Hey guys!

I had such a horribly bad Friday, weekend and most of Monday that I had no energy to do my regular write up.

My frustration and stress level was off the charts because of our oh-so-wonderful healthcare and insurance system. Did my sarcasm come through there? I spent three days fighting with my doctor’s office and my FMLA insurance people over paperwork that should have taken five minutes to fill out, then got into an argument with my husband over it, which meant we weren’t speaking all weekend. It was just a clusterfuck all around that took until nearly 3:00 pm yesterday to get resolved.

Which was just in time for me to start my first yoga class in over two years. Boy, did I need it after all that nonsense! I like the instructor, though she can’t compare to my old one. But the class was good. A bit different, slower, than I’m used to, but I will definitely go back again next week. I felt SO much better after class. I’ve missed that feeling. Though, good gosh, I’m sore this morning! LOL!

Work is gearing up to be crazy this week. Had meetings at our other building yesterday, which required travel, then I have a four hour seminar on Thursday, again off-site. Ugh.

Getting together with a work friend tonight to go see King Arthur, which should be fun and exactly what I need to decompress.

That’s about it from me right now. How was YOUR weekend?
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